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Moms Gone Wild for Kate Gosselin

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When the star of "Jon and Kate Plus 8" finally arrived at her book signing, you'd think she was an A-list celebrity not a D-list reality star.

Momlogic's Andrea: I scored one of the hottest tickets in town -- a book signing of a famous blond who's life is constantly documented by cameras following her every move. No, it's not Madonna or J.K. Rowling. It was Kate Gosselin. Yep, that's right, just a reality star -- but holy cow, people came out in droves to meet her on her "Multiple Bles8ings" book tour at Barnes and Noble in Glendale, California.

The store was packed with moms, young girls, stay-at-home dad, plenty of babies and a fair amount of twins. Based on the size of the crowd -- which was huge -- I had no doubt if Nadya Suleman had octoplets in hopes of landing a TV show and becoming famous, she might be on to something.

In true manufactured celebrity-style Kate was late, 20 minutes to be exact. I thought -- hey, I could cut her some slack -- heck she's got eight kids -- I can barely make it out of the door with one. But the crowd didn't care about Kate's childcare issues. The babies were getting fussy. And so were some adults.


When she finally did arrive, she had to literally push through the slew of fans and photographers. Who says being a mom is unglamorous job? Kate looked so amazing I swear she was movie star, well, at least direct to DVD star. Poised and perfectly coiffed, she strutted out to her table piled high with books like an old Hollywood pro. What I couldn't get over was her stomach. That tummy tuck of hers really took. Heck, I'd let television crews film my family if I could afford to get rid of my droopy gut.

As the crush of cameras leaned in to get their shots, the M.C. for the event announced her over a loud speaker and then, without saying one word to the crowd, Kate got down to the business at hand and started signing. I felt ripped off. Couldn't she just say hi? There were woman who had endured spit-up on their shoulders and diaper changes in line. Couldn't she at least just give them a shout out?

But say what I may, the crowd loves Kate. Not just loves -- it borders on worship. Almost all the women I talked to spoke of her in glowing terms. Marta Gonzales, waiting in line with her 17 year-old daughter, told me she admires Kate's "Christian values" and loves the connection she has with Jon. Hold the phone. Is she watching the same show we are? That poor guy gets the sh*t kicked out of him every week. When I asked her about the possibility that Jon was cheating on Kate, she lightly chalked it up to "strains in any marriage that grow over time." I asked another beautiful tall blond woman holding an equally beautiful baby told me Kate was in an inspiration to all mothers.

Wow. Were all of these women Stepford Gosselins?

One thing for sure, they are loyal. Most of them said they would not jump ship to watch a new show coming down the reality show pipeline. It involves a woman, who like Kate, already had children, choose IVF, and when finding out she had enough implanted embryos to start a volleyball team refused selective reduction. Her name? Nadya Suleman. Watch out Kate there's a new multiple mama in town.

Check out the Kate Gosselin's making a star entrance at her book signing:

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Anonymous April 18, 2009, 4:06 AM

OMG! Did everyone screaming realize it was Kate Gosselin they were there to see? Shame on all of you. Anyone who stands there & screams with glee at the sight of her should be embarrassed. Wow! To top it off some of you brought your kids..Lordy, Lordy, Lordy!

Jen.S April 18, 2009, 6:49 AM

I love the Retroblog site!Dan has let everyone with an opinion whether for J&K or opposed post on his site so those who say differently are lying. The Problem Dan has had is with ignorant people who don’t have an original opinion in their head that come on his site and post like a five year old child having a temper tantrum because they can’t have an adult debate about the issues at hand so these child mindsets come on the site and say the same things over and over, e.g. “your jealous” or “get a life”, etc..and even with these tantrum throwing child posters, Dan still lets them post. He only deletes when foul language or hate is spewed out by them to other posters who are only posting their opinions about the show. So get off this attack against Retro blog! If you have an opinion whether for or against the show you are more than welcome to speak it on Retro blog but if you come in there just to spew hate at other posters, be warned now, it will not be allowed!

retroblog is funny April 18, 2009, 7:51 AM

Yeah, dude Dan had to do that private chat to try to hide all the cusing that goes on, but still have them go over and comment. See, he need the hits. He has sponsors and makes money off this site. Yeah, he makes money off this family as well. Do I hear exploitation. These ladys are lonely and finally found people to accept them. One of them there, has the perfect business, the perfect husband, the perfect kids, the perfect house, the perfect parents, the perfect sibblings… Her life sounds to good to be true! And she dares call anti-haters narcissists!!! And then there is this poor soul that try to make peace with another person and then apologysed to the others for doing so and beged for their forgiveness. To funny and sad at the same time. I have been reading on there now for a few weeks and can’t stop!!! It is like a trainwreck.

