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Woman Sentenced to Life for Stealing Purses

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KOCO: An Oklahoma City woman sentenced to life in prison for shoplifting is trying to get her guilty plea thrown out.

Earlier this month, Cecilia Rodriguez was convicted of stealing two purses. The judge in the case sentenced her to life in prison, citing her lengthy criminal history as cause enough.

Her lawyer said he hopes to get her plea thrown out but admits that it's not very likely. However, the ruling will be appealed on the grounds that the life sentence shocked the conscious.

"I'm still in a kind of shock. We've been trying to raise some money to get help and get a lawyer, so we can keep her lawyer so he knows what he's doing," mother Geneva Gabriel said.

Rodriguez's family said they still don't understand why she received a life sentence when the crime she pleaded guilty to was stealing two purses from Dillards department store.

"She couldn't understand when I told her we are all praying for her and we are trying to understand the situation she is in," cousin Patricia DelAngel said.

Rodriquez's attorney, Chris Daniels, said he was shocked by the sentence.

"Then of course, my mind started working to figure out, 'Now that this has happened, how can we help her? What can we do to try to help her,'" Daniels said.

Rodriguez's family said they've received calls from all over the country offering their support, including financial help.

Daniels said that he plans to file an appeal.

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ashley April 2, 2009, 7:41 AM

I live in a suburb of Oklahoma City and this is the first I have heard of this. That is crazy!!! Why in the hell would they give her a life sentence for that!! I know the son of a woman who killed 2 husbands (both in self defense, supposedly) and only spent 15 years!! I also know of someone’s cousin who got busted selling meth and got one year in jail and one year in rehab. This is just crazy this lady would get life for stealing two purses. Are they trying to set a precedent?? Oklahoma’s court system is so screwed up. My father has been an attorney in Oklahoma for 22 years and worked in OKC for about 12 and said it is awful there.

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