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Wi-Fi is Ruining My Marriage

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Armed with our personal laptops, my husband and I are growing apart on the information superhighway of life.


Momlogic's Andrea: I remember the nights when my husband and I would snuggle up together on the couch and watch TV. We (of course) watched the same program, shared the same experience: the laughter, the tears, the ridiculing of crummy reality shows.

Then one day, we replaced our bulky computer with two laptops and had a Wi-Fi hub installed.

Now the TV is rarely on. Instead, you can find us hunkered over our individual computers, lost in our own worlds of viral videos, blogs and social networking.

Last night, our most intimate moment was when I received an IM from my husband (who was in the other room) saying he loved me. Sounds sweet, right? Well, yeah, but I was in the middle of going though some Facebook requests, so to me it was but a momentary interruption until I could get back to my task at hand. I quickly typed back I loved him, too. That was the end of our communication that night. Ah, romance in the year 2009.

The Internet has replaced the TV, and I've always vowed never to have more than one TV in the house. An ex-fiance of mine wanted to get two televisions because he was addicted to basketball. He thought if I had my own TV, I'd get off his back. But the image of me watching TV upstairs while he watched his TV on a different floor made me shudder.  I ended up moving out and married someone else.

Now I have a nice husband, and instead of one television, we've got TWO computers that can go into any room, including the bedroom -- because now we've started taking them to bed with us. I believe laptops might be the most effective birth control of all time.

Do you think Wi-Fi is good for a marriage?

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