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George Anthony Agitated at Deposition

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Although he was often combative, Casey Anthony's father stuck to his story.

Lee Anthony, Casey's brother, did his deposition in March and now it's Cindy and George's turn. The deposition of the parents of Casey Anthony in the civil trial of Zenaida Gonzalez began today -- four months after they were originally scheduled for December 22. The interviews were postponed so the grandparents could have time to grieve the loss of their granddaughter, Caylee. The 3-year-old's remains were discovered near the Anthony home December 11th. Gonzales is seeking $15K damages in a defamation suit filed against Casey Anthony for using her name as the nanny who allegedly kidnapped Caylee.

George Anthony, with his attorney Brad Conway in attendance, at times was combative and often shook his head at the questioning of Gonzales' attorneys John Morgan and Keith Mitnik. Anthony said he believes his daughter Casey, who is charged with first-degree in her daughter's murder, did have a nanny named "Zanny," but that the Zanaida in the suit does not match the description his daughter gave him.

To say Anthony is an unwilling witness is an understatement. During the interview, Anthony threatens to walk out and belligerently corrects Morgan -- who speaks with a heavy Southern accent -- on how to properly pronounce Gonzales' name. During the grueling session Anthony is asked who primarily watched Caylee, if Casey ever contributed financially to the household and about the foul odor from the trunk of his car.

To be fair Anthony wasn't the only one who wasn't thrilled with the line of questioning -- Conway was also not pleased. In one tense exchange Conway appeals to Mitnik to "Have some compassion for this [the Anthony] family."

Later in the deposition when Morgan threatens the former investigator with contempt, Anthony accuses the attorneys of "fishing for information for a criminal investigation that you have nothing to do with." Read the full transcript. 

Do you agree with George Anthony? Are the attorney's questions irrelevant to the civil suit?

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Listen to an excerpt from the Lt. Tammy Unser interview discussing Casey Anthony's demeanor at the jail when she is informed her daughter's remains had been found: 

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Marg Evans April 9, 2009, 10:46 PM

This whole family is immoral, dishonest and totally uncaring about who gets hurt, as long as they protect their own evil daughter.

Paula April 10, 2009, 12:09 AM

It might be about time the Anthony’s quit backing up their daughter’s bad deeds… Had they NOT defended her poor choices in the past, perhaps their grandbaby Caylee would be alive today. Shame on the Anthony’s for standing behind the murderer of their sweet Caylee… It’s almost as if they’re assisting in little Caylee’s murder.

Cindy M April 10, 2009, 12:44 AM

I am so sad that Cindy did honestly think that Caylee was actualy baby. I know that Casey is a MESS but who is the people that created this monster? Casey didn’t want the baby. At least she wasn’t running to the first abortion clinic she could find when she knew in her heart that she didn’t want this child. But Mommy knows best, right? Cindy needs to look at herself. after todays depo and the way she was rude to Zanny Gonzales. I am so glad I have the loving Mother I have when I was an unwed young lady that gave birth and lived with my parents for 3 years. My Mother knew I was the Mother of my child, not her. Although Casey is a cold sick manipulater to the T, She was raised by her parents.

Sally April 10, 2009, 12:51 AM

John Morgan has admitted that he feels that he has to prove who killed Caylee in order to clear his client’s name. I diagree. I believe that the sheriff’s department has already investigated the homicide of Caylee and cleared Zenaida. Morgan’s job is to prove that Casey’s blaming Zenaida damaged her financially. That being said, I think George’s belittling and bickering with the attorneys was uncalled for and childish. I don’t believe he will be any more cooperative with the state attorney’s office in the murder trial. George did have the decency to apologize to Zenaida for what she has been through but insisted that he believes his daughter’s story about Zanny the nanny. I think he is lying and not in denial.

Leeza April 10, 2009, 9:45 AM

George is poor at lying. His childish facial expressions, mixed with his childlike obstanance toward the questions being asked of him, revealed alot about his lack of intelligence and his brainwashed state of mind.Casey and Cindy have turned George’s brain into a sponge full of holes,over all these years (especially in the last 9 months).Every answer from George is what Cindy coaches him to say, that’s George’s truth.His misplaced anger is from not being allowed to tell the truth because of Cindy’s power and control over him.George views the attorney as the enemy, because George’s answers to the attorney can get him in deep trouble with “the boss Cindy”.He’s more worried about getting in trouble with Cindy, than he is with getting in trouble with the law.Going to jail-George doesn’t grasp that fact yet.He doesn’t think things through-he’s not allowed, that’s Cindy’s job.George needs to pack his bags and run from Corporal Cindy, before it’s too late!

