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For Dad: Mother's Day Breakfast in Bed Guide

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Alright Dads ... this is the year you're gonna wow your women on Mother's Day. I'm talking breakfast in bed, guys. Moms ... you're gonna want to advance-plan, print this one out, and leave it on his nightstand.


Momlogic's Susannah Locketti: I'll be the first to admit that I milk Mother's Day for anything and everything I can get my husband to do. I'll ask for back rubs, scalp massages, nagging household chores, and of course, breakfast in bed. Yes, I ask for it. Mother's Day should always start with breakfast in bed. It is the perfect beginning to a day devoted to honoring YOU! Take the day off, put your feet up, and pass this info on to your man for a guaranteed and memorable breakfast in bed. Trust me ... he'll do it.

Tell Him You Want Breakfast in Bed
Print this out and put it on his nightstand, along with a list of foods you like to eat for breakfast. I'm serious. Be specific with guys, otherwise you'll end up with canned corned-beef hash and eight sausage links. My husband knows every Mother's Day I'm trying to get rid of winter weight gain. He's caught on and always makes sure to make me something healthy. Last year he made me a nice egg sandwich on my whole grain English muffins. It was simple but thoughtful and I didn't have an ounce of guilt. Be sure to ask for something within their abilities, too. No hollandaise sauce unless they make it regularly. Keep it simple and they'll be successful without the stress. One year I just wanted my favorite cereal with skim milk and dried fruit. It was so nice to have that bowl of cereal delivered even though there was no cooking required. I was just grateful to have the day off from making it!

No 7 AM Wake-Up Calls for Breakfast
Nothing is worse on Mother's Day than an overanxious dad with great intentions. A man has to let his woman sleep in on Mother's Day. For once, we want to mold our head into that pillow for longer than a few hours and dream about what our stomachs would look like if we someday had the money for a tummy tuck. In a perfect world, our men would check on us every half hour, gauging alertness to determine when we would want breakfast. But in the real world, we just have to tell them the time we'd like to be served. In fact, just write the time you'd prefer breakfast right next to this heading. And another thing, Dads ... keep your volume down while we're sneaking in a few extra zzz's and you're working on breakfast. Mother's Day is no fun when all you hear is your husband reprimanding your kids or the kids arguing over what shade of blue the sky is.

Have the Kids Bathed, Dressed, and Fed Before Breakfast in Bed
This is a given on Mother's Day. Take a load off us, and take care of all that mommy stuff. We want to know we can enjoy our breakfast and then drift back to sleep in full belly bliss without worrying over whether the kids are dirty, running around without a diaper, or starving. Ladies, be sure to add on a few household tasks you'd like to see done as well. (Now to the poor husband reading this right now, just do the little list she writes next to this heading. It will make your life so much easier. It may be a pain in the ass to hang the picture we want hung, or to install the bracket for a new curtain rod, but these little tasks make us sooooo happy. And when we're happy ... you're happy.)

Enlist the Help of the Kids
The act of thoughtfulness is a powerful learning lesson for kids. Watching Dad doing something kind for Mom is valuable on so many levels. Not to mention, kids love to help out in the kitchen and can definitely make Mom's breakfast in bed experience easier on Dad. As a mom, I love nothing more than to hear the sound of my kids trying to figure out if the English muffin is cooked enough. Or the sound of my children's feet creeping up the steps with my husband delivering a tray of breakfast goodies on Mother's Day. There is something so special about that moment when they wait for me to taste my coffee, or take a bite out of my eggs. They look so proud of themselves and I'll remember those breakfasts for the rest of my life.

Kick It Up a Notch
You don't need to be Emeril to pull this one off. Extra touches along with breakfast in bed is the royal icing of the morning. A breakfast tray scores major points in my book. That tells me he "advance-planned," and advance planning is key to true thoughtfulness. (So be sure to leave this on his nightstand tonight to give him more time to plan!) A little vase with some fresh flowers on the breakfast tray will do wonders for your sex life, Dads. A love note on the breakfast tray and you'll be treated like a whole new man. Better still, decorate the breakfast tray with the kids' handmade cards or napkins decorated in markers from the kids. Doesn't it always seem these are the little things that take just minutes to do but mean so much to us as moms? It makes us feel special, and that is what I love most about Mother's Day. We as moms spend everyday fussing over our family and for once it feels so sweet to be fussed over.

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ashley May 8, 2009, 8:06 AM

Usually I wouldn’t want breakfast in bed because after my hubby has been in the kitchen it just isn’t the same. No matter how hard he tries to clean it up it just doesn’t work. But this year I am going to ask for it. I DESERVE it!! I have been dealing with a houseful of sick kids and hubby and myself for weeks now!! We have been in the ER four times in 2 weeks and to the doctor 3 times!! Hubby has had pneumonia, I have had tonsilitis twice, baby has double ear infection and cold, both kids and me have had a stomach bug on top of the colds, and my son has passed out at school twice in a week, we’re still trying to figure that one out!!! It is absolutely ridiculous!! I try so hard to keep this family healthy! We have never been sick like this, EVER!! I am exhausted. I NEED Mother’s Day this year, for my sanity!!!

Anonymous May 8, 2009, 5:21 PM

Damn. Have you had your home CO tested? Or your water?

Alesia Pollard  May 8, 2009, 10:16 PM

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