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Kris Allen's Mom: "I Was Sick to My Stomach"

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In what's been called the biggest upset ever on TV, soulful singer Kris Allen beat out Adam Lambert to win this year's "American Idol." Momlogic spoke to Kris's mom, Kim, about her son's newfound fame, her friendship with Adam Lambert's mom ... and how he'll always be her little boy.

Kris Allen and Kim Allen

momlogic: As Kris's mother, what was going through your mind before and during the finale?

Kim Allen: It's kind of funny because we had our whole family resolved to the issue that it didn't matter. I was thrilled Kris got to make it to the top three, and that he was able to come home and have the home visit. It was an incredible experience for all of us. After that, it didn't matter anymore. We were so excited Kris made the top two, and we grew to love Adam and his family. It really did not matter. The finale was great. Leading up to it, I was so nervous each week during the result shows. I was sick to my stomach. But during the finale, I wasn't nervous. I felt such at peace about it.

ml: What was going through your mind when they announced Kris as the winner?

Kim: I am not really sure. We were so excited. I was so excited for him and Katy. We were jumping around like crazy people, hugging and crying. I had to actually watch the finale over on TV to see Kris's reaction, because I had no idea what his reaction was. It's been a very exciting and long several months, and to come out like this is validation of the type of musician Kris is.

ml: At what age did you know there was something special or unique about your son? When did you discover his talent?

Kim: Even at an early age, Kris had a beautiful tone to his voice. My husband and other son sing as well. But knowing there was something extraordinary about his talent -- it came after he went to Spain on a mission trip after his second semester of college. When Kris came home, he wasn't well and he was in bed. He seemed to acquire a gift for writing music. We heard the songs, the messages in his music, and we realized he wasn't just some kid who could sing -- he truly has a gift.

ml: When he first told you he wanted to audition for American Idol, what was your reaction? 

Kim: It was never Kris's idea. We actually said he needed to do this. We wanted him to do it. Our younger son, Daniel, wanted him to do it. Daniel said, "We're going on a roadtrip." They looked at their schedules and looked at the American Idol audition schedule. The Louisville audition was the only one that could work with their schedule. I remember they took off last-minute. They waited until after church, because Kris had to sing that night, and then they drove all night long and waited on line for 13 hours. When he left, he had no voice. Things worked out for him. His brother is truly the one responsible for Kris auditioning.

ml: When Kris first auditioned, did you ever think he'd make it this far?

Kim: I'll tell you what I think, but this is coming from me and not from Kris. I think Kris's thought process was that amazing "American Idol" contestants still made it big, even if they didn't win like Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson. He thought, "If I could just get exposure." We never focused on him winning. We wanted him to get to a point where someone would just notice him and then everything would be great. As he got further into it, we looked for the win. He's a good-looking kid, he's wholesome, with no skeletons in his closet. This is a good arena for him because he's a positive influence on young kids. He's an inspiration for anyone.

ml: As a mother, how has your life changed? And how has your son Kris's life changed?

Kim: It's been quite a whirlwind for several weeks, flying back and forth to Los Angeles. I tried staying home for a few weeks and watched it on TV, but it didn't work for me. I was sitting home and bursting in my living room. My husband and I both work for a living, and now everyone wants to talk to us. People want to talk to us ... it's odd and different. I am sure things will settle down and get back to normal soon, now that the competition is over. I have a lot of friends who laugh at me when I say that, but I do think things will get back to normal soon.

For Kris, his life has changed. He's more comfortable than he was before about speaking in front of crowds. He's fine once he's got a microphone in his hand and when he's singing on stage, but he never felt comfortable talking or being conversational. He's more self-assured.

I don't agree with Simon's statements throughout the season about Kris's confidence. He kept saying he worried about Kris's confidence level. Maybe they perceive his humbleness as a lack of confidence, but it's truly not.

ml: Have you spent time with the other "Idol" moms? Was there ever a sense of competition or rivalry?

Kim: It has been the most amazing experience in that respect. No, if there was, I was never aware of it. There were a few moms I got really close to. Allison's mom is precious and I spent some time with her family. Last night, I spent Leila Lambert's birthday with her at her birthday party. We will have a friendship forever because we watched our kids go through the same thing. I am very aware of mom rivalry and I have seen it because my other son did competitive cheerleading and it's like pageant moms gone wild! It's sad because it doesn't help our kids out at all. With this, maybe because our kids are older and we're not talking about 12-year-olds, it was easy and we all felt the same. I couldn't have been happier with the experience I had with all the "Idol" moms. Leila and I have lots of things in common. We both have two boys, one was in "Idol" and the other has a whole different personality, and we spent the same amount of hours in labor. If the competition ended Wednesday after Kris and Adam sang, "We Are the Champions," I would have been good. They are both winners.

