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Warning to Ryan Seacrest's Girlfriend

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UPDATE: Did you miss Ryan Seacrest and momlogic's Jackie LIVE on the radio? Listen to it in its entirety! 

Jackie: My open letter to Ryan Seacrest's new love interest. Looking for the guy to love you unconditionally? He ain't it.

Ryan Seacrest

Dear Jasmine,

I see you're the latest gal pal of Ryan Seacrest. You both look very happy in the pics I saw of you canoodling in Paris. Good for you. You seem like a nice enough young lady so I'd like to provide you a little public service.


This morning, as I drove into work, I listened to your new boyfriend's show on KIIS FM. He was chatting with a married father of four who was revealing his struggles at home with his wife, sharing how she talks down to him and gets defensive when he questions whether she's cheating.

Not exactly a marriage I'd want to be in.

I don't think anyone listening would argue that the couple has serious marital problems and would benefit from some help. However, your perfectly coiffed man urged the emotional guy to get out -- plain and simple. "Life is short," he told him. He also said that while it may hurt in the beginning, it would be the best thing for him in the long run.

How the hell does he know that?

Your cuddle bear practically ignored the guy when he expressed his fear of leaving because he would miss his four kids being in his life day-in and day-out. But Ryan once again reminded him that happiness is the ultimate goal, not the commitment he made to keeping his family together.

I'm not sure your boy toy understands what happens when a couple -- parents of four children -- split. Does he realize that Dad sometimes gets left out of birthday celebrations? Or that he may end up sitting alone at his own child's graduation? He surely doesn't understand that his children could forever be scarred that he left them, not understanding why he would abandon them at the advice of a metrosexual TV and radio host.

Unless you know something we don't, and Ry-Ry is actually a licensed therapist.

I am certainly not saying the guy should stay with his wife if he's being verbally and emotionally abused. But what your boyfriend should know by now is that some people take celebrities a little too seriously, and their advice is like gospel to them. Marriage is not something to take lightly, something you throw away when it gets dark and difficult. While I agree we all deserve to be happy, sometimes putting in the work is what gets us there ... not running away.

Next time you look into your boyfriend's eyes, just remember ... when it gets hard, he'll be gone. You just might thank me later.

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