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Kate Gosselin OK with Jon's Alleged Cheating?

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Did Kate find Jon a "mother's helper?"

Diane Mizota: As the plot thickens in the "Jon and Kate Plus 8" cheating scandal, let's just put judgment aside momentarily and wonder: Is it possible that Kate knows about Jon's extramarital activities and has outsourced sex with her husband to other, ahem, vendors? Is it just the conspiracy theorist in me that wants to believe it isn't just the garden variety affair that it seems?

jon and kate gosselin

Whether self-imposed or not, we all have felt the pressure to excel as parent, professional, domestic goddess, and lover, but realistically something's gonna give. Those are a lot of hats to wear. Throw in celebrity, author, public speaker, Mom icon, and Kate may have one hat too many. I know what an anti-aphrodisiac my own child is; I can only imagine what 8 kids do to a woman's libido.

Perhaps somewhere underneath that god-awful haircut, she realized that she can't possibly do it all and farmed out her husband's sexual needs. Kinda gives new meaning to the title, "mother's helper." I'm not endorsing this lifestyle choice, I'm just saying, it would explain a lot about their interaction.

Let's face it -- divorce would be a very public and very ugly option. As stars of the highest-rated show on TLC, they have everything to lose. Damage control! I can hear the TLC executives now: "We can revamp it as a family show and dating show all in one! Jon and Kate Plus 8, minus 1, divided by 2, plus one 23-year-old, 50% of the time. Voila! A whole new demographic!" Only time will tell.

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Wendy May 8, 2009, 6:21 AM

I cannot even imagine someone thinking such a thing about this couple, really. I know Kate has critics but come on! Where’s the compassion here? and WHY IS IT that people turn to KATE, when the idea comes up that JON screwed up? It is NOT Kate’s “fault” IF he did! HE made the decision (if he did) to cheat- when he got married he knew it was a 50-50 chance of “for worse”.

Lets leave Kate alone and if there are commnts made, lets talk about Jon and how men can be afraid to face their fears and responsibilities in a healthy manner towards their spouses.

carolyn May 8, 2009, 7:39 AM

kate has to stopped treating jon like he is one of the kids. she puts him down
corrects him on tv if he says something wrong. no wonder he looked outside of the home

shawnmarie May 8, 2009, 8:23 AM

First of all, there is no proof that he has been unfaithful. Secondly, shame on you for insinuating that she ‘hired’ it out. Does Kate honestly strike you as the type of person that would ever, in a million years, be okay with sex outside the marriage? Kate is human and is the only reallity TV star that strikes me as being genuine on camera. Mothers should be supportive of one another- this is pure unadulterated gossip and frankly, a little paranoia.

Crystal May 8, 2009, 8:55 AM

I really think Kate is kind of take all this celebrity stuff go to far. She is not a famous actress, she has a reality tv show. If she really cared, she would stop all these interviews, stop the book tour, take this time to be with her kids and husband. Thats where she needs to be is at home right now.

Elise May 8, 2009, 9:10 AM

Lost in all of this very public mess is the children.

If Kate (and Jon) had any sense of decency or caring about the emotional well being of their kids they would put a stop to the show, book tours and public messiness today. Today.

But we all see where their priorities are: The Almighty Dollar.

Shame on them.

a fan May 8, 2009, 9:25 AM

I think if happened it happend and these two will deal with it their way. However let’s put a spin on this. Deanna’s brother saying she is not helping her self so I am going to help her. I think the brother has a $$$$ payoff in mind. I like the show I think they are great parents. They do the best they can with all the children. I do not believe Jon had an affair, but do belive he used poor judgement.

Leeza May 8, 2009, 9:59 AM

It’s clear that the problems between Jon and Kate go much deeper than Jon’s cheating.They originally chose to have a show,mainly for financial reasons-in order to pay for all their kids to be raised.They were unaware of what “fame” would require for them to leave behind.Privacy,intimacy,relatives,friends,jobs,humbleness,simplicity, clarity and mainly the traditional role of a Mother,Father,Husband,Wife.Just like a marriage counselor always states to a couple with serious marital problems.”Go back to the beginning of your relationship and remember what it was like and what you loved so much about each other and your lives.”Jon and Kate now live on an estate,with nannies,chefs,maids,personal trainers,body guards,tanning memberships,chauffeurs,fancy cars,Kate away most weekends on book signing tours and speaking events.Honestly, they remind me of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s relationship and lifestyle,and their marriage is headed in the same direction! The difference is that Jon and Kate had a humbled and traditionally valued beginning to look back and reflect on.For Jon and Kate,it’s LONELY being rich and famous!They have lost their place and their traditional values!

