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Tennessee Man Fathered at Least 20 Kids

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AOL: A man who has fathered at least 20 children -- and possibly as many as 21 -- is proving a challenge for the state of Tennessee.

Desmond Hachett is only 29, but he told WVLT, a Knoxville, Tenn., CBS affiliate, that he's impregnated at least 11 women. Twice he's fathered four children in the same year, he said.

Hachett's story came to light when his name appeared 11 times on the docket of Knox County Juvenile Child Support Court. The cases represent 15 of his kids.

Hatchett is supposed to pay between $25 and $309 a month to each mother. But the state can only garnish 50 percent of his wages, to split among all the moms, and he only makes minimum wage. Some of the mothers get as little as $1.98.

That means the children often rely on the state for help, one attorney said.

Hatchett told the TV station that the women knew about his growing brood, and that he didn't plan on fathering all these children.

"I didn't intend to have this many. It just happened," he said.

He also said he's done having kids.

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Jill (the other one) May 29, 2009, 4:46 PM

It “just happened”? As in, oops, all of a sudden he was having unprotected sex?

Give me a break. If you don’t want to have children, use a condom.

Nicole May 29, 2009, 10:14 PM

I agree, Jill. What is his excuse…”I was walking across the kitchen and tripped and oops it just fell right in…” Yeah right. You don’t “accidentally” have unprotected sex. If you don’t want to have a baby, then you have to use a condom…or don’t have sex!!

Reenie May 30, 2009, 5:46 PM

Here’s the most compelling case for sterilization I have ever heard! It was an “accident?”

Granted the women also hold some responsibility in this, but to father that many children, knowing full well he has no intention of being in their lives or supporting them, is a crime…

Mary May 30, 2009, 6:00 PM

What a complete and utter waste of space! This story makes me sick.

It’s unfortunate that these children have to live off of state assistance because their dad can’t keep in his pants.

What a moron, he should be fixed!

Bess May 30, 2009, 7:19 PM

This is hilarious! I guess people in Tennessee have never heard of condoms or vasectomy! or because he’s making minimum wage, he’s too cheap to afford either. LOL… furthermore, those women must be really stupid too… knowing that he’s fathered a few and making so little. All in all, they’re all LOSERS!!!… which makes the state and country suckers for nurturing these types of people.

omfg May 30, 2009, 8:18 PM

Bess- the state isn’t nurturing the parents, they’re providing assistance for the children. The unfortunate kids had no more of a say in who was parenting them than you or I did. Who’s to say that the mothers knew that he even had other children? I mean, it happens-men lie sometimes. Especially the kind of guy that would father 20 children and make minimum wage. I do agree that this is the kind of case where sterilization should be performed. This man obviously has no interest in actually providing for these children and should be considered a walking hazard due to his indiscriminate sexual habits-based on statistics, he’s probably spreading disease, too. At the very least, sterilization would prevent more children from being brought into the mess this stupid man created.

Mary E May 31, 2009, 7:41 PM

Bess - not everyone in TN is as stupid as this guy and his many baby moms. I live in TN and it absolutely infuriates me that this guy, along with the mothers, can have children like rabbits, and now my tax dollars have to help take care of them!! I dont really buy that the mothers didnt know about each other, unless they just became pregnant after an extremely short time (example - the night they met). This really digusts me beyond words.

Sherry June 2, 2009, 12:41 PM

Those poor kids. This irresponsible, disgusting loser should be in jail… where the kind of sex he’ll be subjected to is guaranteed not to produce babies!

Anonymous June 4, 2009, 2:05 PM

This guy is a pedofile and should be prosecuted!!! He is not dealing with adult women, these are children (age ranging 14-17)nickname Virgin Breaker. Why have the state of TN, not filed charges against this person. He is destroying life and causing the state taypayer of TN to pay for his action. Well, I am very outraged by his actions!!! He need a court ordered vasectomy, (the best birth control for him)

Linda June 29, 2009, 11:26 AM

This makes me sick because I just found out I am dealing with a similar situation. When I got pregnant w/my 3yo son, my son’s dad had 11yo twins and a 7yo. Since my son was born he found out about another older child and has fathered 1 or 2 more babies (doesn’t know for sure) and now I hear he has 4 more on the way right now. What bothers me most about the TN situation and mine is not that the state might have to support some of the children but that they grow up feeling insignificant being one of so many illegitimate children. And yes, it is quite possible that the moms didn’t know each other, especially if he isn’t involved in the children’s lives. I am always the last one to hear about the latest baby because I am at home taking care of my son or working and not in the bars to hear all the latest gossip. My son’s dad thinks his “exploits” are funny and works a crappy part-time job even though he has an engineering degree because he knows they’ll just take his money for child support anyway (I get none). Luckily for me I have a degree as well so I have the means to care for my son, and a fiance who is the best father for my son I could ask for. Pray for these children that their mothers find the strength and the means to give their children a better life. Years ago the system helped support my mom and us kids, but she used it to get an education and show us there’s a way out. Yes, the men are disgusting for their behavior but there’s not much to be done, it’s about the kids now. And even though I did use birth control,(ONE accident with a condom) I, like these women, always knew there was a risk.

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