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Gloria Allred's Thoughts on Michael Jackson

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In November of 2003, Los Angeles attorney Gloria Allred notoriously filed a complaint with the child welfare services in Santa Barbara, California, seeking an investigation of Michael Jackson after he dangled his baby from a hotel window. Now Allred talks to momlogic about Michael Jackson's passing, and what's next for Jackson's kids.

Gloria Allred, Michael Jackson

momlogic: Will Debbie Rowe get the children?

Gloria Allred: If she has not relinquished her parental rights, then she may obtain custody of the two older children. There has been a lengthy battle over whether she did relinquish her parental rights. At the time, no attorney was appointed to represent the children, and relinquishment was set aside. His lawyers talked to her lawyers. She may not have relinquished parental rights -- in which case, she may seek and obtain custody of the two older children. The court still has jurisdiction to decide what's in the best interest of the children.

The third child is not hers. With the third child, the issue is guardianship -- who will have guardianship of the child. Maybe Michael Jackson indicated a preference, but just because he indicated a preference, a court is not bound by that preference.

You cannot will a child like a piece of property, or piece of jewelry -- a child is a human being. The court will give great weight to the preference of the parent, but will not be bound by that preference.

We don't know what his will says, we don't know if he has a trust ... there are
a lot of unknowns right now.

ML: What about Michael Jackson's outstanding debt?

Gloria Allred: Whoever obtains guardianship of the kids is going to need funds to take care of these children. But there are lots of debts and creditors who will want to get their money, too. I anticipate there will soon be a probate battle going on.

ML: A lot of moms out there aren't necessarily hailing him as a hero. Some are saying he was a child molester. What do you think?

Gloria Allred: There's no dispute he was a great artist and a great talent, but he exercised very poor judgment and made some poor choices in his personal life. When he dangled the little one off the fourth floor balcony, I filed a complaint with Child Protective Services. I think anyone else other than a celebrity would have had his child removed at least temporarily in that case. And then there was his own admission that he slept with young children who were not his own in the Martin Beshear interview, and his subsequent prosecution. He did fit the profile of a sexual predator of children. Neverland had a lot of things that would attract children: a merry-go-round, animals, all kinds of games, ice cream. He was obviously acquitted in the trial, but he reportedly paid millions to the first child, which is not usually done unless there is some basis to the claims. It was a confidential settlement, but there are reports that he was paid 20 million. I briefly represented that child in the beginning, but did not represent him in the settlement.

I have a chapter in my book "Fight Back and Win" about Michael Jackson where I told all parents: Never leave your children around Michael Jackson unmonitored!

In Michael Jackson's personal life, there were some very serious allegations, and that's going to be part of his legacy. I don't see him as a hero. I see him as a great talent, but in his personal life, there were all sorts of questions -- a lot of which had unsatisfactory

ML: Do you have any final thoughts on Michael Jackson's passing?

Gloria Allred: I do anticipate that there may soon be guardianship battles, custody battles, and probate battles. This is the beginning of a whole new chapter. There may even be a criminal case coming out of this in regards to his death. Michael Jackson admitted he took a lot of prescription drugs, so we'll have to see what ultimately killed him. We'll find out when the autopsy report comes out.

In all of this, my heart goes out to his three kids. I'm sure they had a bond with him, and they loved him. This must be very painful for them.

I hope whoever obtains guardianship will put the kids' needs first, and that they will be loved and cared for as they deserve to be. I hope that whoever obtains guardianship will help them have a more normal life. It's a sad day.

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Seymore Goldman June 26, 2009, 7:41 PM

I wonder if Gloria Allred has any children..? What will her legacy be..?
i dont think there will be any massive out pouring when she is done with her life…
im sure when she is finally done the sum of her life will only be dash on headstone. and quickly forgotten

Anonymous June 26, 2009, 9:52 PM

maybe his kids will end up on welfare

Matthew June 28, 2009, 7:44 PM

I THINK SHE SHOULD SHUT UP AND LET HIM BE IN PIECE SHES DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE TO MICHEAL ALREADY. She cant keep her big mouth shut.the last post was correct no one will give a crap when shes gone. I thought she was nasty in 2003 and she still is today .she has to run her mouth to get the spotlight at the cost of other peoples lives shes just nasty period!!!

paris says July 8, 2009, 11:57 AM

He was a good daddy and his children loved him so much. You are a nasty, vicious woman who needs to stay the &*$% out of the lives of these precious children. You’ve done enough damage. And you must know in your black heart that Michael molested no one.