Dels May 8, 2009, 10:51 AM

Leeza, I think you are assuming a whole lot, along with many others. Suppose they both were completely happy with their lives until Jon made a poor judgment in Ms Hummel’s character (or that of her brother’s really, provided of course, Jon did not cheat). Who are we to say that a woman such as Kate, mother and basically CEO of her “family”, has lost their place and values because of book signings and speaking arrangements. How are Jon and Kate any different than the CEOs and CFOs of so many companies both male and FEMALE who travel sometimes every weekend on business, and still manage to balance the family life and raise wonderful children?
Not just your comments but others as well who say Kate needs to stop doing this and that are basically setting back our women’s movement a couple decades.
I really have to wonder when those of you who make these comments watch TV.. do you really put these ppl on a higher pedestal than your own friends and neighbors, because I dont know about you but I know plenty of EVERYDAY human beings who have been through affairs OR other marital strains - even LIES & RUMORS - and I dont sit here and tell them they deserved what they got because they shouldnt have worked their 9-5s or taken that girls night out or whatever.

and to those who keep bringing up how Kate treats Jon on the show.. Yes, I too cringe sometimes but at the end of the day I chalk it up to thats how they are, period! He dated her and married her, I’m 100% sure she didnt become that person OVERNIGHT. And he’s not so spineless either, he’s made his comments too.

Dels May 8, 2009, 10:58 AM

woosah, lol- Ok to the author, I too like to play conspiracy theorist in my head.. and since television is entertainment and not gospel to me I will play along with you.. Maybe she did, maybe Kate has been watching Big Love and thinking to herself, hey, a night off is not so bad! ;)

back to MY reality: I don’t think so, until real proof or confessions come, I am inclined to take him and the young lady at their word. I CHOOSE to believe he feels he erred in judgment, its not always easy to know peoples’ intentions when you choose to make friends at bars!

Jesse May 8, 2009, 11:31 AM

Kate isnt naive. She is fully aware that Jon is sleeping with a 23 yr old teacher. She wouldnt consider it cheating though because their marriage has been over for a while now.

Ask their neighbors and they’ll tell you that Jon sleeps above the garage now like a bachelor. He and Kate are only together for taping.

And stop lying to us Kate, you arent a traditional mother that is just trying to raise her kids. You dont raise them at all. Your too busy sleeping in or attending book signings, or paid appearances, or larry king live to have much interaction with the 8 at home. Nannies raise the kids, not Kate.

I love the interviews Kate had the past two days. Way to ask the tough questions Larry pfftt. Course since corporations all share parent companies we cant have King asking questions that would end the gravy train…err show.

My question to kate if her husband isnt cheating….

Umm Kate what was Jon doing leaving a single 23 yr old woman’s house at 7am ?

Umm Kate why was Jon seen at a bar drunk at 2 am leaving with her in his car. Oh and why wasnt he wearing his wedding band ? Oh and why was he calling her “babe” ?

Umm kate why was a 23 yr old single woman sunbathing at your house while you were on another book signing tour ? Oh and were the kids home to see this ?

Yes Jon was cheating, only a naive fool would think otherwise. The real question is does Kate already know and not care…

Jon and Kate get paid

Anonymous May 8, 2009, 11:34 AM

Jon an Kate make $100,000 per episode. They make $30,000 per speaking engagement.

There is a ton of money to lose if its discovered their marriage is over. So Jon and Kate play nice for the cameras but the marriage is a sham now.

