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The Baby Snuggie?!

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In case you've missed out on the amusement of the Snuggie, we now introduce you to the Baby Snuggie!

Baby Snuggie

Thanks to its brilliant infomercial, the Snuggie has become a national obsession. They've been given as gag gifts, become the dress code for the "Snuggie Pub Crawl" -- and some people, surprisingly enough, claim to really dig them!

Now, it appears there's a new member of the Snuggie family -- the baby Snuggie! Actually, it's called the Peekaru, which we're assuming is a derivative of peekaboo, and it's a baby carrier-slash-vest. Just as the Snuggie has holes in the blanket for your hands, this one's got a hole for you little one's noggin! This $80 contraption looks like Baby Bjorn meets Snuggie meets the most ridiculous fleece ever.

Would you wear this? (Please say no ...)

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