Anonymous July 13, 2009, 12:14 AM


Sonia September 27, 2009, 1:12 AM

I hope that this racist knows how extremly hated she is.

julie December 3, 2009, 10:39 AM

Ha ha, how true Seymore!! NOBODY will care when she dies. Just like MJ said “Ah, tell her to go to hell.”

Maria999 January 24, 2010, 4:54 AM

So, here we are almost at the end of January 2010. Back in June 2009, you had predicted guardianship battles, we have not seen any. How could this be? Could you be wrong? And you have also advised to mothers in your “book”: do not leave children unguarded around Michael Jackson? I would not leave mine around you, for fear they become as stupid and heartless as you are. As Michael said: go to hell! From Italy, with LOVE for Michael! Look how the children love Michael, everywhere!

Maria999 January 24, 2010, 4:57 AM

That’s how much the children love him:

How much do they love you, allred?

malcy February 19, 2010, 9:18 PM

Trying to get fame at MJs expense.

jm July 24, 2010, 12:58 PM

Allred is just another diva cashing in on famous celebrities. We have the tabloid divas like Diane Dimond and Nancy Grace. Allred is the diva attorney to the celebrities, likes to be in the spotlight and pretend to be an expert on Michael Jackson.
If Michael Jackson wants to show his son to his fans outside his hotel window, that’s his business. I truly believe that Allred thinks she is doing a service to society by giving her opinion. However, because she is just a diva attorney and not God, she has done more harm than good in the case of MJ and his chldren.
I hope one day she will take the time to research Michael Jackson and come to know him as his admirers do. Someone who couldn’t even hurt a bug.

SunnyGirl July 26, 2010, 1:00 PM

jm, you’re using the term “diva” incorrectly. A diva is a very successful singer of nonoperatic music. The only thing Allred is successful at is peddling nonsense and bigotry. I hardly ever use the C-word but she is one. When she dies, she’ll be a big nothing footnote on wikipedia as the C-word who made Michael Jackson’s life miserable. Big deal. No one respects Allred and no one cares.

SeptSpirit July 27, 2010, 11:42 AM

Allred is pure evil. She and Dr Phil tricked Octomom into allowing Allred’s staff of nurses into her home to care for the newborns. It was a setup and CPS was called just hours after the babies arrived. Fortunately, her evil plan backfired.
Jackson didn’t say he slept with boys in the infamous Bashir Fraudumentary. He clearly explained that the kids got the bed and he slept on the floor. Jackson did not fit the profile of a sexual predator- predators don’t flaunt their victims in public. He never admitted to taking “a lot of prescription drugs”, although he did publicly announce when he went to rehab for drug dependence following a reconstructive surgery just as the Dangerous Tour was starting.
Allred knows that the first allegation was extortion. Settlement was for $20mil because that’s what daddy Chandler tried to blackmail MJ for before he engaged LE. If MJ was guilty, he would’ve paid Chandler then and there and moved on. It’s all detailed in Mary A Fisher’s investigative report, “Was MJ Framed”. Charles Thomson has also wrote about this on Huffington,”One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History”. The secretary of the attorney for the first accuser also wrote a book, “Redemption” and author Aphrodite Jones, “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”.
The second accusation was a case of prosecutorial misconduct to settle a vindetta. Neither boy ever accused MJ of being inappropriate with them.
ALL-RED is no authority on Jackson. She continues to slander him and should be sued for doing so.
mjtruthnow dot com

jem July 28, 2010, 7:30 PM

Allred, a celebrity attorney who loves to be in the spotlight. The media seems to love her, as her clients are almost always the type who attract TMZ, and The Enquirer. If they didn’t show up, this wicked witch would melt, like in the Wizard Of Oz.

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