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Meaningful Mom's Day Gifts

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Some of the best, most meaningful gifts don't have to cost a penny. All it takes is a little creativity and a whole lotta love. Here are a few last minute ideas.

There's nothing (besides a bottle of vodka, deep tissue massage, and weekend at a hotel by herself) a mom would rather have than a homemade gift from her kids. Homemade gifts are truly the most touching, and will keep on giving throughout the years. Here are some of our favorites:

Meaningful Mom's Day Gifts

Mommy Affirmations

Get a glass jar and write favorite Mom memories or things about Mom you love. Every morning she can pull one out as her daily affirmation.

Gift Certificates

On notecards, make homemade gift certificates that could say the following:

Good For: Doing the dishes for the entire week!
Valid: The rest of our lives

Treasure Hunt

Hide love notes around the house with reasons why you love Mom. When she finds them, put them in a little handmade box and place on her dresser. She can read them anytime.


Take a family photo and create a Mother’s Day scrapbook. Every year, you can take a family photo on Mother’s Day. Write thoughts under each year so Mom can flip through prior years …


Take an old charm she loves and make her a little bracelet with strong string or an old gold chain. It doesn’t have to be fancy for Mom to love her jewelry.

Happy Mother's Day!

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