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Relaxing at the Spa is a Waste

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Homeschool Mom: What is the point of a spa weekend if you have to come back?

woman in a spa, kids playing and shouting

I have three kids, two of which have a very serious illness called cystic fibrosis, and this year has brought challenges on top of challenges on top of challenges. So I needed a break before I had to power through the last month and a half of school with my kids. My sister, nice girl that she is, decided to treat me to a spa weekend in the desert. The icing on the cake was a massage.

Well, let me tell you I have never had a massage and this was heaven on earth. Fluffy robes and water infused with cucumber and mint, chamomile tea and soft lights.

Everything smelled good and was beautiful to look at. I guess I was expecting more of a medical office and not soft couches and warm sea salt pools and saunas that smelled like lavender instead of scary stinky sweat like they do at gyms.

My masseuse was from the former Yugoslavia and she was a dear. I chose some Tuscan Classical music and lavender scented spray and she gave me a massage. I had no idea how sore my shoulders were or how stiff I was until she massaged away the lumps. That night for the first time in years I could lay with my head to the right. I felt like I was taller, younger ... it was amazing.

The next day, I was home again and at first, I was still very calm and collected. By the end of the day filled with breaking up arguments and trying to get the house back in order I could feel the little knots begin. Ping, I was shorter. Ping, I was frustrated. Ping, I needed to deal with a variety of problems and decisions that had to be made -- and I was old again. There I was, back to the same disheveled, tense, middle aged mother of three I had been before I left.

So, I ask, you spend the money, you take the time, but is it worth it? It is like a dream, because in reality no one gives you mint-infused water or fluffy robes. They give you stained t-shirts and backwash in your water bottle. I'd have to go every other day to make it last. But I do believe I started at a lower level of stress that first day back. So, I encourage all you moms even if you can't do it fancy schmancy or for more than a day, take a break. Worry about one person for a day instead of thinking for a multitude - you'll be a better mom for it.

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