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Bye-Bye, Chuck Wicks

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"Dancing with the Stars" finally gets interesting!

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Diane Mizota: I thought I had this season of "Dancing with the Stars" all figured out. The finals seemed a lock and Ty's days were numbered, but now, just in the nick of time, things are getting interesting.

Surprise! Chuck Wicks was sent packing despite scoring 5 points higher than Melissa, who couldn't even perform on Monday due to a fractured rib. Chuck's presence on the show is best illustrated by the following interchange between my husband and I.

Husband crawls into bed: "Who got kicked off this week?"
"Who's that?"
"Exactly. He's Julianne's boyfriend."
"Who's Julianne?"
"You know, the super hot blonde dancer?"
"And they let her boyfriend on the show? What's he famous for?"
"Exactly. He's a country music singer, looks like Donny Osmond."

I realize that he had his fans, but in my opinion, Chuck skated by on his gorgeous and talented girlfriend's coattails. Other than his relationship, he was pretty forgettable. And let's just be honest here -- the leotard and tights he donned at the end of the Team Mambo dance certainly didn't do him any favors.

But the real Cinderella story of the season is Ty Murray! By far the most improved dancer, he defied prediction that Latin would be his downfall and delivered a scorching hot salsa. With the other celebs mugging for the cameras like crack-addicted Miss America contestants, Ty's understated manly, witty presence is a breath of fresh air. When Lil' Kim and Chelsea's hair pins became ensnared in a post-team dance hug, who immediately came to their aid? Cowboy Ty. Plus, he fills out a spray tan quite nicely. Look out, Gilles and Melissa, Ty is officially a contender.

P.S. Shawn, you'd better step up your game and stop looking like you are as bored as we are watching you. Perfect technique is something you can work your whole life on, but I've got news for you -- it's perfectly boring. Wake up, girl, or you'll be next!

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Kristin April 29, 2009, 7:46 PM

If it wasn’t for the fact that Shawn was moving and you can’t see puppet strings, I would swear she was asleep. It’s like watching ice cream melt….looks good in theory but actually a huge mess.

As for Chuck, sure he’s unknown and talentless. But he was home grown, corn fed cute!

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