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The Carbon Footprint Diet

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Happy Earth Day! Here are tips on how to help the mother of us all -- planet Earth.


Fad diets come and go -- but one diet should stick around for generations to come: the reduction of our carbon footprint. A carbon footprint  is calculated by adding up home energy consumption, driving, and other daily activities. Is yours too big? Consider this diet: 

Buy Less
Seriously, we know it's tough to say no to kids, but buying smarter means purchasing better products and less of them. Think about what your kids' interests are, and be mindful of what they need as opposed to what they want.

Think Globally, Eat Locally
The less time and energy it takes for your food to get from farm to plate makes a big difference in your carbon footprint. Find local farms in your area from Local Harvest, and you'll be supporting local organic businesses and eating fresher, healthier foods. You may be surprised at what's growing near your backyard!

Change Energy
Utilities such as Con Edison , PG&E and FPL are turning to renewable energy programs to help offset your energy use. Sign up, and for just a little more money per month (sometimes just two cents more), your energy can be powered greener and your home can be 'carbon neutral,' usually with tax or other benefits to reward you for going green! Check with your local energy provider on how you can participate in these worthwhile programs.

DON'T Put the Pedal to the Metal
A great way to help reduce your impact on the earth is to consolidate your driving, i.e., carpool when you can. You and your friends will save gas, ease pollution, and your kids will have way more fun in the car with friends (although you may have to wear earplugs!).

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle
Keep up with recycling, and not just in the 'paper and plastic' sort of way. Programs such as Swaptree or Bookmooch allow you to find gently used books, music, DVDs, and other items for you and your family, for just the cost of shipping. Or, head out to your library and borrow away!

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