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Casey Anthony's Parents Tainting Jury Pool?

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The motivation for Casey Anthony's parents' appearance on national television is simple: They want to keep their daughter off death row.

The Anthonys have made so many appearances on television they're getting to be quite the seasoned performers. Today, the grandparents of Caylee Anthony showed up on CBS's "The Early Show" to once again trumpet the innocence of their daughter Casey, accused of murdering her toddler.

This time we got to see "the softer" side of Cindy -- a stark contrast to her combative performance in last week's deposition in the defamation suit filed by Zanaida Gonzalez, the woman with the same name as Casey's fictitious nanny. And this startling admission: Casey was the primary caregiver of Caylee. Suddenly, Cindy, who admitted to coworkers that she considered getting custody of her granddaughter, now says "She's only the grandmother" and that her partying, thieving daughter was in "charge" of caring for little Caylee.

This bit of (mis)information is surely being spoon-fed to the public to dispel Casey's motive for murder: Casey had a deep-seated hatred and jealousy of her mother's attention on her daughter. Witnesses, all former friends of Casey's, paint a contentious relationship between the pair. And then, of course, there's the choking incident -- the reported final fight between the mother/daughter duo the day before Caylee was never seen again. 

Still, George and Cindy continue to beat the "reasonable doubt" drum.

When asked if Casey would take a plea deal to avoid the chair, both George and Cindy said no. "I don't think Casey will take a plea deal," said Cindy. "Casey is not going to admit for something she hasn't done. We love our daughter. We stand behind her. We know what kind of mother she was."

So do we. The kind of mom who doesn't report her kid missing for 31 days and enters a "Hot Body Contest."

Why do you think the Anthonys keep showing up on television?

Listen to an excerpt from the Lt. Tammy Unser interview discussing Casey Anthony's demeanor at the jail when she is informed her daughter's remains had been found: 
More recently released documents :

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Casey Anthony Photo Bucket


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april April 22, 2009, 4:48 PM

do not know

Char April 22, 2009, 4:53 PM

Why don’t they let the courts handle this instead of everyone else gving there thoughtes on it. Seems as though the media has her convited all ready.


Ella April 22, 2009, 5:34 PM

Actually, they don’t know what type of a mother that Casey was. If they did, they would have discovered before now, that their daughter was playing the old sympathy card and getting a friend to care for Caylee for 8 months when she was younger, so that she could supposedly go to work at Sports Authority (Sports Authority must be code for “party” since Casey was never employed there). Isn’t this the same girl who insisted she hadn’t had sex yet was 7 months pregnant? Isn’t this the same girl on video tape buying beer, sunglasses and clothes using someone else’s checks? Isn’t this the same girl who stole money from her parents and grandparents, who had Chloroform searches on her computer and whose care had traces of chloroform and human decompositions? Isn’t this the same girl whose back yard had two hits by different cadaver dogs (must have been a dead squirrel there, too…lol). Isn’t this the same girl who led detectives down a hallway at Universal Studio’s claiming she had an office? Isn’t this the same girl who claimed that Zanny the Nanny took her child at Sawgrass but when confronted with the fact that she was not on video there, changed her story to the park? Isn’t this the same girl who was bailed out of jail and spent no time looking for her alleged “missing” child? Isn’t this the same girl who claimed she was out looking for her child, but was captured in numerous photo’s partying it up while her child was supposedly in danger? Wasn’t this the same girl who told detectives that she found Zanny the Nanny through Jeff Hopkins, as she was supposedly the babysitter for his child, when in reality, he doesn’t have any children? Isn’t this the same Casey who lied and stole and manipulated others and as her brother wondered, just lied for the sake of lying.
The evidence and testimony of what others know about Casey, will be what convicts her. Her parents don’t know the real Casey at all. They are deluded.

Leslieanne April 22, 2009, 5:38 PM

Good point Char, I mean if you look past the fact that she didn’t report her daughter missing for a month, lied about having a job, lied about the nanny,looked up chloraphorm,& neck breaking - if we can all just look past those little coinsedences, she might get a fair trial (imagine me saying this with sarcasm)!

