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Top Baby Names Revealed

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What name made a record climb on this year's top baby name list? 

barack obama baby name

According to the last report from the U.S Social Security Administration, which has been keeping track of baby names since 1879, 12-year champion Emma has finally been knocked out of the number-one slot by the similar sounding Emily. In the boy's department, Jacob is hanging tough in the top spot -- as it has for the past ten years.

But it was a presidential name -- Barack, as in Obama -- that made a record move, climbing 10,126 spots to number 2,409. Another mover and shaker was Miley, probably thanks to the tween star Cyrus, which bumped up to the 152 slot. One new name, Beckham, made the list for the first time. Hmm, could British soccer star David Beckham be behind the new fad?

New girl names in the top 1,000, most we've never heard of, include: Isla, Mareli, Milagros, Dayami, and Nylah. Newly trending boys names are Aaden, Chace, Marley, Kash, and Kymani. Huh?

Not to call names, but Jennifer Moss, founder of, has a bit of a problem with the SSA's list. "They don't combine different spellings of the same name -- like Aidan and Aiden. So their results are a little skewed. I think it's pretty safe to say Aidan/Aiden and Ava are really the #1 names of 2008/2009!"

Did your baby's name make the list?  

In 2008, the famous did not disappoint when giving their kids some weird unique names.

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Dels May 8, 2009, 6:25 PM

“Isla, Mareli, Milagros, Dayami and Nylah. Newly trending boys names are Aaden, Chace, Marley, Kash and Kymani. Huh?” most names sound like what you would hear where I come from in the Bronx.

Isla as in Isla Fisher of Wedding Crashers, Horton Hears a Who, Confessions of a Shopaholic.. I like her name
Mareli: I know a few Mariely’s, Mariel’s and maybe 1 Dominican hairdresser named Mareli
Milagros: Spanish for miracles, common name among latinos for years
Dayami & Nylah I am pretty sure I’ve heard “around the way” as well. LOL, I luv this city!

as for the boys: well aiden(however u choose to spell it) and Chase have been on the rise, no doubt. I have a 6 yr old nephew named Chase.
Marley: Marley and Me was a popular tear jerker I guess, either that or the 90’s stoners and dreaded “rasta” wannabes are trying to revive Bob Marley?
Kash? wow
Kymani: IS AN ACTUAL son of the late, great Bob Marley, Im sure his name has an actual meaning.. oh yes, adventurous traveller

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