Clearly Jon is having an affair. Kate’s only concern is he is screwing up their payday

AL May 8, 2009, 11:49 AM

I just think that fame has really taken it’s toll on this family. Pretty much by their own doing. It’s a web they are going to have to unweave together if they want it to work. It (the show) started out as something good and it’s turned into something totally different. It’s too bad that money and fame can do this to a family. What’s hard is going back to what they used to be. Sad. Money and fame can change people. I think she handled herself great in the recent interviews. How embarrassing to be promoting your book and being asked personal questions about your husband straying. As for Jon,I can understand why he feels sad that he can’t just be Jon, he has to be jon and kate plus 8 all the time. Everyone needs a sense of self. It’s all really sad. I wish them the best and hope they can salvage something after this whole wreck, and I don’t just mean the alleged affair. I mean the whole new family they have become since starting this show however many years ago…I wonder if they wish they could take it back?

Leeza May 8, 2009, 12:08 PM

Dels- You completely misunderstood my point.I speak from experience.I have been happily married for 20 years, and my husband IS a CEO of a large company. My 3 children are now grown.My husband travels quite a bit, yet he can’t wait to come home to his bestfriend,me.We have always shared a bond of closeness that still endures today, 20 years and counting.We can’t wait until the weekends,that’s our time to go on dinner dates,movies,gatherings, etc. (TOGETHER!)Healthy and happy marriages take effort and planning to keep the bond strong and resilient.Yet, the rewards are amazing and deeply satisfying!Like a bank account, if you put nothing in, you have nothing.Successful marriages consist of balancing your priorities(spouse and children come first) and making daily choices in order to keep your marriage and your family healthy and secure!I honestly hope that Jon and Kate and their children find peace and happiness in their lives, whatever it takes!

teemah May 8, 2009, 12:45 PM

everyone needs to lighten up a bit, afterall it’s friday and this is hysterical… I especially like the new name of the show LOL! Diane, you are a riot!

Anonymous May 8, 2009, 1:03 PM

If Jon wasnt cheating then why does Kate say this is a difficult time and theyre working on things in private ?

Whats to work on if Jon didnt cheat ?

Suzi May 8, 2009, 1:06 PM

Jesse - you nailed it! just like Jon nailed the teacher.

Dels - wake up. this is not about the women’s movement. sure women should have careers… but you can’t compare Kate to a CEO…these people are pimping their kids! they are making a living off their kids…how messed up are these kids going to be?

Another thing to ponder…would their marriage be such a mess if they had never done the show? Makes you wonder.

Megan May 8, 2009, 1:23 PM

Anyone that defends Jon and Kate soley on the basis of the “IMAGE” they present on their show is a fool. Affairs or not, these two have made millions of dollars from exploiting their children on tv. They have nannies that are not shown, a gardener and a chef, not shown. Like all other TV - IT’S A LIE. Jon drives a $40K car while they still accept “love offerings” from churches they speak in (for a 10-25K fee!) They are the worst kind of jokes. If family were their FIRST priority, they wouldn’t be in this position. Period. It’s all tv magic folks. Get real.

Anonymous May 8, 2009, 1:37 PM

Suzi: You are so on the money. It’s exploitation, pure and simple. Do these kids have a choice about having their personal and private lives on display for an entire nation (or world, perhaps, if TLC has this show in syndication on other international networks… who knows?)

But anyway, regarding this whole ‘affair’ business, I have two things to say: 1. I think it quite possibly could be a publicity stunt. I mean the whole thing was just so very PUBLIC, and now people who have never watched “Jon and Kate plus 8” (like myself) are hit with this headline the minute they open their internet browser. A few clicks later, and I found out — she’s promoting a book right now! Coincidence? I think not! Any publicity is good publicity in the television world. How many people are going to tune in next season just to see the ‘drama’?

2nd — As a mother, the idea of making children a commodity disgusts me. And that she would so easily brush off these allegations — whether true or not — means that her #1 priority is the money she’s making from the show, and not her family, like she claims.

Now is the time to pull the plug and get some counseling; not go on every talk show in the nation and continue a book tour.

Randy May 8, 2009, 1:49 PM

I cannot stand Kate Gosselin. She is ridiculous, fake, self-absorbed, has no compassion for other people. I cannot stand that woman.

Jill May 8, 2009, 2:47 PM

I can’t blame Jon for cheating. Kate does not treat him with the respect the he deserves. How would any f you feel, if you had a t.v show, and your spouse kept putting you down for the world to see. If she really cared about her children and her marriage, she would have stopped filming a long time ago. The younger kids don’t even know what life is like without a camera crew. I feel for the kids, and if I was in Jon’s shoes, I would cheat on kate too.

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