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My Husband's Having an Affair with Zelda

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Zelda is not a woman ... it's a video game, and though it may seem silly, I swear this affair is for real.

Husband plays video game while annoyed wife watches behind

It's a fantasy,  a de-stresser, it's his favorite thing to do on a Friday night (and every other night, too)! No, it's not sex, it's Zelda, the video game, and like a real affair, it's highly addictive. He figures out ways to manipulate "her," he spends hours dissecting what strategy he should apply next to get to know her better and when she's there, he barely pays attention to me. We used to go out and grab dinner on a Friday or Saturday night. Now? He's got a date ... with Zelda.

It gets worse: While in the hospital for a minor procedure, my husband drove me home and reminded me I had to be on "bed rest", meaning in the bedroom, not on the couch: "The doctor said bed rest, honey," he said earnestly. "Oh okay, if I lay on the couch for two days, it's really the same as being in the bed." "No," he said, "you have to be in bed." Then I figured it out ... he wanted the living room so he could sneak in a little video game time.

The other day, I reached the end of my rope. I came home from work, he was in deep concentration mode -- I mean, you would have thought he was playing in the US Open Zelda championship or something. "Hi, honey!" I said, and walked over to give him a kiss. "Ugh. I've been stuck on the bridge for hours, babe, not now." That was it. I thought of some things I could do, like hide the game, put a dent in it, scratch it or just throw it away, but then he would just run to the store and buy another one. I'm hoping, like most affairs, this one will eventually fizzle. But that better hurry, because I'm starting to find some hobbies of my own. While they'll never replace him, I might just give him a taste of his own medicine and be gone playing with my new hobby ... my tennis instructor!

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