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Motherhood Motivates American Idol Alum

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We talked to Paris Bennett, a mom and season 5 alum, about last week's controversial "American Idol" finale.


momlogic: What did you think of the finale? Were you surprised by the winner?

Paris: At this rate, for us "Idols," we know that whoever doesn't win will still have a good shot at a career. It was equally exciting to see both Adam and Kris. I rooted for both of them, no matter who won. There were lots of good surprises at the show, like KISS, Queen, and Queen Latifah. One of the biggest highlights was Rod Stewart -- I love him!

ML: Did being in Los Angeles for the finale bring back memories for you?

Paris: It does, but it plays more as an "Idol" reunion. We all get to see each other, hang out, and catch up. I haven't seen anyone since having my baby, so it was really great.

ML: Did you bring your baby to the finale with you?

Paris: No, she's at home with my mom.

ML: Did you watch "AI" during the season? If so, who was your favorite?

Paris: Not really. I always knew who Adam was, for sure. And Kris ...

ML: How is motherhood? What can you tell us about your daughter?

Paris: My daughter, Egypt, was born on October 6th, 2008. She was 5 pounds, 15 ounces. That day, I didn't even know I was in labor -- and I couldn't tell you what contractions felt like! I was at my mom's house that afternoon and I felt her moving or pushing down. I thought she was just moving to rotate. I laid on my mom's bed and had some pain. I had a doctor's appointment that day, so I went a little early to the hospital for the appointment and they did a check on me. They said my water had broken and I was 8 cm dilated. I called my mom and the family rushed to the hospital. I got to the hospital at about 3:00 PM and Miss Egypt came at 3:36 PM.

To describe Egypt ... she's very demanding and diva-ristic. She does not like to be wet, have a dirty diaper, have dirty hands ... she's picky about everything.

ML: What didn't you know before becoming a mom that you know now?

Paris: I never knew that warm milk at night or wrapping your baby tight after a bath would really work. My relatives used to say it, but I just thought it was old-school stuff. It really does work! I give Egypt a bath at night, wrap her in a warm blanket, and give her a warm bottle and she's out at night.

ML: How do you balance being a mother with your singing career?

Paris: For the most part, I incorporate her into a lot of my things. I get a lot of inspiration from her. I like her to be around with my music. Even though she can't understand it, I want her to see what I do, and what I do for my career, so she has a visual as she's growing up of what I do. With a baby, I still have my career. I am doing it for myself and I am being a role model to my child.

ML: Are you working on any albums or projects right now?

Paris: I have an album coming out in mid-August. I am still working on the title. Now that I am a mom, I am going for a more mature title. I also have two singles being released to radio in the next two weeks.

ML: What advice can you give to young moms who worry they can't be a mom and pursue their dreams at the same time?

Paris: You can do it with a child! Never let anyone tell you you can't! Use your child for self-motivation. I look at Egypt every day and think of the things I want her to do in life and everything I wouldn't want her to want for. I work so she can have whatever she wants. The more you see how much you want for your child, the harder you work. Being a mom is not an easy thing, and it's an understatement if someone says it is. It takes time and a great deal of self-determination. I had my share of people saying I wouldn't be able to have a career and a baby, but that just made me want it more. I do it to the fullest. I am still me, the only difference is I have a child. I added her into my lifestyle and I am going to keep going and prove all of them wrong.

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Marc May 26, 2009, 2:19 PM

Way to go Paris! You have a great family to support you :)

Ryan  May 26, 2009, 7:18 PM

Congrats Paris, we look forward to following your career and hearing some great new music…

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