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F.B.I. Clears Anthony Family of Incest Suspicions

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It's been determined that Casey Anthony's brother Lee isn't Caylee's father -- but who is? Will the defense use the unknown man to cast doubt in the Casey Anthony trial?


It's official. Newly released F.B.I. documents from the Casey Anthony case conclude Lee Anthony is not the father of little Caylee.

It's no wonder the F.B.I. wanted to rule Lee out being Caylee's dad. Casey's explanation of Caylee's paternity had always been attributed to Jesus Ortiz, a 21-year-old killed in a car crash. But no one had ever heard of him in her family. Was Jesus Ortiz just another name plucked from the thin air -- similar to the selection of the name Zanaida Gonzalez for the non-existent nanny?

Hints of incest in the Anthony family was another reason for the suspicions Lee was a daddy.  Allegedly, Casey told both her former fiance Jesse Grund and her former boyfriend Ricardo Morales that Lee made unwanted advances when they were both teenagers. 


Before the results were made public, many following the case said the possiblity of incest helped make sense of the bizarre behavior of the Anthony family:

"As for the incest story ... it sure would explain a lot of Casey's behavior, the lies for one," writes one armchair detective on a Casey Anthony message board. "Her sociopathic behavior. And why Cindy is going to such lengths to protect her. Denial would have been something Cindy's been used to dealing with, denying her children are having sex."

Others believed Caylee is a hybrid of names Casey and Lee.

With the paternity of Caylee still a mystery, some speculate the defense will use the unknown father as a possible suspect in the toddler's murder.

Do you believe the defense will try to pin Caylee's murder on Caylee's unknown father?

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DrMom March 20, 2009, 10:06 PM

Is anyone else scared that FedUp may also really be Cindy, who just revealed some dysfunctional Anthony family belief — that it is deemed acceptable for a mom to kill her own child, based on some wacko ghetto logic? Yikes!

Sally March 21, 2009, 12:05 AM

I was just wondering if all of the “Casey didn’t do it” posts were written so that Cindy could print them out and send them to Casey with a note,”Sweetheart, here is my birthday present to you. See the bloggers do believe your dream team is going to set you free. They say there is no forensic evidence against you and believe you are telling the truth. Except for that mean old Sally who keeps writing those negative posts under several screennames, everybody in America believes in you.” Cindy will do anything for Casey but Casey still refuses to see anyone but her attorney.

Sally March 21, 2009, 12:14 AM

Dr. Mom, I think FedUp was a sicko just being sarcastic. I don’t think Cindy would say that about her own granddaughter. I believe Cindy loved Caylee and proved that by repeatedly saying, “I don’t care where Casey is, I just want Caylee back.” However, once she realized Caylee was dead, she still defends Casey because that’s what dysfunctional family members do. The Anthonys are like a brained wash cult. They believe they cannot live without each other. That’s why George threatened suicide.

Angela March 21, 2009, 2:51 PM

I think George threatened suicide because he realizes what a whack job is daughter,wife and son are.He probably can’t believe his whole family needs to hospitalized for insanity.He also probably feels guilty he helped raise these two lunatics.I really don’t think he helped raise them they both seem to have been brought up by their delusional mother.Poor George.

bunncat March 25, 2009, 1:47 PM

Anyone who actually believes Casey’s ‘fairy tale’ about Zanny the Nanny is as nuts as she is. There is was or ever will be a Zanny the Nanny in this case. She is just bsing her way thru all of this thinking she can pull one over on the cops FBI prosecutors etc. Even her lawyer is a moron if he buys into this bullcrap. As for Lee I believe it was only a rumour that got fueled when he did his thing at little Casey’s memorial service” CMA” nonsense. I would not believe of either of their mouths (Casey or Lee)and Mom Cindy is running a close third there.

sammy April 3, 2009, 11:23 PM

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