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School Warns Student not to Attend Prom

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Associated Press: A Christian school in Ohio says it will suspend one of its students if he attends a prom dance at a public high school with his girlfriend.

A committee at Heritage Christian School says its policy forbids dancing, rock music, hand holding and kissing.

Despite the warning, 17-year-old Tyler Frost says he plans to attend Saturday's dance at Findlay High School, where his girlfriend is a student.

Frost is scheduled to receive a diploma May 24 from his small fundamentalist Baptist school in northwest Ohio. Heritage school principal Tim England says Frost is facing a suspension that includes prohibiting him from attending graduation ceremonies later this month.

Frost's stepfather Stephan Johnson says the school's rules should not apply outside the classroom.

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Debbie May 9, 2009, 12:08 AM

He is a 17 year old high school graduate. Old enough to die for his country and I hope mature enough to tell the school to bug off. Who cares about a boring graduation party… oh wait.. no party….

JM in Findlay May 10, 2009, 6:03 PM

Let me tell you about this “CHRISTIAN” school. My niece had the misfortune of attending there. She was given detention for contradicting her history teacher on how the Renaissance was being presented ~ somehow, the history lesson didn’t even mention Martin Luther’s name. She and another girl got into some touble on a class trip. My niece was expelled, and not permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies. Nothing happened to the other girl ~Her parents were on the church board. I’ve seen kids from this school turn to drugs, booze and sex. Their school website has stats posted for the last 13 years: Teen Pregnancies - 0; Alchohol-related instances - 0; illegal drug instances - 0; tobacco instances - 0; percentage oh happy students - 100%. Know why? They publicly STONE and FLOG all offenders (they call it church board meetings) then they kick them out!

soonerfanintx May 14, 2009, 1:00 PM

I attended a christian school and was kicked out two weeks before graduation because a member of the church saw me dipping and reported it to the pastor he and my youth director called me in and questioned me about it and I told them that yes I dipped keep in mind never on school property or during school they told me I could not graduate and when I asked if I could go through ACE’s main office to get my diploma they would do their best to stop it from happening prior to this event my youth director and I watched the pastors son steal money from the school office he graduated two other kids one being a deacons son were caught drunk at a party they graduated 90% of the girls went home from school and put pants on wich was against the school rules also they graduated guess I should’nt have been honest like they had taught me to do rebellion kicked in and I started to experiment with beer and that turned into drug use eventually ending up in prison at 19 years old all because they played God with my life there is allot more to this story but needless to say my opinion of organized religion is not very high I wonder if they ever thought that Tyler might have the chance to witness to somebody at the prom and tell the story of Christ like they teach you to do the decision made with my life at the critical age of 17 has caused me 23 years of pure HELL be careful pastors and christian schools your decisions can ruin lives and you are not God stop acting like it

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