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F.B.I. Clears Anthony Family of Incest Suspicions

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It's been determined that Casey Anthony's brother Lee isn't Caylee's father -- but who is? Will the defense use the unknown man to cast doubt in the Casey Anthony trial?


It's official. Newly released F.B.I. documents from the Casey Anthony case conclude Lee Anthony is not the father of little Caylee.

It's no wonder the F.B.I. wanted to rule Lee out being Caylee's dad. Casey's explanation of Caylee's paternity had always been attributed to Jesus Ortiz, a 21-year-old killed in a car crash. But no one had ever heard of him in her family. Was Jesus Ortiz just another name plucked from the thin air -- similar to the selection of the name Zanaida Gonzalez for the non-existent nanny?

Hints of incest in the Anthony family was another reason for the suspicions Lee was a daddy.  Allegedly, Casey told both her former fiance Jesse Grund and her former boyfriend Ricardo Morales that Lee made unwanted advances when they were both teenagers. 


Before the results were made public, many following the case said the possiblity of incest helped make sense of the bizarre behavior of the Anthony family:

"As for the incest story ... it sure would explain a lot of Casey's behavior, the lies for one," writes one armchair detective on a Casey Anthony message board. "Her sociopathic behavior. And why Cindy is going to such lengths to protect her. Denial would have been something Cindy's been used to dealing with, denying her children are having sex."

Others believed Caylee is a hybrid of names Casey and Lee.

With the paternity of Caylee still a mystery, some speculate the defense will use the unknown father as a possible suspect in the toddler's murder.

Do you believe the defense will try to pin Caylee's murder on Caylee's unknown father?

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Miracle2 March 18, 2009, 4:58 PM

Oh my, not just Jesus Ortiz, mind you. ANYONE who is on her phone log between June 9th and July 15th is a prime candidate for the “Tag, You’re It” game that the defense team will probably play at showtime. Honestly, even the phantom nanny is still a real possibility since Casey says the Zenaida suing her isn’t the Zanny who whisked Caylee away. JMO.

johnny March 18, 2009, 5:04 PM

these idiots are all liars. i have no sympathy of the srutiny they are being subjected to. they know a lot more than they are letting on. what nerve to let this go to trial. someone has to give it up, its a slap in the face to the victim, oh yeah remember the kid?? they make themselves victims when they are the criminals and the victim is ignored and forgotten.

Sally March 18, 2009, 5:23 PM

I don’t think the defense will be dumb enough to try to blame Caylee’s father because I don’t think Casey knows who fathered Caylee or if she does she doesn’t want him to know. Casey told the police Caylee’s father was dead. I think that’s the story she will stick with. I think the defense will continue to blame Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez, but not the one suing her. Terrence Lenamon, the death penalty attorney who wrote the argument against the death penalty, said “if Caylee is dead, it was probably an unfortunate accident of chloroform overdose.” He also said Casey suffered from post partum depression and said he suggested Casey be evaluated by a psychiatrist and Baez refused. Lenamon said on Nancy Grace that he still had those beliefs. He also said he was no longer a member of the defense team. Casey most likely fired him because she insisted to her parents that she had been evaluated by psychiatrists in jail and she was not crazy. She would never admit she did it - accident or not - or go for a mental deficiency defense. If she changes her defense to “the baby daddy did it” no one is going to believe her after all the other lies. I think if the defense blames anyone it will be Ricardo Morales because of his “Win her over with Chloroform” on his computer. Most likely the nightmare team will just use their experts to dispute the forensic evidence and say the police mishandled the evidence. I think anything the defense says will just be a diversion because in the end the jury will follow the evidence and that leads to the conclusion that only one person killed Caylee: Mommy Casey Dearest.

Tme March 18, 2009, 6:01 PM

Well so they “say” it isn’t Lee, but what about GEORGE!!!..He was even more suspect in his behavior..and what about Jose Baez…he acted like a baby daddy….

Sheila B Keesey March 18, 2009, 7:30 PM

Never thought of Baez, that’s a good one. But I still think it’s George !!!! How about DNA ON Jesus Ortiz’s family. I thought they said he was dead, should be easy enough to find.

Sally March 18, 2009, 8:16 PM

There is no evidence showing George is Caylee’s father. That’s just idle gossip. The only reason the FBI tested Lee was just to rule him out because Casey told two state witnesses that Lee tried to have sex with her. If Lee was Caylee’s father, it could be a motive for Casey to murder Caylee and Lee to assist her in hiding the body and getting away with it so she wouldn’t tell their secret. The state attorney isn’t concerned about Caylee’s paternity because it has nothing to do with Caylee’s murder.

susan March 18, 2009, 10:35 PM

Why they do not get George Antony’s DNA
The killer is one of those familly in that house.

susan March 18, 2009, 10:49 PM

The Calyee’s killer has to be strong enough to carry the heavy bag.And little Casey Could not go to the scary woods to hide the bag. Just think about a guy who helped Casey or who did it.

Sally March 18, 2009, 11:10 PM

Susan, could you be another one of Jodi’s screen names? Sounds to me like you’re attempting to plant a seed of “unreasonable doubt.” We’ve seen videos of Casey holding Caylee. If she was strong enough to hold Caylee when she was alive, she was strong enough to carry Caylee’s decomposing body in a garbage bag. Casey isn’t scared of anything. Sociopaths have no fear. However, she was lazy. I doubt if she went into the woods. She tossed the bag from the road. Sociopaths act alone. They don’t trust others to keep their secret.