lisa k April 18, 2009, 11:17 AM

Are you guys 2 years old or something? I think it is funny when a bunch of 2 year olds get together and try and bash someone else. You need to learn how to spell before you talk about someone else, because you lose all credibility with comments like this. I am just trying to help you, because you sound like a bunch of idiots. BTW…Jon and Kate are money grubbing child exploiters.

lisa k April 18, 2009, 12:04 PM

You guys are so stupid. The only reason for the private chat is to keep trolls like you out. You are not worthy enough to be in the group….GET OVER IT!

retroblog is funny April 18, 2009, 12:25 PM

Awww, Lisa k thanks. You are so nice… Too bad that you are so affraid to hurt your own friends feelings and be thrown out of the group, so you wont’t bring up their spelling and grammar errors.

How was my spelling this time? I really want to learn how to spell… Please help me!

retroblog is funny April 18, 2009, 1:02 PM

But,but, I have to be in the group. please, please… I’d fit right in. Like the rest of you I have a life, but would much rather neglect it and spend my days blogging. And I promise that I will run in between my normal activities to check with you all, so that you don’t forget that I am there, even while I am getting my child ready for the prom or driving to a funeral… Please, please.

You know Lisa k., I dislike Kate very much, but I dislike what you all are about a lot more. You are sick and obsessed with her. And your group mentality only tells me that neither one of you could stand on your own without the rest.

Right now you are the laughing stock of the J&K Blog world.

PS - How’s my spelling? I used spell check…

Nina April 18, 2009, 4:14 PM

You know what folks? If some of you took the time to acquire some education and spent less time reading blogs that you disagree with and then posting jealouse sounding, poorly written blogs. You too might be able to run a successful and profitable business, find a wonderful husband, raise amazing and bright kids and live a really successful and happy life.

It isn’t really all that hard. With some determination, initiative and ambition you’d be surprised how good life could be.

It is even possible to have a beautiful home, vacations, college educated children and new appliances with exploiting you kids. It really is I promise….lol

lisa k April 18, 2009, 4:27 PM

So true Nina….These people are the obsessed ones. They get bent out of shape when someone says something negative about their idol. If they will notice we don’t only comment on the child exploiters. That seems to be all they have on their minds. ROTF LMFAO!

lisa k April 18, 2009, 4:44 PM

Retro Blog Is Funny…,

Go back over to BabyMama’s site and help her track Kate’s every move, and where she is going to be next. I think you need to concentrate on yourselves before you call anyone else obsessed.

chelle April 18, 2009, 5:10 PM

Ladies, ladies. Getting your panties in a knot, eh? Y’ll get pretty quiet when asked to name ONE good thing for coninuing the kate saga on tv…just one thing? kate’s pimped out her children to earn more than she could ever need. Everything has been paid for, through her kids’ college educations. So why does she continue? keep herself the center of attention, closets full of shoes, lots of nannies because she’s hardly ever home? She used to be humble, kinda likable. Now? Are you serious? You LIKE how she demeans people, grabs for everything, declaring “it’s for the kids” (mine alllll mine), and acts so arrogantly?? If you like that, go for it…more power to you. I must say though, most of your posts? The spelling and sentence structure reflect the educations of grade schoolers. So does the silliness about calling names. Still can’t answer my question, huh? Party on with each other…PLEASE.

Jen.S April 18, 2009, 6:05 PM

Wrong maggy! Dan put up a troll forum so non trolls could go in there and vent whatever they want to about whatever. It was trolls such as yourself who went to dan and whinned because you couldn’t handle the debate, the truth being spoken to you. So, tell the truth as to why dan set up the no troll room, it was because of you trolls complaining and crying to Dan about the opinions being said about your idols Jane and Take. The only thing you trolls could ever answer with is “Your jealous” or “Get a Life” or “change the channel” blah, blah, blah. We go to the room where you trolls are locked out of and can debate the real issues w/out the ignorant insults you child exploiter worshippers throw out there. Not one of you trolls make sense when all you do is hurl insults at another’s opinions. If you could come onto the retro site and speak as if you have some intelligence and share your opinions as to why you love the show, you would get a totally different response from others. We have formed many good friendships over at Retroblog and we talk about a great many things.

