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My OB/GYN Told Me I "HAD" to Breastfeed!

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When talking to my OB about my hesitations about breastfeeding she told me "You have to. At least for two weeks!" Huh? I'll make that decision, thank you.

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Momlogic's Talitha: I was expecting to hear a lot of criticism and judgment about what I should and shouldn't do while pregnant, and after I give birth. My mother sends me texts when it's time to drink a glass of milk, and reminds me that "the baby only eats when you eat." I've gotten used to that now. But when debating whether or not to breastfeed, I was absolutely shocked when I consulted my doc and she told me I simply "had" to do it.

Now, I am open to hearing why it might be best for my baby, but I am not open to being told what to do. For some women, maybe breastfeeding doesn't make as much sense as for others. If I choose not to do it, will that make me a bad mom? No. Will it make me a better mom if I do breastfeed? No. I happen to think, after doing my research, that it will take a huge toll on me and our household, as I will likely be returning to work soon after giving birth. Go on, tell me I can pump at work and breast milk is so much better and blah blah blah, but frankly, I am really tired of people pointing the finger and passing judgment on choices that are mine, and mine only.

And while I'm at it, I am totally turned off by the childbirth class preaching breastfeeding and in a roundabout way telling me "I have to do it." Why is this acceptable? In a recent article, one woman spoke out about her experience giving birth and the nurse literally "shoving" the baby onto her breast. When she told the nurse she wasn't breastfeeding, the nurse said "Oh yes you are!" WTF? It's very difficult to understand how a trained professional can get away with something like that. Is SHE the mother?

What if the breast isn't best? Haven't there been instances where it's simply NOT the best for the baby ... or the mother? The point is, we're all doing the best we can -- I plan on making an informed decision that works for me, not my OB, and certainly not the nurse in the hospital. I wasn't breastfed -- and I'm healthy, smart, and my relationship with my mother couldn't be better.

Is it ok to pump in public? Sound off in the momlogic community!

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