Sue March 18, 2009, 11:21 PM

If they went to the trouble of checking Lee’s DNA, I think they need to check George too. Heaven forbid that it would show that he is the father! How disturbing that would be, but this whole case is disturbing to say the least…

Deb March 18, 2009, 11:34 PM

Why is no one talking anywhere about the new diary pages that are going to be released tomorrow????? I am going crazy over this information and cannot find anyone talking about it tonight! Nancy Grace touched on it..but this is HUGE HUGE news!!! Somebody talk to me!!!!

Sally March 18, 2009, 11:46 PM

Deb, I didn’t realize the diary pages were going to be released tomorrow. I just heard Kathy Bellich talking about a report that said the pages sounded like a confession with Casey calling Caylee’s murder a mercy killing to try to keep Cindy from getting Caylee and talking about chloroform and pesticides. I will believe it when I see it. I hope it’s true. That would be the smoking gun that should put an end to the defense’s claims that Casey is innocent.

mercaties March 19, 2009, 2:35 AM

I honestly whole heartedly do not think that Casey knows who that precious little girls father is. The simple fact is even for the psychopathic nut job that Casey is she had a lot of friends and knew a lot of people it just seems very odd that nobody knows who her dad is. Even if the father is diseased paternity tests could still be done from blood relatives. I think Caylee is the product of a one night stand. As far as the defense they are running out of options pinning a murder on a father that nobody’s ever seen is going to be very difficult.

Sherry March 19, 2009, 2:58 AM

IMO…i am bewildered and bothered by this whole case!

Momunlogic March 19, 2009, 3:33 AM

There was no dad,no need for one.Casey gave a virgin birth!The ultimate super destructo mom!Who the hell needs a dad anyway,amirite? It’s a little known fact that Casey is infact a feminist.She was the product of years of engineering by femnazis hell bent on producing ultra,super,mega mature girls over dumb,stupid boys.

Jenny March 19, 2009, 4:43 AM

Forget Lee. I always thought it was George. Did they rule him out? If not, why does the title of the article say the FBI clears the ANT family of incest suspicions? Seems to me that George is a prime suspect.

Helen B. March 19, 2009, 6:58 AM

Casey has no idea who the father of Caylee is. If she did know, it stands to reason that she would have gone after the person for support for her and Caylee. She would not have had to steal from her family, she would have had financial support either from the other parent or Social Services in Florida. Casey has no sense of responsibility, either for her own actions or for caring for a child. She is too consumed with partying to think of anything else. It has been told that she has stated in jail that she wanted another baby but not a girl. Too much caring for a girl so she thinks a little boy would be easier. Lord help anyone who sires another child with her. She should be sterilized right now and never given that chance again. If she spends life in jail, she will find another sex partner while in there. Guards? Janitors? She would not care who it was as long as her own selfish needs are met. This is one sick person, no conscience, no morals and apparently no upbringing. Her parents are as much to blame as anyone else is. I do not see how her brother can defend her after she has made accusations against him for sexual pressure on her. Of course that was probably a lie also, everything else has been. If she would come clean, maybe that awful dirty hand thing would go away and she could discontinue to try to rub death off her hands as she does all the time now. Watch her! I too am looking forward to the new releases coming, only heard a brief rundown of a possile diary of hers. NG says it is as good as a confession, sure hope so.

jodi March 19, 2009, 8:35 AM

FBI has Caylee’s DNA as well as Casey’s and Lee’s and George and Cindy’s. If there was any chance that George was the father, they would have to release that to the defense as part of the “sunshine law”. This girl is going to walk because there is only circumstantial stuff and no real evidence while the public has believed all the trash from police/media and Leonard P. Note we have not seen LP on Nancy Grace since his last couple of claims were shown to be lies. EX. LP said he had inside info that Casey’s finger prints were on the tape and they were not. Nancy Grace has really gone down to the level of trash media. NG’s unproven claims were the cause of the Mother’s suicide over the missing boy…..I think name Trent Dunket???? Now it appears we will never know where that child is. Now look at the trash she has been dealing to Haleigh Cummings bio mom. The bio mom was 19 when she had already given birth to 2 children with him, was kept on drugs provided by him (oxy plus) and being beaten by him when she left with her kids. Now after years of reporting to child services the bruises her kids came to visitations with she finally has good evidence that he has been a danger to her kids. At the very least he left 2 young kids with an overnight sitter, his 17 year old gorl friend and the girl goes missing under the 17 year olds nose. In the end we will find that Ron’s Mother is lying when she claims to have seen Haleigh earlier that evening. The child was already dead before Ron left for work to make himself a cover story. Now ask yourself what Nancy would claim if seperated from hubby and one of her twins went missing while he had a 17 year old girlfriend sitting? Wait for the evidence folks. At this point we have only heard the prosecutor/ police and Nancy Grace’s tabloid news. Our laws give everyone the chance to offer a defense even the Oklahoma bomber got that before death. As of today there is still no forensic evidence linking Casey to murder.

jodi March 19, 2009, 8:41 AM

Deb: I also can’t wait to see the “missing diary pages”.

Sally March 19, 2009, 9:09 AM

Jodi, I agree with you that George is most likely not the father of Caylee Anthony and that Ronald may have killed Haleigh before he went to work. I posted that on another blog. Unlike you, I just suspect that because I don’t have all the facts the police have. Unlike you, I don’t know it all. I don’t understand how a chemist from Massachusetts can know
tht Ronald murdered his child but Casey Anthony did not. Are you saying fathers are capable of murder but mothers are not? Or are you just saying that because Nancy Grace is reporting what the police said: that Ronald has a solid alibi? He was at work. Why do you hate Nancy Grace? Because she is a former prosecutor? Why do you distrust anything the police or a prosecutor says? Please answer the questions instead of attacking me personally.

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