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Exclusive Airline: No Childless Allowed!

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Who's with me?

Young Boy Standing on Seating During a Aeroplane Flight

Momlogic's Julie: When I heard the news about Pet Airways, the world's first pets-only airline, I immediately wondered when someone would get with the program and invent a families-only airline.

Can you imagine? Going on a plane without seeing the eye-roll or hearing the long, deep sigh of the passenger sitting within three rows of you, once they spot your kids? Sounds like heaven!

Knowing that every single other passenger has little ones, you'd no longer have to worry about your kid screaming, crying, or freaking out on the flight. Your fellow parents would surely cut you some slack!

Kid kicking the seat of the guy in front of you? No problem! His kid is likely kicking the seat of the person in front of him, so we're all good.

You could have flight attendants who are actually kid-friendly, not the ones who shoot daggers at you when your kid takes the tray table out of its upright position to cover it in Shrek stickers.

On this airline, EVERY movie is a kids' movie. "Incredibles," "Bolt," "Cars"? Check, check, check!

No one will judge you, Mom, if you have a glass of wine during the flight, like judgmental passengers so often do on major carriers. In fact, every mom gets a FREE glass of wine on this airline. Or three.

Just imagine: Flight attendants armed with toys, stickers, and baby wipes. Pull-down bassinets and changing tables on the plane. Extra onesies and burp cloths. Playstations and Nintendo DS stations for grade-schoolers. Chicken nuggets and mac 'n' cheese kids meals.

I'm in! Would anyone else fly this airline?

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Lynn May 12, 2009, 5:01 PM

OK, get this first, I have a daughter so yes I am a mom, but OMG I would love it, so many times I have flown on business across this country with screaming, babies and frazzled parents, I have been thrown up on, colored on and given dirtly looks by dozens of mom’s when I have offered to move or trade seats. So a kids only flight, would sure be in my “Flight Plan” if I my daughter was still little. Then they should have a business only too, I would be the first to book that flight.

Anonymous May 12, 2009, 5:01 PM

wow, i understand what you are saying to an extent, but wow…way harsh.

GPC May 12, 2009, 6:18 PM

Ummm…well, I can’t argue with Abbi, unfortunately….I can’t believe the amount of people with kids poor manners…I think it’s cruel to inflict your children on others until they learn how to act in public. Not always the kids’s bad enough for an adult to be trapped in a small area much less children…I really don’t think that kids should be on public transportation like a Greyhound bus or plane….for everyone’s comfort, not just an adult.

Natalie May 12, 2009, 6:41 PM

um… HELL no! That’s about the worst idea I’ve ever heard. Why should we celebrate bad parents and unruly kids?

Juli May 12, 2009, 7:44 PM

Fantastic idea! It doesn’t mean that the kids are unruly…it means that any amount of crying or giggling might be tolerated. Do all childless people believe that children should sit and be quiet? Honestly..even as an adult I have a hard time with that. My kids would totally love being entertained on a flight, what else would make it more worth it, than making them happy?!

Robyn Porter May 12, 2009, 7:50 PM

It’s not so much the kids but the parents who don’t know how to control them or teach proper manners to children. My son has been flying since he was 8mos. old and I’ve never received one complaint. In fact, he is complimented on his good manners….even in Business Class. As parents we should demonstrate good manners and our children will follow in kind.

jenn May 12, 2009, 7:51 PM

I dont think Julie was speaking about just “unruly” children. A lot of kids have wonderful manners, I have to say that mine certainly do, mine never misbehave on a flight, mostly they color or look out the window, but we still get terrible looks because we let our kids on a plane? Ive been flying alone since I was 5 yrs old, so I make sure my kids are not disrespectful, maybe its time we make adults be respectful to the parents that bring their BEHAVED children on flights! so yeah, if it kept the rude, obnoxious, staring adults away from my children, so that they did not mimic such behaviour, then I am all for a family only flight!

Carrie May 12, 2009, 10:06 PM

Sheesh, you would think these commenters got lost on their way to childfree by choice. I have well-behaved kids but my biggest anxiety on flights is still dealing with non-parents around me — having to hear someone sigh and moan because they got seated near us, constantly being vigilant that a toddler or kid doesn’t kick the seat even though the carseat puts their little feet RIGHT THERE, and oh God the stress if one has a crying baby who won’t be soothed. Also, I have a feeling a kids-only airline would have a bathroom with a changing table!
Honestly, I hear a lot of complaints about badly behaved kids on planes and parents not doing anything about it, but personally I have witnessed very little of that. I’ve witnessed MANY more badly behaving adults on planes, to tell the truth.

