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113 Things To Do By 13

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Rachel Sarah: This might be one of the coolest mother-daughter relationships I've ever heard of.

13 year old girls having fun

Before Brittany MacLeod's 13th birthday, she sat down and started to brainstorm 100 things she wanted to do before she turned 13.

That's when her mother -- Terri MacLeod, a celebrity journalist and producer at "Access Hollywood" (and single mom like yours truly!) -- asked what she was doing.

As Brittany shared her list, a book was born: 113 Things To Do By 13, with tips from your fave celebs and tween insiders (May 2009, Harlequin).

The book includes advice about how to handle BFF trouble and cyber-bullying, as well as how to discover your hidden talent (as wacky as it may be) and 13 ways to volunteer at 13.

Moreover, thanks to Terri's insider connections, the book includes interviews with some of the most popular pop stars, such as: Selena Gomez (who shares why it's important not to judge others); Kellie Pickler (who reveals how she got over her body blues); and Taylor Swift (who talks about how she made her singing dream a reality).

"Taylor wrote me a two-page letter," says Terri, obviously impressed, during a telephone interview with momlogic. "I was floored: when she was nine years old, she knew that she really wanted to sing, so she got her mom to drive her to lessons."

There are now 20 million tweens (8 to 12) in the U.S. alone. "Age 13 is a tipping point for self-esteem," says Terri. "Thirteen for me was the worst year ever! It's important to remember that your daughter probably has those same feelings."

Terri encourages moms to hang out with their daughters -- and it doesn't mean doing extravagant things, like going to a Broadway play. "Just turn off the TV, sit down, and talk about your day. If you talk about your day, your daughter is more apt to open up."

Years ago, she and her daughter started to have Friday night movie night -- and still do. "We pop in a movie, lay out our sleeping bags, and order pizzas."

But here's the best part: mother and daughter took on a full role reversal when they edited the book.

Although Brittany came up with the skeleton of the book, Terri wrote the full first draft, and turned to her teen daughter for editorial expertise.

"I'd ask, 'Would you say it this way?' and she'd edit it, and then she'd put it in tween speak."

About the Authors
Brittany MacLeod is a 14-year-old eighth grader at York Prep in New York City. Besides being an avid writer and an adventurous city kid, she's also grown up in and around the entertainment industry.

Her mom, Terri MacLeod, has been a celebrity journalist for over 15 years. Presently, she is a senior producer at the top-rated entertainment show, "Access Hollywood."

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Cool post Rachel - I’ll be buying that book ASAP for my daughters!

Michelle@Everyday Celebrating May 21, 2009, 2:10 PM

aw man!!! I need a book for SONS!!!! LOL

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