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Octomom Admits Welfare Was Her Plan

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Nadya Suleman finally admits that she would have been on welfare if Dr. Phil wouldn't have stepped in and helped.

Nadya Suleman

"Had I not been offered a couple of little opportunities to secure some resources for them, I would have been forced to get government assistance until I was completed with school," she tells "And then I would have been forced to work I don't know how many hours a day to support them as a counselor."

In another twist, Radar also reports that Suleman has fired Angels in Waiting, the non-profit that was brought in by attorney Gloria Allred to assist in the care of the infants. We called Allred for comment, but have not heard back yet. Suleman's attorney Jeff Czech confirms teh firing, saying the relationship between Suleman and the nurses started off badly because Allred publicly filed a complaint against her with the Los Angeles County Department of Children's Services.

What do you think about her belated confession?

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Really upset, September 18, 2010, 3:52 AM

Oh Diane. Diane, Please wake up and smell the coffee, she had six kids, her mother was raising, not her, and she said she was hoping for a lot, so they could make her rich, now come on, she’s on welfare, just where did she get all that money to pay for the ordeal, you said it cost a lot and to pay that much she really wanted them, wake up, wake up, I can’t believe you are that stupid, money was her motive, not LOVE, in the beginning when she was getting all that money and a house and a car, did she give her poor mother that has been raising her 6 kids any money to help her out? NO, her mother is loosing her home, but the news said the next day she went and spent $3,000 on make up, did it help her>> No, she’s still ugly, on the inside and out. And do you know for a fact that she paid the doctor?? Or maybe the little swimmers are his, on a get rich quit thing, who knows?? What doctor in his right mind would do that to a women with six kids, on welfare with no boyfriend or husband, Tell me, if you can. You make me sick saying she loves those kids, the 8 nannies or so that she was given, she didn’t like because they told the whole world that she was never home, she never spent more then I think it was 4 hours a day at home, she was off in her new car with the money she now has. or had, she went thru all that now she’s begging everyone on the internet for money, saying she had to go on welfare, when she admited in the very start that was her plan, they pay a nice penny per child, plus alot of food stamps, that should keep her car in gas, her make-up bag full, and her closet full of good named goodies, Yea, she did it because she love’s her kids, grow up lady, you make me wonder if you are still married, or if you ran him off a long time ago bacause you are stupid.

bellabluesong September 18, 2010, 2:49 PM

Dear Really upset,
Honestly! Do you REALLY think he billed wellfare for invitro ,,, Sure! That’s gotta be one of their most used services! At any rate I’m quite impressed with your abusive hostility, you’re sure making the world a lovelier place to live!
Please go do something positive, raise money for the tots future education or something … anything that channels your energy positively. If you’re not doing something loving and constuctive you’re just adding to the problems of this world!

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