Sally April 22, 2009, 5:46 PM

George and Cindy are trying to saturate the potential jury pool with claims of Casey’s innocence and going on a sympathy tour to change their image and raise funds for the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation. If it was up to George, he’d just stay home and ride around in his new boat. Cindy Anthony is narcissistic and loves the attention and starring in the Cindy Show. From day one, she appeared on TV saying Caylee was alive and Casey was Mother of the Year. The nearly three years Caylee was alive Cindy complained to co-workers, family, friends and Casey’s friends that Casey was a sociopath, an unfit mother, a thief, a liar and mooching off her and George. Thirty-one days after Caylee was last seen alive Casey is arrested and calls the house throwing a tantrum saying her family is not supporting her. After that, Cindy starts lying and covering up for Casey. Before Caylee’s remains were found in December, Cindy was on TV daily saying Caylee was alive and coming home soon and Casey was Mother of the Year. Now in her first national TV interview since Caylee’s remains were found, Cindy is still lying and covering up for Casey but she has ditched the gum chewing, finger pointing, swearing and arguing she displayed in the depositions last week. Still no sympathy from me. Cindy Anthony is a traitor to Caylee. It is not okay to support your granddaughter’s killer.

Rick April 22, 2009, 5:52 PM

The only forces out to get Casey Anthony is the force of the evidence collected against her, the sworn testimony of friends, family and detectives.
Did anyone else notice at Casey’s last hearing, that she is getting rounder in the face and growing a large a**? I wonder if those people who keep sending her money realize they are just fattening her up for the…..

cb April 22, 2009, 6:50 PM

I think they keep showing up to communicate with Casey who they do not visit. They want their daughter to see they do love her and they are trying to be ‘good parents’ and do good ‘deeds’ for Caylee.

It’s all a crock of course. And Cindy is going to overdose on her tranquilizers if she doesn’t choke on them. Boy was she high today on CBS.

The brat daughter is guilty and I can’t wait for the verdict to shut them up for good!

But it will only begin the new “unfair justice” dog and pony show they will take on the road!

Sick, lying and using family!

Charl April 22, 2009, 9:03 PM

In the very beginning, I felt for George and Cindy. However, after watching them ignore the evidence, constantly lie over and over again and back their cold hearted daughter I no longer feel any sympathy for these 2. I am now convinced that Casey learned her sneaking, lying ways from her mother. She lies right to your face just like Casey and is not even embarrassed. She believes her own lies just as Casey does. The thing is they think everyone is going to believe it as well. They should stop this media blitz before it goes any further because they are doing more harm. They continue to convince me that their daughter is guilty. If I ever had doubts (which I never did)before, I sure don’t now because watching their sick twisted ways shows how messed up it must have been growning up in that home. I can’t stand the sight of Cindy anymore. They need to go away and convince their daughter to TELL THE TRUTH.

Charl April 22, 2009, 9:06 PM

Also, what do they think is going to happen if there is a miracle and they do manage to help get Casey off. Do they think she will come home and be a loving caring daughter to thank them. Guess again…she is a spiteful sick girl who will be just as she was before. She gets her way or she will get back at you. You should not want her on the street George & Cindy. THink about it

Anonymous April 22, 2009, 9:51 PM

George and Cindy are living in a fantasy world. They dont want to believe any of their reality, they are clinging to any hope they can that their daughter is innocent. I dont see the point in doing these interviews they arent gonna say anything that everyone else hasnt figured out. and ya know if casey isnt lying (which i seriously doubt) she has lied so much and done so much in the past how could anyone believe her. Actions speak louder than words!

Barbara April 22, 2009, 10:14 PM

Isn’t it considered a love/hate relationship between Casey and Cindy? 1st time I haven’t seen Cindy screaming or yelling or blaming someone about something. George knows he’s lying and it’s killing him inside. The first tapes with Detectives when the Anthony’s were in “shock” were probably the last time they told the truth and those tapes are what will help convict Casey

Anonymous April 22, 2009, 10:36 PM

I wonder if ANYBODY from Caylee’s relatives (uncle, greatgrandparent) or friends will be on the prosecutors side!! That child never stood a chance, no one protected her, and they are still leaving her on her own, shameful people.

