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How to Tank the Casey Anthony Trial

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Mistakenly released audio from the Florida State Attorney's Office offers insight into Casey Anthony's reaction on the day her daughter's remains were found. But will the gaffe affect the Anthony trial?

casey anthony in court
Every other week it seems more documents, transcripts and videos are released in the Casey Anthony case. So why would the audio of a jail staff member -- who attended to Anthony when she first learned the remains of a child were found -- be causing so much debate? 

In the audio tape made public earlier this week, Lt. Tammy Unser explains Anthony's reaction to the news of Roy Kronk's grisly discovery on December 11th. "She collapsed into a chair and started to do what appeared to be hyperventilating," says Unser. Anthony, according to Unser, asked for a sedative and then inexplicably started talking about a football game.   
Some information on Anthony's demeanor has already been released to the public through other documents, but this particular audio recording had not yet received the approval of the judge before it was released.
"This is the kind of thing that gets people new trials," said defense attorney Diana Tennis told FOX News.

Judge Jeanine Pirro disagrees. "There can be no new trial or mistrial unless you're in the middle of one." Pirro explains a couple of possible outcomes of the blunder. "If the judge decides there is no reason the audio shouldn't have been made public, then it's no big deal -- essentially no harm, no foul. But if the Judge rules that the audio shouldn't have been made public, he can either fine the prosecution or not allow the tape to be entered into evidence."

Attorney Robin Sax wonders if the defense will try to leverage medical privacy laws that prohibit medical information from going public. 

It's no wonder the Casey Anthony trial is already being compared to the O.J. Simpson defense team strategy. That trial was essentially won by pointing out prosecution errors.

Sax, a former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney, thinks the prosecution better get it together. "With such a clean case," says Sax, "there's no excuse for sloppy work by prosecutors." Sax believes in a trial with this much scrutiny the prosecution is "creating arguments for the defense when they don't need to. They need to double and quadruple check what they put out there." 

Overall, Judge Pirro has few doubts that the audio will end up being officially sanctioned for release to the public. The most damning evidence, says Pirro, is Casey's "partying while her child is lost or missing."

Will Casey get away with murder? 

Listen to an excerpt from the Lt. Tammy Unser interview: 

More recently released documents :
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Sally April 9, 2009, 4:30 PM

On the Nancy Grace show last night, they discussed the possibility that Casey heard about the discovery of the skull and bones on her transition radio and faked a panic attack when she got to the nurse’s station. Dr. Patricia Saunders said every symptom Unser described is listed in psychology books for a panic attack. We know Casey is an avid reader. Saunders said if Casey wasn’t faking it, a panic attack indicates fear and claustrophobia, an indication that Casey felt trapped and like she couldn’t get out of her predictament. The state would like to use the tape to prove consciousness of guilt since Casey never reacted to any other discovery of bones except at that location. The fact that Baez wants to keep the evidence out indicates it is damaging to his client.

InsaneJane April 9, 2009, 7:26 PM

Actually, this is the kind of thing that gets one convicted.

Just too bad April 10, 2009, 12:50 AM

WELL JUST TOO BAD… Casey Anthony is GUILTY and I think people should just start betting money against this case cause everyone who thinks or knows in their heart that she killed Caylee. And even if she didnt kill her daughter Casey has had something to do with the whole situation. I think it’s time to just do a lie DETECTOR on Casey and end this whole mess.. that’s all this case is nothing but a big old mess and along with all the other problems in this world!

lisa April 10, 2009, 9:05 AM

We heard yesterday that both George and Cindy believe there is a Zannie the nannie. In fact Cindy said Caylee has talked about Zannie’s dog. pretty sad the waythe public has convicted this girl with no real proof. Sure, not reporting for 30 days is troubling but Cindy said that Caylee was to be returned on her Birthday. IF it is true then we have all trashed Casey on top of what she was already going through with her daughter missing. I am not surprised that Casey did not react to Leonard P. claims of finding bones, when he had not. I am also not surprised that any mother would react when their child was missing 6 months and a childs’ body was found near her home. Many missing people are found dead near their home and were not murdered by a loved one.

Sally April 10, 2009, 10:15 AM

I am not worried the jury is going to listen to anything George and Cindy say about their daughter. Casey lied to her parents about a nanny to cover up where she was since she was not working and didn’t want her parents to know she was staying all night with a nanny. None of Casey’s friends ever heard the name Zanny, George and Cindy never met Zanny and Cindy and Casey have failed to produce phone numbers or addresses they claim they have of the so called nanny. Cindy and George have been lying for their daughter ever since she threw a tantrum on July 16 when she was arrested and raged that her family wasn’t supporting her. Both Cindy and George have said they thought they threw her under the bus because they told the truth and said they smelled human composition in Casey’s car trunk. Cindy and George should worry about perjuring themselves and throwing their granddaughter under the bus by making false statements under oath. Cindy said Caylee talked about a new puppy she played with one day. She didn’t say Caylee said Zanny had a puppy. Since Casey didn’t work and there was no nanny, Casey and Caylee probably spent the day with one of Casey’s friends who had a new puppy. George told investigators he asked Caylee about Zanny and she didn’t know who Zanny was. Cindy told investigators that she thought Zanny was not a nanny but a code name for whatever friend she was staying with. She said she thought the Zanny Caylee said took Caylee was Amy or Jesse.

