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Men Are the "Weaker Sex," Says Birth Study

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Telegraph: Scientists have found that boys are more likely to develop complications during a mother's pregnancy and carry greater risk of difficult or premature delivery.

And the differences between the sexes remain during adulthood, as men are more vulnerable to infections and less able to withstand disease than women.

Professor Marek Glezerman, an expert in gender-based medicine, studied 66,000 births at Israel's Rabin Medical Centre between 1995 and 2006.

He found that pregnancies with a male fetus were more often complicated and this ­vulnerability continued throughout boys' lives.

He said: "Men are known to have a shorter life span, are more susceptible to infections and have less chance of withstanding disease than women. In short, men are the weaker sex."

In a study presented to the Israel Society for Gender Based Medicine Prof Glezerman said: "Males are also associated with higher risk in the neonatal period after birth and are more likely to expose themselves to risky behaviour later in life."

Prof Glezerman said the findings showed that medicine should be tailored to the individual needs of men and women.

"It's almost like males and females are a different species," he said. "A one-size-fits-all medical approach does an injustice to males and females."

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