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Can You Help Me Have a Baby?

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Leigh Koechner: As I got out of the car at the hotel, the valet opened my door and asked how long I would be. Feeling a bit self-conscious, I whispered, "I am here for Fertility Miracles." I didn't want anyone to think I couldn't have a baby.

pregnant woman

Karen Roeb, the Clinical Administrator, welcomed me as I entered the banquet room. The mood was light at the beginning, and I even joked with the others -- once with a woman sitting by herself who wanted to know if she could see the egg donor's SAT scores and college GPA. I answered, "No, but you can bring her a Rubik's Cube and time her." Laugh. Again with the man who was there with his slightly older wife asking if he could see the egg donor in a bikini, to which I answered, "Sir, there are other websites for that kind of thing." Laugh.

Once the meeting got rolling, the heaviness of wanting a child filled the room. When you are ready and can't have a baby, it consumes your life like a full-time job. These days we spend our most fertile years building our careers, then all of a sudden we are ready and 40. Women's spirits have evolved, but not their reproductive parts.

Fertility Miracles is an agency based in Beverly Hills, California, on Rodeo Drive. Karen, the founder, is an upbeat, smart woman. Her staff is delightful and seems like a team of women you would want to spend time with. They dwelled a bit on negative scenarios that could happen if you went with other agencies. This was uncomfortable for the people who have come from a very bumpy ride with nowhere else to turn. At this point, the guests just needed guidance and comfort. Overall the meeting touched me.

We all want connection, family, and love. Surrogacy is a relatively new option, thanks to modern medicine. Surrogacy still has the hush-hush factor to it, much like adoption once did. Watching these strangers come together in hopes of creating the family that is right for them was beautiful.

The women working at Fertility Miracles are helping people achieve that dream. The motto of the company is "Where destinies meet ... and journeys begin" sums it up beautifully.

This experience makes me feel more empowered to shout from the mountaintops, "Surrogacy ROCKS!" Or at least say in a normal voice to the valet, "I am here for Fertility Miracles."

I said a silent prayer before I left the room that everyone would have their hearts' desire.

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lucy best August 2, 2009, 11:46 AM

i wont someone to have a baby for me ,i would do anything to help you to do this.please i wont nothing else..

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