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Octomom 911: Get Gloria Allred OUT!

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It seems that not a day goes by that we don't hear another story about octomom and her litter of babies. This time it's another 911 call.


TMZ reports a 911 call was made by Nadya Suleman's nanny to try and remove Gloria Allred from the house.

The call was made on March 17 -- the same day two of Nadya Suleman's octuplets came home.

Allred represents the non-profit organization Angels in Waiting -- which had offered to help Nadya care for the octuplets. Nadya fired them today. Coincidence?

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gala1 March 24, 2009, 6:42 PM

Deeply disturbing baby in a purse bizzaro clip. It turns out beggars can be choosers.
And why exactly was this a 911 call?

Now CCPS has all they need- as if they didn’t have tons already— to make a case that there is no way to safely leave 14 kids with this mental case.

If confidentiality is the primary factor in nannies what happens when a violently autistic 3 year old gets his hands on an unattended preemie? This death brought to you courtesy of Radar Online.

Octorazzi should do a little investigative stuff to see if Nadya is still collecting SSI. Or should that be $$I. As in beggars can be shoppers.
Because on 11 preemies and disabled that totals a minimum of $7500 per month that might have gone to the certified nurses Instead of budget you know what for a little more to throw around Nordstoms.

But that’s just loose change in the sofa cushions.
If you can’t see that what this is REALLY about is deep-pocket civil lawsuits— one for AIW, one for Dr. Phil, one for ha, ha Radaronline then you don’t know why that lawyer is still sticking around.
Southern California is the litigation capital of the universe. And there would be 15 litigants. So that’s any money times fifteen. And two more if you toss in the grandparents. Like total 8 figures.

Kaiser is also up for finding out how she plans to get out of that big,big medical bill. Dr.Phil can see the writing on the Radar as to why he has got to cut the cord and bail. No one helps this woman and comes out of it without unemptied pockets

And she is either stupid enough or gullible enough to surround herself with everyone who is there to jackpot a buck off her and ditch those whose interests lie in something other than being worker bees to spotlight Nadya.

Someday there will be an online video dictionary. And this clip will be filed under the definition of self-damning. Until Nadya came along to give whole new meaning to the idea of a Black Hole.

California Child Protective Services is called that because that is precisely what it is there to do.

Nadya Suleman isn’t the first parent sick enough to pimp out their own offspring for financial gain. There is plenty of legal precedent for how to deal with this. I just wish they’d hurry up and do it. CCPS doesn’t care about what the next MAC-Hollister splurge is planned out to be. And their main concern is not exactly to assist Nadya Suleman’s experience of personal growth.

This clip is really just about all they would need to request a conservatorship . Not for just the kids.
Nadya Suleman is a lot more 13 than she is 33.
Ask yourself. Would you eve leave 14 kids — 11 of them still in diapers with this creature for even five minutes?
If these were puppies, the ASPCA would have never let it get this far.

lala33 March 24, 2009, 6:53 PM

Here, here! I SO agree with you gala1..Nuff’ said.

NYCity Mama March 24, 2009, 7:22 PM

Why was Allder insisting to stay in a private home that she was asked to leave? Does she work for children services? I have no idea what the whole deal was there, but if someone is in my home, and I ask them to leave, the need to leave.

ally March 24, 2009, 8:47 PM

i’m so tired of people calling nadya octomom and these poor babies a litter dont people have respect anymore.

Karen Lee March 24, 2009, 9:25 PM

Ally: People still have RESPECT. But that crazy woman does not deserve even ONE IOTA of respect. She goes on a national BEG-A-THON crying poor me - then won’t LISTEN to (sane) people (experts in their fields) as to HOW preemies need special care, etc. She is EXPLOITING those babies and lining them ALL UP for a PEDOPHILE snatch because NO DECISION she has made since she HAD HER FIRST KID has made ANY SENSE AT ALL. She is totally SELF-OBSESSED and spends ALL HER TIME shopping, spending ON HER OWN comical appearance. The cartoon-ish rectum LIPS, her insane FAKE NAILS (germ-magnets) and LIKE DAGGERS to sensitive preemie skin. There are over 30 PEOPLE in that house at all times in a house meant for BARELY 8. She deserves whatever crap happens to HER. She’s drawn a target on HERSELF and her innocent kids. She opened herself WIDE to all the media OCTO-MADNESS she deliberately CREATED. She LOVES the attention and notoriety. She LOVES being the center of attention. NOw we’ll see HOW she likes the OTHER SIDE of the double-EDGED sword of FAME. Somebody should put out a contract on DR PHIL for his big part in all this. NOBODY is actually CARING for the babies. This entire MAD SCENARIO is demented and delusional but THAT is who and WHAT Nadya THE FREE-loader is!

ally March 24, 2009, 9:40 PM

well no one is saying you have to listen to it either stop watching her on tv you sound like you have the problem.mayb then mayb we can say the same thing to everyone who has kids on tv

cheryl March 24, 2009, 10:25 PM

I think we are all concerned about the well-being of her children. She brought the spotlight and drew attention to herself, now she’s paying the price. She should be grateful for the help she is receiving. There are large families out there, who WORK and struggle to feed their families. It’s so sad for these children, that they have such a hard headed, crazy mother.

anonymous March 25, 2009, 7:13 AM

Okay, it goes against everything in me to remotely stick up for this woman (I think she’s a nutcase)HOWEVER, I tend to agree with NYC mama here….First of all, what was Gloria Alred doing in her house (she’s an equal-opportunity nutcase, if you ask me). Secondly, if I asked her to leave and she refused, I wouldn’t need the police, I’d throw her out myself….

Mandy March 25, 2009, 7:32 AM

I HATE people calling her octomon, she has a name. If someone was calling the welfare on me for such rediculas things as the crowd outside my house that i could not control then i would fire them also even if they were working for free. Anybody ever think that if they left her alone she might have a little less stress and get things right. Everyone wants her to fail so badly that they jump on any little thing to condemn her. How would you feel if someone examined every move you made with your kids and reported it. I’m sure every mother on this site has made horrible mistakes they wish they could take back and would hate for anyone to know, and just thank god there kids are still ok. Maybe all the haters should have the welfare called on them for those things!!!!!

tora March 27, 2009, 12:48 AM

Does any one like to have a snooty, better than every one else, mean, critical mother in law in their house all the time when a baby arrives. I tell you Gloria is just that: not to mention that she has a crew too! She is the type that wants to take away the daughter in laws children. I don’t know how Nadia is suppose to put up with that. Yes beggars can be choosy too. We are not suppose to put ugly disgusting clothes in the salvation army bag. Why do we want stuff for this women that we wouldn’t dream for ourselves.

samul March 28, 2009, 2:45 PM

Is that all she does is shop and call 911. I thought that was for life threatning calls , not this crap. Gloria ALERD HAD EVERY BUISNESS TO make sure those kids are taken care of , she was invited there. Another thing is ists a good thing she was there because the media crazy so called mother wont watch her own kids!!

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