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Thalia es Radiante!

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Christina Montoya Fiedler: International multi-platinum recording artist Thalia is not just a pop music sensation -- she's also the mother of 18-month-old daughter, Sabrina, the inspiration for her new pregnancy guidebook: "THALIA: !RADIANTE! The Ultimate Guide to a Fit and Fabulous Pregnancy." Momlogic sat down to talk to her about everything a new Mami should know about keeping herself fit and happy during pregnancy and beyond.

thalia radiante pregnancy book

momlogic: What's behind the title of your book and what can we expect?

Thalia: The title of the new book is "Thalia: ¡Radiante!" Basically, I wanted to inspire every pregnant woman to feel radiant, to feel gorgeous -- full of light, life, and joy. The key is to enjoy this special time. It's an incredible opportunity that we as women are given to create life inside of us. Some of my friends complained constantly during their pregnancies that they felt ugly, fat, and unattractive. All of that to me was so shocking because to me, to be pregnant is to be beautiful!

I also wrote this book because I wanted to talk about pregnancy from a different perspective -- from that of embracing your pregnancy and enjoying every single second. I felt the sexiest, the most beautiful, and the most spiritual when I was pregnant. So, when everything that I read was so dramatic, it made me feel nervous. It was kind of scary. That was the link that was missing for me. Spirituality, exercise, diet, fashion, positive thinking, being a beautiful woman and embracing your body and pregnancy are all things that I cover in my book, along with practical medical advice from Dr. Andrew R. Kramer [clinical instructor in Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Science at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York].

Many women are trying to balance their careers with the joys of motherhood. How do you do it?

Thalia: The most important thing is to set your priorities, and keep them. To me, family is the first thing. Organizing yourself while you're working is second. Have your mother, sister, someone, anyone help you while you are working. Don't be afraid to ask for help. As mothers, as women, we need to be creative. Inherently we need to be productive and keep our lives going. When we do this, it will reflect in our lives, our marriages, and our children. It's all about balance.

What is one key bit of advice you'd like to give to women who are looking to empower themselves and stay fit during their pregnancy?

Thalia: Don't judge yourself. Give yourself a break. Be flexible and allow yourself to feel tired, nauseated, and all those other new feelings. Allow yourself to grow and get new curves and that beautiful new baby belly. You are going to go through many changes, so remember to just embrace it.

ML: What is your secret to a happy, healthy marriage? You've been with legendary music executive Tommy Mottola for quite some time, right?

Thalia: We've been together almost 11 years, but this is a completely new life, we are so happy and so in love with our daughter. It's an incredible experience that brings us closer each day. Overall I think the secret to keeping relationships happy and healthy is to not let the discomfort and nervousness from having this new baby affect you and your relationship with your husband. Manage it in a certain way, so that you still remember to do the small things that make you both happy. Prepare a wonderful candlelit dinner. Look beautiful. Put your hair down. Put your makeup on. You have to push yourself to look good, because it makes you feel good.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have a husband and a good one, find those special moments to be affectionate. Put a note in his suit before he goes to work. Find little ways to communicate in a new, faster way that shows that you care and that you didn't forget about him.

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