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Autistic Teen Wants to Fly, Sneaks to Airport

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Palm Beach Post: Kenton Weaver's parents knew the 13-year-old boy with Autism had a burning desire to take a plane ride, but never did they imagine he'd manage to buy a ticket, snatch his dad's car, drive to the airport and take a cross-country flight.

But that's exactly what he did, leaving his dad's suburban Boca Raton house before dawn and landing around midnight east coast time in San Jose - just a few hours from his mom's home.

Both parents are relieved their boy survived his first-time behind the wheel all the way to Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport and a coast-to-coast solo airplane ride, but the boy's journey leaves many troubling questions.

"I can't believe he pulled this off," said his mom, Kim Casey who lives in the Fresno area. "I'm flabberghasted."

His father, Dean Weaver, suspects Kenton used a stolen credit card number to buy a ticket on Southwest Airlines, but how could someone sell him that ticket without the actual card or photo ID?

The 13-year-old doesn't have a passport, driver license or any photo ID his father knows of, so how'd he get past airport security?

San Jose police found him in their airport last night. In addition to his mother, the boy's mother, uncle and grandfather live in the area - which was probably one of the destination's appeals. And last night he stayed with his uncle, Dean Weaver said.

Weaver hasn't made any immediate plans to fly his son back.

"I think I'd like for him to stay there for a while. I'm obviously not set up here to keep him, though I've tried," Weaver said. "I have another son, 8 years old. My fear is next time he gets in the car, he might take his little brother."

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