What advice would you give to moms whose children want to audition for AI or who have a gift and aspire to be famous?

Kim: Support your kids and their dreams no matter what, and do it with a great amount of grace and love so they understand that no matter what the outcome, it doesn't define them. You can't put everything into one instance. During an initial interview, someone asked me, "How would you feel if he doesn't get a golden ticket to Hollywood?" It should never be, "If I don't get the golden ticket" then it's all over. They have to be comfortable in their own skin, and they will be great no matter what.

Dying to get up close and personal with Kris? You can catch him -- in concert! Tickets for the "American Idols Live!" Tour are on sale now. This season's American Idol top 10 contestants Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Kris Allen, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, Megan Joy, Michael Sarver, and Scott MacIntyre will launch their tour in Portland, OR, on July 5th, 2009. Click here for all the details.

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themommybond May 23, 2009, 2:25 PM

LOL…And we both spent the same amount of hours in labor.
Yep, these moms bonded. :)

Una May 23, 2009, 8:49 PM

Aw, they are so precious ^.^

I’ve been wondering something for a while now. Is there any truth in the rumour about Kris’ brother being gay?

A May 25, 2009, 1:15 AM

Daniel, Kris’ brother, is as straight as they come. I know him well.

Vin May 25, 2009, 2:38 AM

to Una,
Just because he’s a cheerleader it doesn’t mean he’s gay.

Kris loverrrrr May 25, 2009, 4:45 PM

AWWWW Kris’s mother is so sweet!!!!

Joe May 25, 2009, 10:57 PM

Kris’s family is the sweetest and coolest people.

That is why Kris is so super cool.

Kitty May 26, 2009, 2:28 AM

Very nice interview. I am proud of Kris’ achievements. I have three grown sons and he’s just like them. A good kid, honest and humble. He is obviously confident with his talent because he performs so well. He is a gift to his audiences.

JAZ July 13, 2009, 6:12 PM

“As he got further into it, we looked for the win. He’s a good-looking kid, he’s wholesome, with no skeletons in his closet. This is a good arena for him because he’s a positive influence on young kids. He’s an inspiration for anyone.”

This quote has been bothering me for months. Probably no one comes on here anymore … the competition is over … but it just strikes me that there is an underlying implication here that she feels there were other contestants with skeletons in their closets and therefore they were not Idol-deserving??

I have to get this off my chest:
1. This is a vocal performance competition, not a Boy Scout event or a Mr. America pageant, and her son was not the best vocalist or performer.
2. I hope she wasn’t referring to who I think she was, since he is a role model MUCH more than her son, because he has said he is proud of who he is … and I think that is a much more profound lesson if we want to have hope for our children in this frenzied world of myspace/facebook/twitter.
3. I sincerely hope that if there is indeed something to cringe about in her son’s life, her bubble doesn’t burst.

I don’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings with this post - the Allens seem like a warm and loving family, with two seemingly wonderful sons and a seemingly wonderful daughter-in-law. Nice article … just wish that quote wasn’t in there.

Vicki August 14, 2009, 6:47 PM

I agree Jaz. I live in the South I know the type that Kris’s mother is. She also told Adam’s mom that she did not like Adam’s Rolling Stone cover because she does not like snakes. Allen’s mother knew very well that Arkansas organized the win for Kris with the help of AT&T. These people will smile to your face and stab you in the back. How dare she suggest that Adam is not a fine decent young man because he is gay. I am glad that people are booing Kris and walking out on him all over the country. Arkansas stole Adam’s victory and that is what Kris deserves.

Jan August 16, 2009, 11:25 PM


Chas October 13, 2009, 11:14 AM

First off, Kris Allen COMPLETELY deserved to win. He’s a great artist and this was just the platform he needed. Why can’t Kim Allen be happy for her son? Why can’t she say he’s a great role model? She’s saying great things about her son and everyone assumes that means she doesn’t think Adam Lambert is a good role model. I know people in the Allen family and they seem to Love Adam and his family. Why would you want to wish bad things about them? She never suggested that Adam wasn’t a good person; that’s what you want to hear. Kris Allen has not said a negative thing about any of the other contestants. He’s nice to everyone. That alone shows he’s a good role model.

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