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Casey Anthony's Parents Tainting Jury Pool?

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The motivation for Casey Anthony's parents' appearance on national television is simple: They want to keep their daughter off death row.

The Anthonys have made so many appearances on television they're getting to be quite the seasoned performers. Today, the grandparents of Caylee Anthony showed up on CBS's "The Early Show" to once again trumpet the innocence of their daughter Casey, accused of murdering her toddler.

This time we got to see "the softer" side of Cindy -- a stark contrast to her combative performance in last week's deposition in the defamation suit filed by Zanaida Gonzalez, the woman with the same name as Casey's fictitious nanny. And this startling admission: Casey was the primary caregiver of Caylee. Suddenly, Cindy, who admitted to coworkers that she considered getting custody of her granddaughter, now says "She's only the grandmother" and that her partying, thieving daughter was in "charge" of caring for little Caylee.

This bit of (mis)information is surely being spoon-fed to the public to dispel Casey's motive for murder: Casey had a deep-seated hatred and jealousy of her mother's attention on her daughter. Witnesses, all former friends of Casey's, paint a contentious relationship between the pair. And then, of course, there's the choking incident -- the reported final fight between the mother/daughter duo the day before Caylee was never seen again. 

Still, George and Cindy continue to beat the "reasonable doubt" drum.

When asked if Casey would take a plea deal to avoid the chair, both George and Cindy said no. "I don't think Casey will take a plea deal," said Cindy. "Casey is not going to admit for something she hasn't done. We love our daughter. We stand behind her. We know what kind of mother she was."

So do we. The kind of mom who doesn't report her kid missing for 31 days and enters a "Hot Body Contest."

Why do you think the Anthonys keep showing up on television?

Listen to an excerpt from the Lt. Tammy Unser interview discussing Casey Anthony's demeanor at the jail when she is informed her daughter's remains had been found: 
More recently released documents :

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Casey Anthony Photo Bucket


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connie April 23, 2009, 10:17 AM

They blab about a fair trial, but look what they do, what do you think they are trying to do? Ha, they are running scared, you can see the fear in their lying eyes now big time. They know Casey is guilty, have for a long time now. I dont feel sorry for them, its past denial…there daughter will hang for this, with the evidence against her, they should just shut up, if they did maybe Casey would come forward with the truth…besides that, who said, she gets a plea deal anyway?

connie April 23, 2009, 10:28 AM

Its obvious that Casey did this, hello wake up redmum where you been? She will be convicted, the Ants even know she did it, ha. Liars the Ants, I think its going to be real funny when the trial gets here to watch the Ants lie on the stand. Lie, Lie, Lie one after another, where do you think Casey learned this kind of stuff from? Cindy is the answer…The defense is grasping at straws, they have nothing…The Ants claimed they knew who had Caylee back in the beginning, where are they, where is the proof, why didn’t they ever go after them? No, instead they hired a private detective scum butt to go move the body…that’s what they did, and the cops know it. They should be prosecuted for their covering up, and they will in the end….

connie April 23, 2009, 10:33 AM

Redmum, if you are so sick of it, why are you here on this site? If you were so sick like to claim, you would be doing something else. Sounds like you are a liar, just the the Ants.

redmum April 23, 2009, 10:42 AM

Aye why should you feel sorry for grandparents who have lost their grandchild in the most vicious and cruel way, why should you feel sorry that it is their own flesh and blood that is standing trial for the murder.

Yeah absolutely there is nothing there at all to be compassionate about… Nothing at all, after all a witch hunt is more .

Here’s hoping all you people throwing stones never ever have some circumstances occur where people throw stones at you and despite the witch hunt I sincerely believe that.

redmum April 23, 2009, 10:50 AM

LOL at connie, have I said anything about whether she did or didn’t do it, no I didn’t, I haven’t either defended or attacked her (unlike yourself)I said I would leave it to the courts. I will say no to your kangaroo court thanks.

Connie you know nothing about me, thank God, as I know nothing about you, other than you seem to be pretty full of hate.

And darling I am no liar :) and I will go to whatever site I like and comment as I like. I’m not sure what else you were saying as it doesn’t make sense to me.

Sally April 23, 2009, 10:51 AM

I just watched the Today Show and Maggie was still interviewing George and Cindy. It’s interesting that when Maggie asked about what Casey was like growing up, George and Cindy went on and on about how she was so sensitive and learned to read at an early age and was such a wonderful daughter. When asked to describe Caylee, George said he didn’t have enough time and Cindy said Caylee’s goal was to make them laugh and told about how when she had a bad day Caylee would kiss her and say she loved her. Again, when George and Cindy talk about Casey, it is all about what a wonderful person Casey is. When they talk about Caylee, it is all about how Caylee’s “job” was to make them feel better. That says it all. Maggie ended the interview by saying Casey spends her days in jail reading law books and waiting for the day when she is acquitted. The sociopath actually thinks she is going to get away with murder. What nerve.

