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Principal on Leave for Promoting Steamy Novel

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Eagle Tribune: Oliver School Principal Beth Gannon is "emotionally fragile" and will be on leave while the School Department investigates whether she improperly promoted her steamy romance novel during faculty meetings, Superintendent Wilfredo Laboy said yesterday.

Laboy said he reached an agreement with Gannon yesterday allowing her to take the rest of the week off while "fact-finding" is underway.

The teachers union alleges Gannon urged other teachers to buy her self-published $13.95 paperback, "Crazy Fortunes," during faculty meetings and is considering a no-confidence vote against her as a result.

And at least one School Committee member called for Gannon to be fired.

Yesterday, Laboy described Gannon as "emotionally fragile" and under "a lot of duress" as a result of the allegations. He said Gannon penned "Crazy Fortunes" prior to her employment with the Lawrence schools.

Removing her from the school environment reduces the pressure on her and gives the School Department an opportunity to sift through the issue, said Laboy. He noted the process is used with other employees when issues arise.

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AM  April 29, 2009, 8:01 PM

Am I missing something here? This story says that she was promoting her book to faculty… that means adults… so what’s the problem? I could see a problem if she was suggesting it to students but the story clearly states that she was not doing that. She should not have been suspended. The uptight busy bodies who complained should have been told that if they don’t want to read the book then they should not buy it and that this is not a matter of concern. I could see talking to her and asking her to stop promoting the book if people were complaining, but as far as the suspension goes I say they went too far. So she wrote a steamy novel and now she wants to … uummm gee i dunno…. maybe make some money buy selling it … I say Good for her for having the initiative to work hard!

ZZ April 30, 2009, 8:37 AM

You don’t see a problem with a supervisor taking advantage of her work subordinates in order to sell her rubbish self-published romance novel? Are you her or something?

Selling it at flea markets on the weekends is initiative; forcing it on a captive audience of employees in a workplace setting is simple abuse. If she was too dim to recognize that, then she will unfortunately have to face the consequences.

HG May 6, 2009, 4:24 PM

There’s an Ethics violation here. One can’t promote, push, peddle, or otherwise work for personal gain when on the public’s time. Period. Those who complained were right to do so - and I’m willing to bet they weren’t necessarily prudes.

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