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This Mom Hates Chris Brown and Rihanna!

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Here's why.
Irritated woman with photos of Chris Brown and Rihanna

Leslie Adler: I shared with you the challenges I've been facing in addressing current events with my eleven-year-old daughter Sydney in my blog Vuv Club, and it isn't getting easier.

Now the artists who brought us "Run It" and the brilliant lyrics "Under my um-brella, brella, brella..." are totally pissing me off. In fact, this mom hates Chris Brown and Rihanna!

Instead of producing music and entertaining us, they are part of the international conversation ... and worse, part of my daughter's conversation for all the wrong reasons.

Sydney asked me, "Why would she get back together with him, Mom?" and I resent these two famous people who make their living because of kids like mine wanting to buy their music for causing my daughter to ask me this question: "Why would a woman go back to a man that beat the crap out of her?"

All the things we teach our kids, like "People make mistakes;" "Forgiveness is a virtue;" "You can't walk in someone else's shoes;" "We shouldn't be judgmental;" "Innocent until proven guilty"... none of it applies!

I don't want to say any of these things to Sydney in this circumstance.

All I want to say is, "Rihanna is an ass." I don't want to discuss circumstances or what-ifs. In the context of my daughter asking me why a woman would get back together with a man who punched her in the face repeatedly, it is irrelevant to me what her reasons are. The only lesson I want to teach my 11-year-old is that Chris Brown's behavior was unequivocally unacceptable.

I want to tell Sydney and I pray that moms all over the world are using this celeb news to tell their daughters:

No man should ever raise his hand to you ... especially not a man who claims to love you ...

This leopard will never change his spots and there is no rationale, reason or excuse that can ever be offered for what Chris Brown did ...

If he hit her once, he will hit her again, and no self-loving person allows themselves to be victimized.

That's how I will handle this "current event"...

And I will use my blog to make this plea: Celebs love to come out for causes. They use their voices to help fight cancer, feed starving children and save the environment ... Rihanna has just willingly or un-willingly made herself the poster child for domestic abuse, and she has a duty to herself and to her young fans across the world to come out on the right side of this cause.

Are you having this conversation with your kids?

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Erica March 9, 2009, 2:28 PM

Another usless rant!

Layers March 9, 2009, 3:12 PM

I agree Erica. Apparently this woman got the crap beat out of her once or twice in her life and she’s still bitter. She THOUGHT all the right things that we were taught if we asked such a question. Hmmm if Jesus wasn’t as forgiving for the things we have done, A LOT of us would bust hell wide open. He forgives, whats wrong with us?

Lew March 9, 2009, 3:54 PM

I agree Erica and Layers. Rihanna does not have a duty to anybody. The time you are spending ranting and raving should be spent with your daughter. I hope u also teach her not to hit a man. Domestic violence goes both ways and it seems to me that parents are not telling their children , male AND FEMALE not to hit period. Just having hissy fits left right and center. They are entertainers.They sing and dance. That does not make people role models. Parents need to behave such that they are their own children’s role models and stop worrying about the lives of celebrities.

Marge March 9, 2009, 3:59 PM

Right on Leslie! Let’s convey a message to our daughters that makes them strong and independent and unwilling to be victims. Layers and Erica are way off base…Jesus can do what he wants but I don’t want my daughter forgiving a man that violently assaults her.

Amy March 9, 2009, 5:17 PM

Am I the only person who does not understand how these woman think that Rhianna is just being forgiving or that Chris Brown JUST made a mistake? HE…BEAT….THE….CRAP….OUT…OF…HER. How DO we explain to our daughters that she shouldn’t take that when the people she looks up to and idolizes and wants to be just like is taking it? I’m not only upset that there are children who are going to get the wrong message from this. I am also upset because I hate to see ANY woman take back and abuser. It’s sad and awful and should not be done. Domestic Violence is a big deal. OF COURSE someone who gets the crap beat out of them should be a bit bitter. What the heck is wrong with you if you are NOT bitter about that!

Amy March 9, 2009, 5:29 PM

BTW - Lew Rhianna does have a duty to someone. It’s called herself. She owes herself the respect and love to never let this happen to her again.

Gigohead  March 10, 2009, 9:58 AM

Im not so forgiving. I was appalled to learn he nearly choked her to death and yet she goes back to him? What’s it going to take to walk away? Death?

Forget this Jesus forgives talk. I can’t forgive the fact that someone took it upon themselves to almost wipe me from this earth. No thanks. Chalk up to me being a bad Catholic.

Amy March 10, 2009, 10:58 AM

- Gigohead….THANK YOU. I couldn’t believe i was the only one to feel this way!

Argell March 11, 2009, 9:11 AM

He is talented, talented, talented.
That’s the bottom line. Abuse has been
going on for centuries and will continue. Parents your behavior teaches
more to your children than Chris Brown of any other celeb could ever do. Stop

Amy March 11, 2009, 9:58 AM

Are you serious?!?! Apparently if you are talented, you can beat your girlfriend and we don’t have the right to be disappointed. Parents ARE trying to teach their child right from wrong. Part of doing that are showing examples. My example would be chris Brown at this point. Of course it has been around for centuries. It doesn’t make it ok! I’ll stop hating when you grow up.

Amy March 11, 2009, 10:57 AM

By the way, Argell - You are right Abuse Will continue when people like you keep turning the other cheek.

mercaties March 12, 2009, 6:22 PM

First of all, I’am a female as well as the mother of two one girl and one boy. I’am so sick of hearing all these feminists talk about how “horrible ” Chris Brown is and how Rhianna is letting you girls down by getting back with him. I DO NOT CONDONE ABUSE but, this goes both ways. If you are with a man youu know can be on the agressive side don’t push him to that breaking point (you all know what I mean) I’am not in anyway condoning what happend to Rhianna but I highly doubt that Chris Brown just got bored and decided to beat up on his longtime girlfriend. All I’am saying is that some women (not all) need to learn when to back off and shut up. There the first ones to act like the poor little victim when more often than not the woman is the one who started it. Trust me my own brother in law is sitting in jail because his wife attacked him with a fireplace poker and he pushed her out of the way but because she called the police and not him he went to jail even though my brother in law is the one with a gash in his arm and his wife doesn’t have any marks on her.

Anonymous March 12, 2009, 6:39 PM

I don’t like either of them.

Anonymous March 15, 2009, 8:00 PM

i don`t get why she does not like them.

Anonymous March 15, 2009, 8:02 PM

i don`t know why she does not l;ike them. well i don`t tho she sounds bad

Anonymous March 16, 2009, 11:47 AM

I dunno why everyone is so concerned about celebrities in general anyway. Live your own life and quit worrying about everyone else’s.

Gabs April 1, 2009, 4:29 AM

mercaties you can highly doubt all you want but nobody knows chris brown, by saying you highly doubt he got bored and beat her up is like saying there was a just reason for his actions.

Also you say women should not push men with tempers, however if that MAN wants to be in a realtionship he has to learn to subdue his temper, realtionships arent all hearts and roses. If he cant do that he shouldnt be in one.

Whether you want to or not when you become a celebrity you become a role model, thats just part of the job.

I dont like Chris and for Rhiannas own well being I hoped she would forgive, because he is not worth even a spare thought in her head, and move on. However I am sadden by her decision, if she/she hits you once they will do it again..but I wish her the best.

Rtvvicmv June 28, 2009, 11:23 AM

fotoXJ comment2 ,

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