Anonymous April 23, 2009, 10:56 AM

Nobody is going to set the daughter Casey the killer of little Caylee free…DEAL WITH IT…and shut up Ants. Its past denial I don’t feel sorry for them now, I did in the beginning, but not anymore. We have all had stones thrown at us, its called life redmum…I would never be in this situation, I didn’t raise my children like Cindy did sorry, I taught them that they are responsible for their on actions., unlike the Ants. And if, I was in the Ants situation now, I would NOT be doing what they are doing. Redmum dosn’t know what a witch hunt is, this is not one!!!

Andrea April 23, 2009, 11:04 AM

Redmum, this forum is set up to voice our opinions about the Caylee Anthony case. If it upsets you to read what we say, I would suggest you not read the blogs and just wait for the trial and watch it. It makes me wonder why you care what we say. Are you a member or friend of the Anthony family or hired by the defense team to create reasonable doubt on blogs?

connie April 23, 2009, 11:04 AM

Everybody knows their is going to be a trial Redmum, I have the right to my opinion, and you have yours, don’t tell others they don’t have the right to follow this story (just like yourself). If you are so sick of it, why are you here? I hate child killers, yes I do!!! In my opinion Casey is guilty. Leave it to the courts redmum, and if you are sick of others opinions on the case, then stay away from the internet. Just a suggestion. If you are saying no, to this court of opinion then why are you still here? Sounds like a lie to me.

connie April 23, 2009, 11:13 AM

Redmum is confused, calls me someone full of hate, then in the next sentence calls me darling. In my opinion, I believe Casey is guilty of this murder,of course, that could change if anything comes out of the trial that would give doubt…but I do not expect that to happen. Of course, we all know its up the the jury in the trial…that goes without saying. Know I don’t know you redmum, and you don’t know me, but I do know your kind, wants to state your opinion and trash everyone who dosn’t agree with you! You say one thing and thing another, I call that either a liar or confusion…

Annie  April 23, 2009, 11:29 AM

Did anyone else notice the surprised look on George’s face this morning when Cindy planted a big kiss on his lips on national TV? I bet it is the first kiss he’s gotten from the Ice Queen for years. No wonder he misses Caylee. She’s the only one who showed him affection. It looks to me like Caylee’s role in this dysfunctional family was to make everybody feel loved. Too bad George and Cindy didn’t love her enough to stand up to her killer.

June April 23, 2009, 11:32 AM

The Anthony’s are the weirdest group of people. I love my kids, but not to the point where I would assist them in getting away with the murder of a child.I might get them doctors and lawyers, but that’s it. The Anthonys are a sick, perverse family. They created the monster that is Casey. At what point do they themselves become criminally liable for covering up this murder? Also, for a woman with as many problems as she has on her plate, old Cindy’s skin seems a lot tighter and smoother. A little pre-trial cosmetic proceedure perhaps?

connie April 23, 2009, 11:39 AM

Annie, no I didn’t watch it, I am sick of them, I have seen pictures on the internet though…yeah I agree that Caylee helped in George and Cindy’s troubled marriage when she came along…that happens a lot with older couples, a new grand baby can really bring a couple back together, and I believe Caylee did that for them!!! It
is too bad they cant stand up for her though. Feeling sorry for Cindy and George is not going to help them, the truth is whats going to help them begin to heal. Until they can acknowledge the truth, their lives will never get any better, only worse.

redmum April 23, 2009, 11:42 AM

LOL I love the way I am being shrilly attacked now.

There is a trial, that will decide her guilt or innocence not sites like this, thank God.

The law states that she is entitled to a fair trial, whether or not you all agree.

Constant attention like this could help the accused get off because she won’t get a fair trial. And seeing as how you are all convinced of her guilt would you be happy to know that your comments may help release her. It wouldn’t be the first time but hey you are all experts.

I have become more and more uncomfortable with the reporting on this tragic case on Mom Logic and the staggering level of hatred in the comments and wild accusations.

And I won’t be listening to a judgemental eejit who tries to patronise me about what life is and isn’t or who aggressively yells at me to SHUT UP or indeed listen to someone who calls me a liar (how do you get that).

No I have dealt with bigger and better than yourself in my life and won’t be intimidated from my opinion.

It is because I have lived that I say ‘there but for the grace of God go I’. Keep throwing your stones.

