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It's Just Me, Only Better

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Christina Montoya Fiedler: Eight weeks ago, I embarked on the Zip Up Your Jeans weight loss challenge with momlogic and celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak. Today I am 14 pounds lighter and one dress size smaller.

Harley Pasternak and Christina Fiedler

I was intimidated to say the least, working with the same guy who trains Eva Mendez, Halle Berry, Katherine Heigl and many other starlets who already look great to begin with. How was he going to help me, this ordinary mom of one, shake the annoying baby weight that just didn't seem to want to come off?

I did it, and I believe that everyone else can too. Whether you are currently embarking on your own weight loss challenge or are about to start now, here are a few life lessons I learned along the way:

Diet is a Dirty, Dirty Word

I think that if anyone says they are on a diet, they are destined to fail. First off, it has a negative connotation. Secondly, it conjures up images of small, dissatisfying entrees, as well as feelings of sacrifice. It also implies that there is an end in sight. No one is on a diet forever, so you might as well go ahead and give up now. I have never referred to myself as being on a diet this whole time. I've always said "I'm trying to get in shape," or "I started working out again," all of which are more empowering and motivating for one's personal well being.

Better, Faster, Stronger.

Yes, Harley works out with Kanye West too, so that's part of the inspiration here. But that's been my motto for this whole time because it's exactly what I have become -- a better, faster, stronger version of myself, and ladies, I like what I see (and so does my husband). A little confidence in yourself goes a long way. When you feel good, and look good, there's no stopping you.

5 Factors Really Work

Diets usually fail because you feel hungry and deprived - the deadly one-two punch. Both are not options on the 5 Factor Diet! I wouldn't be saying this unless it really worked. It was actually a plan I could follow, and now it's just something that is part of my daily routine. You eat five small, balanced meals a day and have a cheat day one day a week where you can eat anything you want. Yes, anything. A cheeseburger and chocolate shake for lunch? Sure. Cookies for breakfast. Of course -- but just one day a week. There is a catch, though. Once you are eating healthfully and are exercising, putting junk in your body doesn't really agree with you anymore. It just isn't worth the heartburn or stomach ache that usually follows.

A Support System is Everything.

I have you ladies to thank for this. I couldn't have done it with out the dedicated women of the Zip Up Your Jeans group in the momlogic Community. Talking about our weight loss plans, exchanging new recipes, and just venting made the road a lot less lonely.
Living and eating right really isn't as painful as I thought.

It's now more of a lifestyle. So often, when we start a weight loss regime, it seems to be the most daunting of tasks, but the key is to take it day by day. Today, Harley told me to look at it as brushing your teeth. You just do it every day because it's the right thing to do.

You put good stuff in your body so you get good results, and you exercise so you stay fit and energized. It's just part of a regular, well-rounded life -- one that I intend to live to its fullest.

So, have I completed my mission? Technically yes, because I can definitely Zip Up My Jeans, but I'm not done yet. My goal is 20 pounds. And who knows, maybe I'll surpass that.

Check Christina's success in the MOMLOGIC COMMUNITY!

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Anonymous April 26, 2009, 2:43 PM

That’s sooo great Christina! I know it was so hard for you at first just to leave early in the morning to work out. I’m sooo proud of you! You have definitely motivated me to start eating better and exercising. I can’t eat a lot of junk food anymore. It hurts my tummy even if I just have a little!

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