Sally April 10, 2009, 10:23 AM

Correction, I meant to say Casey made up Zanny the nanny because she didn’t want her parents to know she was staying all night with a boyfriend. That shows George and Cindy just believed everything Casey told them when she said she and Caylee were spending the night at Zanny’s. A child and a parent don’t spend the night at a nanny’s house. It is the other way around. Nannies live with the people whose children they watch.

upset in va April 10, 2009, 10:59 AM

All the lies from beginning to end and now mom and dad are concieving up some of their own…how can they have numbers and addresses of ZANNY and not have gone to find this person and why didnt they give this info to investigators??..I could go on and on about all the lies, one after the other and be here all day …it amazes me that people still will stick up for them all..In the real world of truth and honesty there are no half truths or questions left unanswered..when will these people wake up and live in the REAL world…and know what the real answer to all this is..Casey hurt her daughter plain and simple and has no conscience for it either ….IM SORRY FOR YOU CINDY AND GEORGE BUT TRUTH IS TRUTH , YOUD BE BETTER OFF HAVING JUSTICE FOR CAYLEE THEN TRYING TO PROTECT YOUR DAUGHTER…

alex April 10, 2009, 12:22 PM

Casey was putting Caylee to sleep in her trunk by drugging her many many times. She probably used Xanax (Zani)
Her parents suspect this…but it is so bad it is hard to think about.
that is my opinion

mrrealist April 10, 2009, 11:33 PM

george did hear about sawgrass, yet he said he didnt, george doesnt believe their is a babysitter, yet he says he does, george says he has np knowledge of casey taking money, yet he does.
cindy was even worse at the depo, making up stories about knowing of zanny and her dog and have tel numbers that she never called. pointing fingers, yelling and lying, oh the anthonys they continue to dishonor their granddaughter by lying for their daughter…

missshell April 11, 2009, 7:30 AM

now the lawyer is in trouble. Look all the lives that this horrible excuse for a mother has touched…and she sits in her cell and eats snacks and reads and listens to the radio…her parents need to man up and quit trying to protect this rotten girl. She is a product of what they allowed her to become. i almost feel sorry for KC becasue her mother is a ranting lunatci that couldn’t tell the truth if it jumped up and bit her in the butt!Very sad.

katie April 11, 2009, 10:57 AM

re-do the words of Great grandma Plesea.. she said.. “I wonder if Casey hated cindy more than she loved Caylee”… with the show cindy put on in the depos..
“I WONDER IF CINDY BELIEVES IN CASEY MORE THAN SHE EVER LOVED CAYLEE”.. because it shows…… guess cindys living in the world of.. “I DIDNT do enough to defend Caylee.. and shes gone.. SO… guess ill put all my energies in to defending my guilty daughter.. shame on you, cindy..
and yes. I AGREE…where are these so called phone numbers and addresses that are in your address book that you have for Caseys babysitters.. the non-existent ones when she went to her non-existent JOB… why didnt you give these numbers to authorities from day one or why didnt YOU go to the address on July 16th that you claim you have.. and frantically looked for your precious granddaughter………
did morgan ever ask Cindy what Job casey really had??

Marquis April 11, 2009, 11:29 AM

I just wondering how come noone is asking what she was doing for the two years that she said that she worked at universal studios?, where was she going each day, what time was she leaving for work, when did she get paid? Her parents are lying for her and its sad. I dont think that she will ever tell what happened because like she said in the interrogation her mother would kill her

judy April 17, 2009, 1:00 AM

zani was the nanny, zanax casey put in what ever she could to get caylee to drink, that was the nanny casey had, and her family knows this as well george ,cindy u couldnt have loved caylee the way u say or u would want that nasty daughter of urs to pay

cathy April 19, 2009, 11:36 PM

what a tangled web they weave. when first they practice to deceive. if george would only take his balls away from cindy. and put them back where they belong. he would then be able to prove his love for caylee, and tell the truth. he knows what happened. he was a cop. he’s not stupid. instead he is copping out. and letting cruella cindy run the web of lies. and as for lee? why would he defend his sister? after she made accusations that he was sexually abusing her. it seems that thru it all…not one of these selfish people ever really loved caylee. they only loved their own selves. all adds up to self destruction.

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