And if I am entitled to an opinion on this, why am I being attacked about it? I never at any stage said that no one wasn’t entitled to one, my issue is that I constantly read here things posted by people which they could not possibly know, things relating to the case, or things such as me being accused of being paid to create doubt on blogs and being called a liar.

And by the way I am not based in the States and I do not know the family LOL. And actually people yes the evidence points to the most awful situation between a mother and her child, but as I said thats not down to me to judge or throw in comments how she was or wasn’t a good mother, what she may or may not have gotten up to, or they weren’t good grandparents or whatever.

I understand this case has captured people’s imaginations and hearts and anger, but I have seen people lose the run of themselves with craziness and I have found that hard to stomach.

Sally April 23, 2009, 12:23 PM

On the CBS Early Show Maggie said Casey Anthony spends her days in jail reading law books and waiting for the day when she is acquitted. George and Cindy say Casey will never admit to something she didn’t do. Baez is supposedly telling an Orlando station why Casey will be set free. All this media blitz shows me the defense is shaking in its boots at the state putting the death penalty back on the table. No three ring circus is going to keep the lying thieving murderess off death row because the bottom line is a toddler was murdered. The jury will take one look at Caylee’s skull with duct tape and a heart sticker on the mouth and find Mommy Dearest guilty as charged.

connie April 23, 2009, 1:41 PM

Casey is going to get her fair trial, the defense wants to claim she didn’t get one in the end…not going to work, they know they have nothing else…that’s my opinion, as it stands right now. The jury will look at the evidence and decide.

Its not easy to be on a jury, especially in this case, I feel for the jurors…who have to look at the remains of little Caylee etc. Now, THAT is what’s unfair, that innocent people have to be pulled into this case, and make a decision…but, its all we have as a society, we cant let a killer free.

If the defense had anything else, then Casey would be out of jail right now, waiting trial(if they had evidence to another killer), but they don’t, so that tells me a lot…it also says a lot when, the Ants and Casey’s defense want to try, and lay this on Jesse,or Amy,or Roy,or whoever, the nanny…where is any evidence? There is none, if there was, they would put it out here, on the net, or in the public view, as to sway public opinion, that Casey could be innocent. What are they saving it for? If anybody else did this, why aren’t they showing that, so that the…so called real killer can be charged? Why wait for the trial, to go after the, so called real killer or killers of Caylee?

I believe the police, have more evidence against Casey, that hasn’t been made public yet. I believe in the death penalty, if the juror’s find her guilty, she should be put to death.

Anonymous April 23, 2009, 2:04 PM

redmum said “LOL I love the way I am being shrilly attacked now.”

You do don’t you redmum?

You say you love being attacked, but in the next breath you say, that the fact that others think Casey is guilty before the trial..makes you sick…so why insert yourself? I think you are a very very confused person.

Do you love being attacked, or are you sick to your stomach, which is it?

Leeza April 23, 2009, 2:36 PM

It would be sooo… refreshing to hear Cindy and George talk about something REAL. Such as how they deal with their own depression,suicidal thoughts,or even if they talked about the warning signs they missed in Casey, for years. They must have plenty of regrets for not getting Casey the psychological help she so desparately needed since she was a teenager.Cindy and George would be applauded by many, if they spoke of issues they have had to deal with-personally.They could actually help others that suffer from depression,suicidal thoughts, daughters/sons that are deeply troubled like Casey,that need to get professional help!Instead, they waste all their time denying that Casey murdered her daughter.Nothing constructive or useful ever comes out of their mouths. No one can relate to their dillusions of Casey.

connie April 23, 2009, 2:55 PM

True very true Leeza :-)

Brenda April 23, 2009, 3:29 PM

For a time, Brad Conway was doing a great job of keeping Cindy and George quiet and behind the scenes. Brad would make statements to the media in regards to Cindy and George’s position.I thought,wow, this attorney is doing a great job! What has happened in these past several weeks? Brad has totally lost control, especially with Cindy.The deposition was a train wreck. Cindy and George were like 2 defiant teenagers with attitude.Now the deposition is being played and replayed.Brad must feel so humiliated and embarrassed at how Cindy and George acted.Why is Brad allowing them to do televised interviews in the first place.He is supposed to protect them from incriminating themselves any further.Cindy and George keep changing and adding new angles to the lies they have already told.Brad needs to quit eating Cindy’s chili and Casey’s koolaid!Brad needs to regain control by SHUTTING CINDY AND GEORGE UP!!! (If that’s possible with Cindy), or quit like the first lawyer,before he loses his good reputation and societies respect.Brad is being used by Cindy, he should realize that by now! He’s not her lawyer, he’s her enabler!

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