Jen.S April 18, 2009, 6:14 PM

So trolls, you go get a life and get over your jealousy and read a different blog…ha! How idiotic!

lisa k April 18, 2009, 7:17 PM

Hello Jen,chelle and Nina…,
I don’t understand why these trolls don’t start their own site, oh wait…they can’t even spell, much less start a site.I think they are just pissed because they can’t see what we have written anymore. “We here you knocking, but you can’t come in” Losers!

retroblog is funny April 19, 2009, 7:58 AM

Jen, chelle, Nina and Lisa - You all love to hear yourselves talk (or read your blah, blah, blah). Oh yeah, I am so jealous and pissed that I don’t get to read you all saying the same thing over and over, damned you all (roflmao). Get over yourselves! Oh, and while you are over in your hideout, please work on your own spelling…

Jen.S April 19, 2009, 11:48 AM

LOL…Lisa, I thought some of them do have troll sites they post on and even the moderators of those sites can’t seem to spell or construct a simple sentence that makes sense so if their moderators who “supposedly” know how to run a site…lol…can’t run one, how would the little trollies get a site together…ROFL
I read one comment where the troll said she would let her family be photographed if she could get a tummy tuck like Take got, I mean Kate. Take and Kate are the same person for those of you who don’t get it…lol Just goes to show you that those who love, worship and follow Take around are just like her and would sell their own families out in a heartbeat just for freebies. And yet they criticize Octomom for doing the very same things they praise Take for doing. Octomom followed in Kate’s footsteps, you trolls should be proud of her too! Geeeshhh, when will they see the similarities?
These trolls don’t need to tell us to get a life, we have good lives and they are jealous that we didn’t have to sell or exploit our children to get what we have. We don’t have to exploit or sell our families privacy in order to get free stuff. It’s all about money with Take and her trolls. Ironic how mad they get over our speaking the truth to them. They admit they would sell their families out to get free stuff but when we adamantly state we wouldn’t do those things they flip out on us and hurl insults at us. How very foolish and blind of them to follow someone who makes them feel so bad about themselves because only one who feels so badly about themselves would need to lower themselves to hurling insults at those who desire to live right, work hard and do only what is good for their families.

Nina April 19, 2009, 2:16 PM

I have always believed that one may not make sense out of senselessness, nor have a meaningful communication with insanity. J & K fans have forced me to add another. Dysfunctional minds living dysfunctional lives will never comprehend the joys and rewards a functional, healthy mind can provide…

Nina April 20, 2009, 8:58 AM

Wow! I just got done watching a You Tube clip of fans at a recent Ca. book signing event.

I saw an ocean of obese, polyester clad females lumbering up for the autograph of their idol.

Too think that these same women are telling non fans to,” get a life, you’re jealous,” and calling non fans names like, “Fatty” tells me that some fans look in the mirror with disdain and contempt for their own lack of control in their lives and vent that toxic venom on others.

Many fans need to be purchasing books on nutrition and exercise instead of pics of other folks kids. A membership to a gym would be time better spent than sitting in front of a computer screen cyber stalking folks with a different opinion.

Get off the couch, throw thoses Gosselin DVD’s away and unplug you tv to avoid J&K marathons and get outside, take a walk, plant a garden of healthy low-cal veggies and then learn to eat them.
Get a life filled with activity, fun and flair. You’ll loose the need to worship a child exploiter and get yourself in better shape in no time.

linney April 22, 2009, 5:48 AM

WHOA! I haven’t seen anything so SCARY since Nightmare on Elm Street!!
That actually frightened me to hear and see those wacked out idol worshippers actually “woo-hooing” the original octomom.
I mean, I get excited when Tiger Woods tees off right in front of me at the 10th Tee at the US OPEN or sinking the impossible birdie in the Masters - and he’s an insanely gifted and remarkable golfer - with - ahem - talent…..but this????

It is actually the strangest, scariest thing I have seen in a long, long time!!
What is wrong with people?
I’m serious - really - what is wrong with people? They are out of their minds!
What are they cheering?
A mom who is on the road weeks upon weeks at a time AWAY from her 8 children.
How is that something to get excited about?

If someone really did want weird strangers woo-hooing them and cameras flashing in their face — and act like they are some kind of pseudo-celebrity and somehow actually “got off on that…..I guess they would do like Nadya Suleman and go the mutliple-baby manufacturing route — just like this woman…..weird!!

If people treated me like that - I wouldn’t go on a book-signing.
If they wanted to buy my book - they would just have to buy it.
I would not condone this kind of “hero” worship for a mom who is NEVER at home and treats her husband like a door mat (do people yell at door mats?)

I admit, I cheer at concerts and sporting events - and I greatly admire HARD work and talented people - but a mom who is NEVER home? who treats her husband like dog doo-doo?
who went to a doctor and had a bunch of babies she exploits on tv?

I will stick to worshipping my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ and God.
Lord in Heaven - do save us all!

Barb April 22, 2009, 11:36 AM

Kate is the laziest, rudest woman I have seen. She seems to have no real connection with her children. All she wants is to be the star and waited on hand and foot. She pretends to be a good wife & mother, but comes off as cold, rude and selfish. I feel sorry for the kids. The manners are not there, the way they should be. Jon seems to do it all with the kids. What mother doesn’t want to be outside with their kids and enjoy the fun? She is strange.

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