N May 12, 2009, 11:15 PM

what a horrible idea! i have a kid and even i would dread flying with other parents ad their little brats

GPC May 13, 2009, 2:55 AM

Carrie, clearly you’ve never been confined in a small, stuffy, place form which you can’t leave for 12 hours straight with bored, overtired children that aren’t yours. And it’s even more fun when the kids are sick with some virus (which is generously spread to the rest of the passengers *grant you adults do that to*) and are in an EXTRA crappy mood. Or when their ears pop and they scream for an hour. Or how about when, despite your polite pleas to their parents, the brat behind you kicks the back of your chair for the entire trip. I like children, but it’s bad enough to have to be on a plane, much less being on one at 2 am when Little Darling Johnny is having a hissy fit when people are trying to sleep. I suspect that the staff on the plane or bus hate children..but they have to smile and nod at parents when they probably want to put a few Valium in the kid’s meals. They smile at parents and children because they are paid to do so. Do you see why people travel alone can’t stand kids…it’s a combo of parents not disciplining their children, being unable to discipline thier children, or the kid just being demon spawn in general.

lili May 13, 2009, 4:25 AM

Do you not have children? Why are you on this site then?

redmum May 13, 2009, 5:33 AM

I don’t know if I would be into that at all, while I could depend on my daughter behaving on a flight, the same can’t be said for other kids. I’m not talking about children being sick from travelling or whatever that can happen, moreso the kids whose parents let them run mad. I would hate that on a flight. In saying that though people can be very intolerant even when children are behaving. I remember once travelling by train and getting extreme annoyed vibes by this one woman. There were two seats of four with one seat free on each, so I plonked my daughter down on one, and I sat at the other side. If I had been one of the other passengers I would have moved to allow a mother and child to sit together but not this bunch, this one woman in particular fired dirty looks and big sighs and then my daughter opened her juice which proceeded to spill over the table. The woman was livid and throwing strops really upsetting my daughter. So I cleaned her and the table up and said loudly ‘dont worry darling even big people have accidents, its not a problem’. Once that happened someone moved and let us sit together. That kind of impatience just because there is a child even one well behaved is best ignored. In fact there was someone being badly behaved and it wasn’t my child.

MJ October 24, 2009, 7:57 PM

There is so much about this issue that just makes me angry. I flew a lot pre-children and now, we fly several times a year as a family. As a parent this would be divine! I’d fly this airline in a heartbeat! Just make sure it flies to the destinations that I need, ok? I don’t think this implies that you would be flying “with other people’s brats.” This idea just envisions a company that helps make it easier to fly with little ones. Do you know how hard it is to keep kids entertained in a 17”x17” space???

I work hard to make sure my children are well behaved wherever we happen to be - the local grocery store or on an airplane. I agree there is a huge difference between parents that don’t watch their children and let them run amuck and the parents that are trying their hardest to make sure you aren’t disturbed. HOWEVER, Kids get very tired and cranky when they can’t RUN and PLAY like normal. It’s kind of like when you haven’t had your morning cup of Starbucks yet. You are kind of cranky and nobody wants to be around you either.

A child’s play is their JOB – and it is a noisy job. You wouldn’t be condescending to the construction worker as he’s building your house because he’s being too noisy.
Think about it, you have to do your darnedest to keep them entertained and quiet for a MINIMUM of three hours since you need to check in at the airport at least 2 hours ahead…and most flights are at least an hour. But more often than not, there are layovers, plane changes, and extra waiting in the terminal/on the plane due to mechanical issues, weather, flight crew has not arrived, etc. When I travel to my parents home, if everything goes as scheduled, I have 2 hours pre-flight time in the terminal, 2 hours in flight, at least an hour in the terminal while I change planes, and then another 2 hours flight time. Then there is the length of time it takes the airline to get my baggage to me. Let’s face it, when you travel with children you must take luggage!

I may bring a bag-full of toys that the kids haven’t seen before that will keep them busy for a brief time, but after 6-8 hours in a cramped space it takes every ounce of effort from the parents to try to keep their kids from being an annoyance to you. My DVD player battery won’t even make it through the day. I’ll be lucky if we make it through one flight. Most in-flight movies are not geared to the child audience, so don’t even suggest that they watch those movies. With established airline limits, I can only carry on so many things to use to keep my kids entertained.

If my kid accidentally kicks the back of your seat, I’m sorry. If my kid is wiggling around in their seat because their little bodies tell them they need to move (remember its their JOB) and it bothers you, I’m sorry. If they are crying because they are tired and can’t fall asleep because they are in a strange place, I’m sorry. If their ears hurt due to the pressure and altitude and it causes them to cry, I’m sorry. It is very hard to scold kids on a plane…because that might just set off a tantrum that you DON’T want to hear. There is a lot I can control about my kids, but I can’t physically make them be quiet. I can shield you from these tantrums when we are in other public places because we will just leave, go to the car and go home. We can’t quite do that on an airplane.

Unless you are willing to stay at home and not travel for business or pleasure, don’t expect the same from us! My kids deserve the chance to fly home to spend time with their grandparents, to have a chance to search for seashells at the ocean, or go see the wonders of our great national parks. It will be these experiences that will help to shape them into the adults that will be taking care of YOU when you are elderly. Treat them with respect now and help teach our little ones because in just a few years, you will find yourself on the receiving end of all the sighs, rolling of eyes, and annoyance from someone that is lacks patience and doesn’t understand your needs.

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