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More and More Married Moms Having Affairs

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Hear their true confessions.

Cheating seems to be everywhere this week!

Yesterday, married country crooner LeAnn Rimes and her co-star, married father of two Eddie Cibrian, were accused of cheating.

Then today on "Good Morning America," they featured married mothers who were having affairs and meeting men on sites like One mom said her husband gives more attention to her son than her, so she gets her "needs" met elsewhere.

We spoke to Noel Biderman, a 37-year-old married father of two and Chief Operating Officer of Ashley Madison, for some insight ...

Momlogic: You're married with two children--does this mean you cheat as well?
Noel Biderman:
I've only been married for five years, but I see how easy it is to cheat -- the first year of marriage, the birth of your first baby, work stress. However, I am faithful. My wife has emotional and physical needs I must meet. If I don't, she may cheat on me. And believe me, I'd be crushed if that were to happen, but I'd also have to face the reasons why. I don't believe in 'til death do you part' if you're miserable. People believe they should stick out the marriage even if it's killing them. That's no way to live.

ML: Why did you create Ashley Madison?
NB: I didn't invent cheating -- it's been around since the dawn of time. I am simply creating an easy platform for people to stray. Ashley Madison doesn't provide alibis or any sort of screening. We just connect people, then let them make their own decisions. However, we do have fraud detection and an anti-harassment policy so users can report people who abuse the system. We also encourage building a rapport with a person before going offline and taking things to the next level. It's just not safe to hand out your personal e-mail address to someone you just met.

ML: Are you helping or hurting marriages?
NB: For some people, cheating allows them to be a better spouse. If you're going through a rough patch in your marriage or are sexually frustrated, finding a quick outlet can help. And I get thanked for it every day. Many people write to me saying Ashley Madison has saved their marriage -- and that without the opportunity to stray, they would be divorced by now. But I also get my share of hate mail. Some people think I am the devil.

ML: Who is your typical Ashley Madison customer?
NB: Seventy percent of our users are men, but women are logging on in droves. Our research found women are joining the site after one or two years of marriage, while men wait until five or seven years. It could be because many women want to get married young and when they finally do, many realize it's not what they signed up for. Men join our site later because in general, they have more outlets to channel their sexual energy -- strip clubs, for example. However, most people cheat when something isn't right in the relationship. Everyone has needs, and it's a struggle to spend your life trying to meet someone else's. Cheating isn't about finding someone better looking. It's about not getting your needs met -- that's when people cheat.

Can you relate? Do you or any of your friends cheat?

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