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5 Reasons NOT to Bring Your Kid to Work

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Just because it's national "Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work" day doesn't mean you're obligated to bring them.


Momlogic's Andrea: It's that time again. That day when we're supposed to drag our kids to our offices for national "Take Our Kids to Work" day (not to be confused with national Take Your Dog to Work Day). Before you get swept up in the spirit of this annual tradition, here are 5 reasons to keep kids out of the workplace.

1) Your child likes to imitate things he hears at home

Kids say the darnedest things, usually at the worst time. During a shaky economy you don't want your kid gleefully exclaiming, "My mommy says you're an a**hole!" when meeting your boss or you might be participating in a less popular event, Take Your Kid to the Unemployment Line Day.

2) Your job is like watching paint dry (or if your job IS watching paint dry)
Let's face it, most of our jobs are kind of dull. It's hard to make "Mommy stares at a screen and types on a keyboard for eight solid hours until her brain goes numb" sound exciting. Do yourself a favor: shield your children from the monotony and shattered dreams that is modern life until they're a little closer to joining the workforce.

3) Your coworkers openly hate children
Cubicles decorated with zero population growth slogans are a hint. So are the use of words like "breeder" and "crotch fruit."

4) You're a heart surgeon
The last thing you need is your inquisitive child poking a finger into a patient's aorta, asking, "What's THAT, Mommy?" during open-heart surgery.

5) Job security
Ageism runs rampant in the corporate world and headhunters are looking for younger and younger job candidates. Tell your kid to dumb it down in front of coworkers or you might be out of a job.


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ashley April 23, 2009, 8:07 AM

I remember I took my son to work with me twice. He was about 4-4/2. I worked as a waitress in a retirement home. We had this nice big pond with ducks on it he could feed and I really thought it was a good idea. The old folks really loved him. The first time it wasn’t so bad, he helped me when I needed him, even delivered plates to some of the ladies and then one of my fave old men took him out to feed the ducks, after a little bit, I’m like “what if Lucas fell in? would that old man be able to fish him out? Heck no” so I got nervous. The second time I took him, he discovered the elevators with a balcony on each upper floor. Several people caught him from jumping to his death. I finally got him to sit down with choc. milk and some food. I NEVER took him to work with me again!!!

Teacher November 2, 2009, 5:14 AM

Just for the record, TOKTW Day is intended for gr. 9 students. This article may have been written tongue-in-cheek, but if it serves to convince one person not to take their kid to their workplace, it has already done a dis-service to the intent of the program. Sure, your job might be boring, but so are many jobs. That reality might be what your kid needs to realize. And if your gr. 9 kid is sticking his/her finger into an aorta on the operating table, it may be a good opportunity for you to re-evaluate your parenting methods.

loan December 12, 2009, 12:53 AM

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