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Nurse Staff has Plethora of Pregnancies

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KRQE: The stork is working overtime at Presbyterian Hospital's Women's Center, where over 30 doctors and nurses are pregnant or are new moms.

"There's something in the water, definitely," pregnant nurse at the hospital Judith Cabassa said.

The nurses said working with so many others who are pregnant or have children is helpful.

"Everyday I would come in with a new question and there would be somebody who was pregnant a few weeks before me, or a few weeks after me, and I would say 'is that normal," new mother Reenie Mulvany said.

"We're always excited for one another," Nurse Kristin Gilmore said.

The nurses said being a mom themselves helps them relate better to the mothers they care for.

"We can help talk them through getting the epidural, we can help talk them through pushing, we can help talk them through breast feeding because we've done it all," Jennifer Newsted, an expectant mom, said.

"My patients were really cute with me when I was pregnant, they were really sweet and a lot of them gave me advice because it was my first time being pregnant," Mulvany said.

The nurse manager said it is common for them to have several pregnant doctors and nurses at the Women's Center at any given time--but this many is a first.

"Because of the age of our staff, we do have several people who are pregnant a lot of the time," nurse manager Melodie Mathews said.

Scheduling around so many employees' maternity leaves can be a challenge, but the hospital is accommodating.

"We just try to stay in touch as much as possible and try to coordinate staffing around that," Mathews said. "Sometimes we move people from shift to shift."

While juggling a career and being a mom is a daily challenge, the nurses find comfort in knowing there is another person who is in their shoes.

"It's great, we always have advice for each other, everybody's always there to support and be helpful," Cabassa said.

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