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Carnie Wilson Preps for Baby Number Two

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Carnie Wilson opens up to momlogic about her new job, mommy guilt, baby weight and even the Octomom!

Carnie Wilson

momlogic: Tell us about your new show "The Newlywed Game"?
Carnie Wilson: We've taken "The Newlywed Game" from the '60s and '70s and made it modern. The set is vibrant and beautiful. The questions have been updated and rephrased to sound modern and humorous. We're also featuring "Goldy-weds" -- original winners of the game who we bring back for a bonus round. We taped 40 shows in 11 days. It felt like one huge game show family. It was so great and so much fun!

momlogic: How is your second pregnancy going?
Carnie Wilson: Different. My body is used to being pregnant and my uterus knows what to do. The great news is that I'm able to exercise this pregnant. I'm walking a lot. I'm not a hiking kind of pregnant chick -- that's so not me. But I'm eating healthy. Emotionally, I'm excited and feel more proud. I'm 40 and pregnant, you know! And I'm carrying a few extra pounds, but that's okay.

momlogic: How do you deal with the pressures of losing the baby weight?
Carnie Wilson: All women who get pregnant are concerned with gaining weight and losing it. When someone has a weight problem when they're pregnant, they will struggle before, during and after to lose weight. That's just how it goes. With someone who doesn't struggle with weight before or after pregnancy, it's different. Look at someone like Milla Jovovich -- she was a toothpick. She was a model before, gained a lot while pregnant -- but lost a ton of weight right after her pregnancy. Or someone like Kate Hudson -- they blow up and then shrink right down right after. But I'm not like that. I'm not that athletic type. All I can do is listen to what my body needs and feels. I did put on chunk of weight in the beginning because I was feeling so sick. And like the only thing that helped me at 2:00 AM was an English muffin.

momlogic: What do you think about the pressure to be skinny?
Carnie Wilson: It seems like there is more slack given for singers and performers. If someone is known for their hot body (on screen) or they're a fashion icon, they're going to be ridiculed and feel the pressure of losing weight and looking good. But I've never been known for my body. I've never had a great body. I've had serious health issues because of my weight. I look how healthy I am now rather than how I look on the outside as a sign. When I turned 40, I'm like, 'F this. Forget this. I don't have to be a certain size. It's just about how you take care of yourself.' I believe everyone is individual. We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. At the end of the day, it's about your spirit and that's the most important.

momlogic: How can moms feel normal?

Carnie Wilson: What is normal? Being anorexic is not normal. It's normal to gain weight during pregnancy. It's something that has to happen to your body. What's not normal is the added pressure that we put on ourselves. The average woman in this country is a size 14! We are comparing ourselves to a minority of women who are size two! They are stunning and gorgeous. But I think the focus is twisted. Look, it's not healthy to be too skinny or too overweight. You have to be happy with yourself though, and if your ass is too big (for you), then work out. But it has to be a personal thing, not about what the rest of society says you should be.

momlogic: Tell us about your second baby.
Carnie Wilson: We've named her Luciana. I'm 6 1/2 months and she's kicking away. Lola is going to be 4 in April. She's been a part of this pregnancy from the very beginning. When I took the pregnancy test, she was right there with me and we all jumped up together. We are including her and making her feel like she's Big Sister. I think she's got a great foundation because her nature is already very motherly.

momlogic: How is it for you being a working mom?
Carnie Wilson: There is constant guilt. I can't get past the guilt. If I wasn't working, I'd still feel guilty -- like I wasn't doing enough. But you know, I'm sober and I'm a clear-headed woman. I've been sober four-and-a-half years. I now am able to make smart decisions, and I think I just have to go with the flow and be present. It's hard to be a working mom. Do i wish I could retire? Sure, but that's not life. I have to work and I make sure Lola understands that. I thank her for understanding that, and I teach her that I can be a strong woman with a career and be a mommy. It's all about balance -- balancing work, being a mother and taking care of myself.

momlogic: How do you feel about the Octomom?
Carnie Wilson: What do you say? She's got to have a ton of help, hopefully. If she's able to love each child equally and emotionally able to give, then great. I can't imagine someone is able to give attention equally to a family of 14, but I'm not around to see it, so it's hard to comment. God willing, she's made some good dough and is saving some of it and spending time with her children. We don't know what she's like when the door is closed. I don't know, I mean, does she look like Angelina Jolie? I can't get past those lips of hers at this point really. It makes my stomach turn. I can't imagine really having the pressure that she has (with 14 kids), but I'm not her. Who am I to judge that?

momlogic: What are your thoughts on the mom who took her 13-year-old to Mexico for gastric lap band surgery?
Carnie Wilson: This is deep. Every case is individual. But if he had diabetes or anything related, it is medically necessary to have surgical intervention. Yes, it's extreme. But being 300-plus pounds at 13 is extreme. He won't live to be 20. I think Tijuana isn't ideal, but if surgery is your only option, then you just have to go somewhere good that's licensed and has a good facility and after care. It's a commitment and a lifestyle change. It's not a quick fix and really has to be something that is done because it's your only chance at being healthy.

The new edition of "The Newlywed Game" premieres April 6 on Game Show Network.

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