Jim April 23, 2009, 12:21 AM

They can’t taint a jury pool because everyone knows all they do is lie. George is extremely uncomfortable with lying and making up stories constantly to cover all the lies; Cindy is extremely comfortable in her lying skin. Let’s see Char, you’re saying why can’t we just forget about all this until her trial starts? Well there’s one problem, there is a little innocent child that was murdered by her mom (not just a lucky guess, all evidence leads to her) and justice must be served. Until the trial starts, people have a right to their opinions.

steff April 23, 2009, 2:32 AM

I agree with most of you, this case makes me so ANGRY, i cant belive the statements and opinions that this twissted sicko women and her family have said from the begining, an her folks havent even said anything new, cuz its the obveiouse, they have run out of excusses for it all and 4 their daughter and their blindness and now are hanging on too just pure hope!! i see lies and unbeliveable coverups and guilt from all 3 of them , i never thought any of it sounded even remotely legit. they all have had their time, to grive or what have you or set any statments straight or even admitt any possabilitys involving this case, so now whats there excuss they just look stupid for not atleast agreeing with most of the public that they might see how we could see, it.. as 100% murder! but im not god an he is the only 1 who should judge, but my opinion is they all should pray, cuz none of this case has been straight, yet he knows their paths……. jagged or not”an I pray god b with this whole family” cuz their all gana need him….

redmum April 23, 2009, 7:10 AM

Gather up the villagers we got us a witch hunt.


Whatever about Casey, I personally prefer the doling out of justice to be done by a court of law, not by a gang of people who have been obsessively following this story on the internet and believe they know everything.

I also find the attitude to the grandparents disgusting. Firstly they have been deemed to be guilty by association with their daughter who has not been convicted of anything yet. Can you imagine the turmoil they have endured over the last couple of months, they lost their grand daughter in the most awful way and their daughter is implicated, and no matter what goes on you still love your kids don’t you? Or would all your Casey family abusers beg to differ and would no longer love your children if they were accused of murder.

The family has been to hell and back, both

redmum April 23, 2009, 7:14 AM

OOOPpp clicked post before I meant to.

The family have been to hell and back and the grandparents have been condemned by people who really should know better. Shame on the lot of you.

At the end of the day was is most important is justice for little Caylee, this witch hunt mentality does nothing to forward that, it just turns the whole thing into an hysterical circus.

Cheryl April 23, 2009, 7:16 AM

GEORGE AND CINDY ANTHONY are only out for the money they are getting from the interviews. It is no longer about Caylee, but the almighty dollar. If they actually admitted to everyone that they believe their daughter murdered their grand-daughter, do you think they would still be on the talk show circuit?!?!?!?! I don’t.

linda from jersey April 23, 2009, 9:26 AM

So Char you met the ANthony’s so now because you met them, you think they are innocent in all this? Ha Ha Ha HA Ha Ha Ha…..You’re such a card!

Andrea April 23, 2009, 9:40 AM

Cindy said Casey was “hurting” and the Early Show host said “I bet she’s hurting even more now the state put the death penalty on the table.” Cindy wants us to believe that Casey loved Caylee and is hurting because Caylee is dead. The whole world knows that Casey murdered Caylee and is glad she is dead. That’s why she celebrateed for 31 days. Casey’s only hurting because she no longer has the freedom she killed for. Caylee Marie Anthony will rest in peace when the jury finds her mother guilty and gives her the lethal injection.

redmum April 23, 2009, 10:15 AM

“The whole world knows that Casey murdered Caylee and is glad she is dead.”

Are you serious? Well I for one don’t know that.

Whether you all like it or not, Casey is presumed innocent until proven guilty, bottom line. And you have no idea how she felt/feels about it, are you in her head?

I am sickened to my stomach about this murder and I am even more sickened by the witch hunt being conducted since.

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