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My Son is a Chick Magnet

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Christina Montoya Fiedler: I took Joe to the grocery store for the first time today. He looked adorable in a bright orange romper and a floppy hat - - all smiles. There was so much to look at, and reach and grab for, in every isle. We weren't there for long before the first person stopped us to fawn over him. He was eating it up. It's almost like he knew how cute he looked -- batting his eyelashes, waving, burying his head on me like a bashful little puppy. And then it dawned on me. My son is a chick magnet.

women looking at baby

At least six out of the eight people that stopped to say "hi" were really good looking ladies. You could even classify them as "hot." Yes, I do live in Los Angeles, where everyone is generally good looking, but Joe has an uncanny ability to drawn in some real lookers.

I'm not the first person to notice this either. I was at a Mexican restaurant* last week with my husband and two of his most notorious single friends. Waitresses were all over my baby - pinching cheeks and making gaga faces between refills of my diet coke. I could see the wheels in their heads turning. And then it came. "Hey Christina, could we, uh, 'borrow' Joe and take him to the park for a few hours?" They wanted to rent out my son to pick up on girls! Hmmmm. A lucrative business. No way!

His cuteness if reserved for me.

I'm sure other new moms have experienced this as well. After all, my baby is not the only bright-eyed, floppy-haired cherub out there. There is such a sense of pride and pure joy, when someone stops you just to say how cute your little one is -- like all the frustration of sleepless nights and tear-filled days melt away.

So, when I'm having a hard day, I sit and just bask in the glow of mama-hood. An instant pick-me-up that reminds me of why I do what I do everyday: waking up at the slightest noise in the night, forgoing my morning coffee to give him his bottle first, changing diaper after diaper -- all for that toothless smile.

*It was and Sunday and therefore my "cheat day" on the 5 Factor Diet. Don't worry.

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Anonymous April 1, 2009, 4:09 PM

Wait till Joe gets older. The teenage stage is just around the corner. It was that floppy hat that did it. Athought, his lashes do the trick too. Tell your friends to get a puppy.

juju April 2, 2009, 4:40 AM

Reminds me of my guy friends that are single, that use my 19 month old son as what i call “Bait” haha.

ashley April 2, 2009, 7:56 AM

My husband took our 6 year old son, who I just happen to think is very handsome with his big brown eyes and long eyelashes and beautiful smile, to the movies and out to eat and for a ride on the canal the other day and he said girls were all over him. They were saying how handsome and sweet my son was and of course my husband was enjoying every minute of it!!

Monica Culp April 9, 2009, 3:59 AM

I can understand. My son has been a chick magnet since he was six month old. That’s when he stole his first kiss from a little baby girl his age. They were sitting a in chair next to each other. We turned around and he’s kissing her on the lips. From there he would flirt with women in the restaurant and store. When he learned to walk he would walk up to little girls and hold their hands. He even aspired to taking a mans wife. Had never seen him have a tantrum because he didn’t want someone to leave him. I was jealous. He follows little girls around the playground at the park. Now I am starting to see he’s not a magnet he’s a charmer. Just wait, you just wait till they grow up. I can imagine the girl we will have to fend off.

Xyodgzgz June 29, 2009, 11:32 PM

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