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Boy Dies after Mom Denied Cancer Meds

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Boston Herald: A 9-year-old boy whose mother is accused of withholding his cancer medication has died, and prosecutors say they have not ruled out bringing new charges against her.

Jeremy Fraser, who had autism and who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2006, died in hospice care Monday.

Prosecutors in July said his mother, Kristen Anne LaBrie, canceled at least a dozen appointments for chemotherapy treatment and did not fill at least half the prescriptions her son had been given. She has pleaded not guilty to reckless child endangerment.

"We are saddened by Jeremy's death," said Steve O'Connell, a spokesman for Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett. "As for enhanced charges, we will reserve any judgment regarding that until we have complete information."

LaBrie did not appear at a previously scheduled pretrial hearing in the endangerment case today. Her attorney, Kevin James, did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

James said previously that LaBrie had taken her son more than 100 times to Massachusetts General Hospital and had been "extensively involved in this child's care."

Eric Fraser, who is the boy's father and who is estranged from LaBrie, told reporters Tuesday after the hearing in Salem District Court that he was relieved his son's suffering was over, but he said he wants justice.

"He doesn't deserve any of this. None of it. He is an innocent boy that relies on his mother and that just didn't happen," he said.

The boy's cancer was in remission last fall, but returned within months.

LaBrie is due back in court on April 16, when a trial date will be set.

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mollysmom April 1, 2009, 8:27 PM

that’s awful and i pray for that little boy. my question is why didn’t the dad do anything to make sure the son was going to the appts and taking his meds? i know they were estranged but that was his child also.

ashley April 2, 2009, 7:32 AM

I am wondering the same thing, why didn’t the dad step in?? Or someone else? THey knew she wasn’t giving him his meds so why didn’t child welfare or SOMEONE step in?? What and awful story!!

Beth May 19, 2009, 6:50 PM

If there is anything in this world that pisses me off to the nth degree it it this. This mother should be charged with murder. She knew not giving the child his medications would kill him. And she knew with his young age and autism that he was unable to fend for himself. How dare any parent do this to their child. There is another woman in the news that is doing the same thing only she is in court fighting to stop her 13 year old son’s chemo of a completely curable lymphoma that he will otherwise die of without treatment. She ran off with the kid and the dad won’t tell where he is. She even made the kid believe that the chemo would kill him and talked him into kicking, punching, or fighting anyone who tries to administer his chemo. Why? Because of her religious beliefs. It is one thing to have religious beliefs, but you should not withhold medical care from your children because of YOUR beliefs. Your child does not have a choice and is looking to you to take care of them. Thank God the system is going after this mother before it is too late, and taking custody away from her and the dad and putting him in protective custody so he can get the medical care that he needs to get better. Also, did I mention that the kid is 13, the one in the other store, can’t read? What kind of mother is she that her kid can’t read at 13. And when the dr tried to give the kid info to read about the disease and chemo and how treatable it is, but is fatal without treatment, the mother ran out of the dr’s office. Poor excuse for a parent. I hope they get to this child in time to help him before he winds up like the boy in this article. If they don’t I hope she has nightmares for the rest of her life that she is responsible for her child’s death as is the father for doing nothing!

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