Janet April 10, 2009, 10:07 AM

After watching the Anthony’s Jerry Springer-ish behavior at this deposition, here’s the conclusion I have drawn. They ALL know in their hearts that Casey did it, but because of the guilt they feel in that they raised this monster to be what she is, they have decided to protect and defend her at all costs - they’ve already lost Caylee. I can’t believe the obvious outright lies from Cindy in this depo. And George has also lost all of my respect.

Sarah Burns April 10, 2009, 10:33 AM

Isn’t their Caylee foundation suppose to help families deal with the loss of missing and exploited children? I’m sorry but I would never want these people counseling me or anyone I know on how to cope with loss. I find these people repulsive,disrespectful, in denial, and selfish beyond belief. They are getting angry at the wrong people and not helping the right people. They have turned their back on the innocent (Caylee) and are protecting the guilty (Casey). What are they going to help people with? How not to look for your kidnapper and be horrible to the people who are trying to get to the truth? I’ll put my money in a better non-profit org. texas-equasearch.

lee April 10, 2009, 12:48 PM

I’m so sick of people saying have compassion for George and Cindy. How about George and Cindy start telling the truth. They’re lying for Casey. If they loved Caylee so much why don’t they step up to plate for her???

I thought George and Cindy’s reactions to this depostion proved how crazy they are. George looked absolutley nuts at certain times during this deposition.

I have mixed feelings about this civil suit and the lawyers involved in this case. I think if it was not so high profile Morgan & Morgan would not have taken it.

Leeza April 10, 2009, 1:40 PM

In Cindy’s testimony to Zenaida’s attorney she stated that she had several phone numbers and addresses of Zanny’s that Casey gave her during the time period that Zanny supposedly took care of Caylee. Yet, Cindy claims she doesn’t know where that information now is.Casey gave that information to Cindy directly.Why hasn’t Casey shown the detectives where Zanny’s multiple addresses have been? The detectives could easily verify from the landlords whether a Zanny ever lived in their property.Jose Baez has an IQ of 12,to be directing his client “Casey” into sticking with the Zanny plot.Even George and Cindy look like naive fools by their dillusional and deceptive answers they gave to Zenaida’s attorneys yesterday.

Sally April 10, 2009, 2:04 PM

It’s obvious Cindy was lying about having phone numbers and addresses of Zanny because many people have criticized her for not knowing who was babysitting her granddaughter. George and Cindy not only showed how insane, not just dysfuctional, they were by their behavior in the deposition but by their past behavior. What sane grandparents whose daughter lives with them doesn’t know she hasn’t had a job for two years? What sane grandparents whose grandchild lives with them hasn’t met and asked the first and last name of the babysitter? What sane parents would allow a 22 year old to lie and steal from them for years and not hold her accountable? What sane grandparents would smell a dead body in a car driven by their daughter that had been impounded and not call police immediately? What sane grandmother would tell the police she wanted her daughter arrested for stealing a car and money and not mentioned the car smelled like a dead body? What sane grandparents would believe a pathological liar when she said a nanny stole their grandbaby 31 days ago and she’s been in bars looking for her? What sane grandparents would continue to fight the police and lie for and coverup for the murderer of their only grandchild?

Meeps April 10, 2009, 2:24 PM

These people are all rude and ignorant. They were so mean to Zenaida, it was embarrassing to watch, they didn’t like it when people were being mean to their daughter (psycho- Casey), George looked like he was being yelled at by the principal at school, shaking his head and crunching up his pouting mouth, and Cindy with her eyes popping out of her head, she looks like she’s wired up for sound, mouth movements, eyes bugged out, mouth all dried out, and accusing poor Zenaida, and what’s with her trying to question the lawyer, that was to funny. This whole family needs to pay for what happened to Poor little Caylee. They are so stupid

Amy April 10, 2009, 7:54 PM

Sally, you are right on!! Cindy said Casey was lying to protect the family. I’d like to know what they need protection from. Too many lies to keep straight.

