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Don't Make Me Stop This Car!!!

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Leslie Adler: How many times have you looked into the rearview mirror of your car, lifted your pointer finger, and clenched your teeth and said to those monsters fighting in your backseat, "DON'T MAKE ME STOP THIS CAR?!!!"

mom yelling at kids about pulling the car over

During any of those times, did you think about what you would actually do if you stopped the car? Have you ever considered throwing your children out of the car? (Didn't this happen with Lynette in an episode of "Desperate Housewives"?) Worse, have you considered "hurting them"?

On Sunday, a Westchester mom, who also happens to be a prominent lawyer with a large New York City law firm, was arrested for throwing her two bickering daughters out of her car in White Plains and driving away. The charge was "inadequate guardianship." She spent Sunday night in lockup and was released on bail on Monday.

Whaddya think? Could this have been you?

Apparently, she was making a point, then circled the area and lost sight of them. Somehow the girls split up, and one was found walking home and the other, 10 years old, was found, distraught, by a police officer. Neighbors and friends say the woman is a wonderful mother and the family is ideal ... so what happened?

I'll tell you what happened ...

She snapped, had a momentary lapse ... the inane and consistent drone of the "Bickersons" in the backseat, who probably just came from some indulgent event and should be sitting pensively thanking their lucky stars their lives are filled with material riches but instead are fighting over "who shot first shower when they get home" drove her to the brink. And Mom said "If you two don't stop it I am throwing you out of this car and you will walk home." Ignored one too many times ... and a conference call awaiting her once she arrived home ... I am guessing she slammed on the brakes and said "GET THE F@*% OUT!!!"

Now ... once they did ... my rational friends ... perhaps a slow follow ... or not driving at all and letting everyone chillax might have been wise ... legal training (I am a lawyer myself) prepares us for tough negotiations ... instances when the other side is not cooperating ... driving all the way home assuming the two fighting children will stay together and guide each other home, or that either is capable of navigating their way home was, in my humble opinion, going a little too far.

Police matter or family matter? I will let you decide.

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Jordan 60+ April 2, 2011, 11:15 AM

Ha, that? Beyond question a Genuinely meet suggestion. Uncountable thanks so much in requital for this!

Vicki O. Koch April 9, 2011, 9:47 PM


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