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Never Give Up Date Night!

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Here's why.

William H. Macy

Okay, we know we should have a date night -- but between the kids, the house, work, and just daily LIFE, many of us can't find the time. But this quote from William H. Macy, father of two and husband of Desperate Housewife Felicity Huffman, inspires us:

"When my pals have kids, I look at them and say 'Look, these kids are almost bullet-proof. They can take anything, but I tell you what's on the critical list: your relationship with your wife,'" he explains to OK! "So the first thing you'd better do is make a date as soon as that baby comes."

"You'd better make a date and take your wife out within a month - whether you want to, or not - and you can't talk about the kid. And you'd better have a romantic weekend within two months because it tears couples apart, these babies do."

He says he and Felicity "have been really good about finding time" for each other. "We schedule it out," he says. "We force ourselves to do it. There's always an excuse for a couple not to take time for themselves, but it's really shortsighted."

Do YOU have a standing date night?

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Anonymous April 2, 2009, 12:23 PM

yep, every other weekend. i don’t know what i would do without it. sometimes we stay in….but without kids. they are always at my moms on those saturdays. i think it is great for us as a couple to have this time.

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