Jody April 10, 2009, 8:34 PM

George looks completely ridiculous with the way he is acting during his deposition. He is a 57 year old man who is acting like a 5 year old child He is lying through his overly tan face and I hope to see him behind bars soon.

Sally April 10, 2009, 9:01 PM

A narcisistic sociopath going to jail to protect her family? HA! Cindy is going to choke on those words when Casey and Jose tell the jury Cindy killed Caylee and tried to frame her own daughter. Casey would frame her own grandmother to get herself out of jail.

Linda April 11, 2009, 12:41 PM

This really becomes more ridiculous every day. It is known that these people are not going to cooperate with anything, they will do everything to sabotage the investigation.

I have heard every member of that family lie on tape. Pity, how mental illness creeps through a family. Their souls are very dark. thankfully that innocent child does not have to live in it any longer, she would have ended up the same way.

Their strategy now is for public sympathy expressed by their obsessive misuse of the memory of their granddaughter, (why didn’t they question a “nanny” that they never saw, talked to when Caylee was alive) gimme a break. They are pitiful and don’t even make sense. Too little, too late. Doesn’t sound like they did a good job when the child was alive, other than to use her as “window dressing”. Back to the “sympathy” card, GA and his suicide attempt, yeah, right. He is very clear and seems to be doing well now. Well, it worked for a while. Nope, don’t believe any of it.

An old saying, “he that protest too much has much to hide”. Bingo!

Note: I do know what grief is, my daughter died and know exactly what the hell it is!

Angel April 12, 2009, 1:16 AM

Anyone else besides me catch the Freudian slip by George Anthony on page 11 line 20 of his deposition??? He misspoke and stated “no one else besides the three of them was watching MY child” (referring to Caylee) before quickly correcting himself and saying “our granddaughter”

TXMOM April 12, 2009, 9:32 PM


Sally April 12, 2009, 11:51 PM

TXMom, if one juror holds out, Casey would not be released. That would be a hung jury and she would simply remain in jail until she could be retried again. That won’t happen because the jury has seven charges to decide upon: first degree murder, aggravated homicide, aggravated child abuse and four counts of lying to police. Casey admits to investigators on tape that she lied about working at universal, and gave them two false addresses of Zenaida. Lee said at his deposition of the real Zenaida Gonzalez that his sister admitted to him she lied about saying she left Caylee with Zenaida at Sawgrass Apartments. There is also evidence that she lied about Caylee calling her July 15 and having telephone numbers and email addresses of Zenaida, as well as other lies. So she will be found guilty of those four charges. If the jury finds Casey premeditated the murder of Caylee, she will be found guilty of first degree murder. If the jury finds Caylee died as a result of an overdose of chloroform she will be found guilty of aggravated child abuse and aggravated homicide. All of those put together would keep her in prison a long time.

Marilyn April 15, 2009, 1:29 PM

I do not feel one bit sorry for George nor Cindy. Lies, lies, lies. Boy Casey comes by the lying honestly. (and the gum chewing) Cindy thinks she is all that and then some just like her daughter, the murderer. They know she is guilty and that is why they are acting like 2 school kids. George use to be a cop, he knows that smell and he also knows how and what the cops are looking for. It is all an act with him. They need to just fry her already and get it over with.

Gertrude April 16, 2009, 12:51 PM

George and Cindy were so totally disgusting, evil, defiant, arrogant,extremely ill mannered,offensive, manipulators, and couple of assess! They blamed Zenaida and the lawyers for making their lives miserable instead of realizing that their demonic daughter who created these horrible deeds..murdering Caylee and defaming/slander an innocent woman named Zenaida Gonzales. If this woman was an African American..George and Cindy wouldn’t dared talk to her like that because the black community would have kicked their butts and burned down their house on Hopespring Drive. As viewers can see that both Cindy and George are racists and look down on any person of any minority groups.

I couldn’t stand looking at Cindy with her bugged eye looks and lying through her jaundiced skin..what about George with his fluttering eyelashes and his pouty mouth. I truly feel they lied about emotionally fragile for they were grieving for the late Caylee and George with his fake suicide attempt. He sure didn’t look emotionally fragile and a man who attempted suicide!!

I am so glad that the state is going for the death penalty. This will show Cindy, Lee, George, and Casey the state mean serious business and will not put up anymore shenanigans and lies from the Anthonys!

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