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First of Octuplets Could Be Home This Week

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People: It's T-minus a few days and counting for Nadya Suleman, who is making her way through the mother of all activity-packed weekends before the first of her octuplets comes home from the hospital early next week.

Moving the contents of her home in Whittier, Calif., to a new residence in nearby La Habra is just one of the items on her to-do list. Nearly a dozen volunteer contractors from the community are racing to finish painting, laying carpet, installing hardwood floors and baby-proofing the interior of the four-bedroom dwelling.

"I'm elated by all the help I've been getting," Suleman, 33, tells PEOPLE. "I want everyone to know how thankful I am."

Finishing Touches
Meanwhile, a Los Angeles interior designer is putting the finishing touches on the nursery - complete with a ceiling mural of cloud-swaddled angels and the words "Love, Joy, Peace" painted on a wall.

On Saturday, the single mother of 14 will spend the night with her eight newborns at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Bellflower, Calif. Over the course of the evening and early morning, neo-natal nurses will give her a few last pointers on caring for her premature infants.

Trip to Disneyland
Besides juggling the logistics of moving with help from friends, Suleman says her biggest concern this weekend is insuring that her six older children get plenty of extra attention. She hopes to take a handful of her brood to Disneyland for an afternoon.

"I really want to spend as much special time with them as I can over the next couple days," Suleman says. "They're aware of what's about to happen."

What's about to happen is this: On Monday, after construction workers leave and the angel mural is drying in the nursery, a professional cleaning crew will scour the house in preparation for one last home inspection from the hospital. If the place gets the thumbs up, the first two of her octuplets could arrive home on Tuesday.

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Kristen March 15, 2009, 10:33 AM

I just love how she is being rewarded for her BAD choices, instead of making her own up to her mistakes we are giving her free stuff.
I love how she stated in another interview that she “earned” her house and that she was paying for it herself, what a joke. I think any money she is given should be taken and put in trust for her kids and also to pay off the hospital bills.

April March 15, 2009, 10:49 AM

I don’t like this woman but I am glad she is getting all of these things. It is for the kids that deserve it. Even the older kids are getting some new bedroom furniture. The older kids have been threw a lot lately and will have a hard time from here on out. I hope no one Tp’s her house again. The kids do not need to feel shamed or mentally tormented any more than they have or what will to come. The kids need to feel welcome no matter how much we do not like the mom. The kids are innocent.

April March 15, 2009, 10:59 AM

The house does have her dad’s name on the title. That way no one can take it. She paid every dime on the house to get it from the money on the pictures and interviews. The money has gone in to a trust for the kids expenses. She says she isn’t on assistance any more. Which she doesn’t qualify for any more any way. I am just wondering about the health insurance though. She has more money than Angels in Waiting. she took their help bcause of the lawyer Gloria. She didn’t want to lose the kids. she is playing their game. As soon as she gets all she needs for nurses and help with the babies and following the rules she will kick them out her door, as soon as she has enough money to hire her own with out them. When social services and hospital and Angels in Waiting and Gloria see her hire her own required help and there is proof of no neglect she will kick Angels and Gloria out. They will be in her face 24/7 literally waiting for her to make a mistake so they can take the kids untill she does. She is not haven that long. They are there for the safety of the kids and that is great. I am glad some one stepped in but they are sneaky. They don’t even have the money for it so I am wondering why they forced her to take it or take the kids and she has more money than they do.

D March 15, 2009, 1:32 PM

this gets more and more ridiculous.

no one has ever said the kids shouldn’t be taken care of but how asinine is all this? she, or her dad, or whoever (bc nothing out of her mouth is truth) buys a house for half a million in an upscale neighborhood for herself and fourteen kids.

her mother is losing her home bc its getting foreclosed. they didn’t pay it up to keep it, they are just going to let it go and walk away. let’s hear it for responsibility.

half a mil and it wasn’t even fit to inhabit? let me guess- bc Little Miss Selfish wants a fashionable address?

the whole thing makes me sick. there is no way these kids are going to have anything resembling a normal life- any of them.

and what is everyone going to say when she has more? and yes, she’s said “any future children”

sophie March 15, 2009, 6:40 PM

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If for any reason you want to forward this message on to anyone who is also from the US (between those ages) it will be much appreciated!

Thanks soo much

Sophie x

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