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The Choking Game Kills

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The "choking game" gains popularity among teens and tweens ... but sometimes kills.

Last month, 15-year-old Kevin Tork died playing the "choking game." Kevin was discovered unconscious in his room by his 11-year-old sister.

"You think the kid's happy, always has a smile on his face, so you're not really red-flagged for this until it [happens]," Kathy Tork told Today's Meredith Vieira Friday in New York. "I would never guess he was doing anything like this," she added.

Unfortunately, Kevin is just the latest in a long list of victims. Momlogic talked to Sarah Pacatte, a mom who is all too familiar with the choking game and its deadly consequences. Her 13-year-old twin son, Gabriel, died on May 6, 2005, while playing it. Sarah was just five feet away from him, right in the next room. "The choking game is something that kids hear about from other kids," says this mother of four. "They're told it will give them a high and that it's not dangerous. But the truth is, it kills."

And even if a child plays it and doesn't die, the list of other potential side effects is long. They include: bruises, concussions, broken bones, seizures, brain damage, retinal hemorrhaging, and even stroke. Because there's no standardized way to report deaths as a result of the choking game, it's hard to track exactly how many kids have died from playing it. The first government report of choking game fatalities found that 82 kids have perished from it since 1995, reported CBS News. But according to Pacatte, that figure is likely much higher, due to the fact that many of these deaths are actually reported as accidents, strangulation, hanging, or suicide. She says that since her son Gabriel's death three years ago, more than 300 kids have perished while playing the game.

Since her son's tragic passing, Pacatte works with a group called GASP (Games Adolescents Shouldn't Play) to educate parents on the dangers of the choking game. "Parents need to talk to their kids about the choking game, just as they would talk to their kids about any other dangerous activity like drinking or doing drugs." If you're worried you'll "put ideas into your kid's head," Pacatte says those ideas are already there. "Kids across this country are talking about this and doing it. This game goes by many names: Suffocation Roulette, Black Out, Pass Out, Choking, Fainting, Strangle, Flatline, California High, Wall Toke, Funky Chicken, and Space Monkey, to name a few. Just punch in 'pass out game' into YouTube and you'll find hundreds of videos of kids doing this 'for fun.'" (We just did this, and were alarmed to see that some of these videos have been viewed over 10,000 times.) "They all think nothing will go wrong," she concludes. "But they need to know the game can be deadly."

The Centers for Disease Control officials urge parents to be aware that the fad exists, and to watch for possible warning signs like bloodshot eyes, marks on the neck, frequent and severe headaches, disorientation after spending time alone, and ropes, scarves, or belts tied to bedroom furniture or doorknobs or found knotted on the floor.

Our heart goes out to Sarah Pacatte, Kevin Tork's parents, and any other parent who has lost a child as a result of the choking game. We plan to talk to our tweens and teens about this tonight. What about you?

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Briellis April 24, 2009, 6:06 PM

I’m just curious about how these parents “just know” it’s the choking game and not suicide? Really, if someone knows, please post.

ame i. April 24, 2009, 10:46 PM

Can’t offer answer your question, B. It is sad that kids will risk their lives for a buzz.

amy April 25, 2009, 11:40 AM

I tried this when I was in Middle school. How awful.I was just telling my husband how stupid it was that we tried this and then there is an article about it. So sad. Kids think they are invincible I know I did. So sad.

Sherry(the real one..haha) April 26, 2009, 10:49 PM

I have done this myself when I was younger. I am lucky I survived. I came out from passing out banging my head on the floor and basically having a seizure. I am so glad this is bring brought to light…thank you Mom Logic!

Golf Clubs September 21, 2010, 12:41 AM


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