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Teen Paints Giant Penis on Parents' Roof

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LONDON (AFP): A British teenager inspired by an ancient fertility symbol painted a 60-foot phallus on the roof of his parents' house.


Rory McInnes painted the giant genitalia on the newly-finished flat roof of his parents' million-pound mansion in a village 60 miles west of London, The Sun tabloid said.

But the imposing member remained a closely-guarded secret for a whole year before it was "discovered" by a helicopter pilot flying over the area.

Contacted by the paper, his father Andy McInnes first dismissed the report as a joke.

"It's an April Fool's joke, right? There's no way there's a 60-foot phallus on top of my house," he said before calling each of his four children.

When he got hold of Rory, who is spending a year travelling between finishing school and starting university, the teen reportedly said: "Oh, you've found it then!"

The 18-year-old student said he had decided to act last year after watching a documentary about the satellite images on Google Earth, saying he thought the artwork would make his parents' home stand out.

The oversized organ is an enlarged copy of the most well-known feature of the Cerne Abbas Giant, an 80-foot (55-metre) figure of a naked man which is carved into the side of a chalk hill in Dorset, southwest England.

Clearly sexually aroused, the club-wielding giant is believed to be an Iron Age fertility symbol which has proven popular with copulating couples hoping to conceive.

But the McInneses were clearly not keen on the idea of their rooftop art acting as a fertility charm.

"We don't want any more children, so the idea of sleeping under a giant fertility symbol is rather worrying," said 49-year-old Clare McInnes, while her husband added: "When Rory gets home, he will be given a scrubbing brush and white spirit and he can go and scrub it off."

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Ju March 24, 2009, 7:24 PM

This is pretty funny! I like how the dad is going to make the son clean off his “artwork”!

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