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There are No Bad Dogs -- Just Bad People

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I am sick and freakin' tired of horror stories about children being mauled or killed by "family pets" and seeing the dogs take all the blame. Let me tell you people something -- there are no bad dogs, just bad people -- and it's the parents of those children who are to BLAME.

Kid playing with a pitbull

Radical Mommy: The most recent occurrence of an innocent child being killed by a family pet (which in this case happened to be a pit bull) went like this: an 11-month-old baby lay on the bed with its parents and then "somehow the dog snuck in and swiped the child off the bed."

WTF? Are you telling me that a pit bull (not a bloody 1lb teacup pomeranian) "snuck" onto a bed (with two adults and a baby on it) so silently and weightlessly that the parents were unable to notice the child being "swiped" off the bed? Ahhhh ... bullsh**.

There is NO WAY in hell that a dog the size of a pit bull could get onto a bed without you noticing -- unless you were in a drug- or alcohol-induced coma. That might be the story that you tell the cops when they get to your house and start investigating, but there is NO WAY that's how things went down.

In case you don't know, dogs live in packs, and when they are a family pet they are part of a pack -- your family. Dogs, if indeed treated like part of the family (that means no abusing them, no starving them, no chaining them outside all day long, no making them sleep in the freezing cold, and no fighting them) wouldn't attack one of their "pack."

Now, I'm not saying that animals can't have certain traits bred into them. For instance, if it's possible to breed dogs to have a good temperament, perfect gait, and honey-colored fur, then it's certainly possible to breed aggressive traits into dogs as well. But even dogs who are bred for protection aren't likely to creep onto your bed and "snatch" your baby by the head -- I mean come on, people, get real!!! Perhaps if the dog was starving and saw the child as its only hope of food, he might jump on the bed and attack the child, but then whose fault would that be?

The majority of dog attacks happen because parents aren't watching their child, because the child is annoying/hurting the dog, because the dogs have been abused, because they are sick or hurt, or because they are starving. Now, some of this could have happened to your dog with a previous owner and you don't know it, but still, it is not the dog's fault.

And as for pit bulls being "vicious" dogs -- they're not. They have a horrible reputation because freakin' idiots use them as fighting dogs -- and you know what? If you make a dog fight another dog until one of them is dead, uh yeah, the dog might not be the most socially adept dog, and probably shouldn't be around children OR adults.

The other thing that struck me about this "story" was that the father happened to have a handgun handy to shoot the dog. WTF? Now I'm not saying that you shouldn't have a gun for protection, but what kind of person keeps a gun so easily accessible when there is a child in the house? Albeit a baby, but still, please ...

Now for all of you who are going to start freaking out and getting your knickers in a twist about what I'm saying, I want to be perfectly clear. I am ONLY talking about the parents of family pets -- I'm not talking about parents whose child has been injured or killed by a neighbor's pet or by a dog they don't know who breaks free from their assh*** owner.

Basically all I'm saying is, treat your animals well and they will do the same for you.

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Anonymous May 1, 2009, 2:06 AM

Pit bulls can be great dogs,but the owner needs a kind hand.My sister owns a Australian Cattle Dog straight from hell,but our next door nieghbor’s pitpull,Pickle, is very loving.A dog needs care from everybody,not just from an overzealous owner(which my mom would call Breasted Behavior).For anybody who turns this into a pity story for animals, consider this:Remember the story of the chimp who was this overzealous lady’s “baby”, who ran out and attacked another woman;eating up a good portion of her face?Do you think the Lady mistreated the chimp,NO.

scarydog May 17, 2009, 8:18 AM

The English used bull mastiffs for battle and guarding, and for subduing bulls. The mastiffs were known for grabbing onto the bulls’ noses and not letting go despite sustaining injuries, thus assisting cattlemen. Of the pit bull breeds, the mastiff is definitively predisposed to aggressiveness, and has the jaw strength and mental intensity to be inordinately dangerous. By the way, if dogs didn’t have behavior profiles specific to their respective breeds, what would have been the point of our ancestors creating specific breeds? Just for looks? [BONK] Breeds have tendencies! Funny how often it “just happens” to be the pit bulls that kill humans for no apparent reason—-even kill helpless babies—-yet we’re expected to believe that pit bulls are so “gentle and loving” in nature. Breed counts for something!

Jenni May 28, 2009, 6:23 AM

Great article. I firmly believe that dogs are what you make them. Along with 3 smaller dogs, I also have a huge 72 kilogram Rottweiler cross breed that I rescued off the streets when he was about 9 months old. He had been badly treated and tended to snap, but after much TLC he is now the most fantastic dog ever, and would sit on our laps, give him half a chance.

Silver Fang June 8, 2009, 6:43 PM

Thank you for writing that. Animals only give us what we give them. Treat a dog well and they will treat you well. Treat them badly and they will respond in kind.

doglove1 July 9, 2009, 10:24 AM

Despite how people feel about pit bulls, I hope those of you who responded by saying “you’re sick of these animal lovers” and “anything that poops or pees in your house should be left outside” (I hope that’s not how you feel about your child) do NOT have dogs or any other animal for that matter. Although, I’m sure you do, because most likely, for you, it’s a dominance issue and since you can’t control your own life and family you probably choose to control the life of an animal.

stacie June 1, 2010, 8:19 PM

Thanks God for people like you! Thanks for understanding that its the people and not the dogs who are bad! :)

raven December 4, 2010, 8:41 PM

I agree with you’re point of view on pitbulls; there are no bad dogs just bad onwers.
i found a link to the actual story online

if you watch the video and even look closley at the face of the dog in question it has many of the scars around the face and mouth area that are associated with fighting dogs … prehaps why the dog attacked if it was being abused. You’ll also notice that the article said that the mother of the infant was 16. that, in my opinion, is too young to even be a mother.
and for those of you who did watch the video you’ll notice how the news reporter was discrimanting against not only Pitbulls but Rottweilers and their mixes aswell, like seriously give me a break, I own TWO pure-bred American Pitbull Terriers and one Rottweiler these dogs are turstworthy around kids although I would never be so STUPID and IGNORANT as to leave them alone with children - I wouldn’t do that with any dog as a matter of fact.
and for all of those who say that pitbulls and pitbull - type dogs are human aggressive by natureyou obviously don’t know ANYTHING about the breed, pitbulls were bred to be dog aggressive not human aggressive, in fact most if they were aggressive to their owners they were killed because they needed to be handled by their owners and to be a family pet when out of the ring - LOOK IT UP.
and as for those of you who believe that pitbulls and rottweilers rank at the top of every ‘most dangerous breed of dogs’ or ‘dog breeds that are most likely to bite’ look again, the dogs that most commonly found at the top of these lists are dogs like chihuahuas and other small breeds - although I have absolutly nothing against them.
so for the people who beleive that they *know* things about pitbulls and other dog breeds like them but say that they are ‘vicous baby killing monsters’ DO SOME EFFIN RESEARCH AND GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!
p.s - look at the differences between the dog that killed that baby while the teenage mother was in the room and the dog owned be the man who obviously is taking good care of it - big difference - just thought I’d point that out.
like his shirt says - “punish the deed”

raven December 4, 2010, 8:47 PM

tp the person who person who mentioned the chimp - he was locked in a small cage for most the day - not the proper life of a chimp, or any animal for that matter,so yeah - I do believe that he was mistreated.

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Annie B. March 8, 2011, 7:24 AM

The articals would be more reader
friendly with out the foul lanuage.
People who don’t train and properly care for their animals should not own them !! Animals behave acording to how they are or are not trained.

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