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Size 14 is a Perfect 10?

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Now THIS makes us want to move to Australia ...

A new study Down Under found that Aussie men find size 14 women more appealing than women stacked like models and centerfolds.

The study, taken by the University of New South Wales, found the most attractive of all is Miss Average -- a 5-foot, 4-inch female with a 30-inch waist and 40-inch hips who wears a size 14.

But do dudes across the U.S. feel the same way? And if they do, why the hell are we always dieting?

We went on a mission and put together a range of eight bikini-clad body types (see our Body Type Board below) and hit the streets. 


We surveyed more than 2,000 men and women in New York, Los Angeles, and the Midwest -- and, it didn't matter whether they were on the East Coast, West Coast, or smack in the middle of the country -- men and women (overwhelmingly) chose the same body type as their favorite. Can you guess which one?

Click on the gallery below to see all our models and their sizes -- and tell us who you think has the best body.

Yup, from coast to coast -- and even the Midwest -- the majority preferred the size 0. ZERO! Pretty interesting, considering the average size of an American woman is a 14. Let us break it down for you:

In New York City, a town where diversity rules, we were surprised by the lack of diversity in people's choices.

  • Model # 1 was the hands-down winner with a whopping 78% of the votes.
  • Model # 2 came in a distant second with 10% of the votes.
  • Model # 3 came in third with a paltry 8% of the votes. 

In Los Angeles, a city known to worship at the altar of thin, the results were a little more varied -- but don't get too excited.

  • Model # 1 got 55% of the votes.
  • Model # 2 came in second with 30% of the votes.
  • Model # 3 came in third with just 12% of the votes.

To find out what people in the Midwest thought, we turned to our friends at WKQI Detroit, Channel 955, "Mojo in the Morning." They ran our survey and the results were fairly consistent with the rest of the country.

  • Model # 1 swept 60% of the votes.
  • Model # 2 (once again) came in second with 18% of the votes.
  • Model # 3 brought up the rear with 13% of the votes.

Although we wanted to believe that we don't live in a society where men find a size 0 to be the perfect body type, we do.

You won't believe what men had to say about their choice.

Bernard_30_split8.jpg Bernard, 30: Chose Model # 1: "She cares about her body. She clearly works out and if she doesn't work out, then she has a good doctor. I'm a breast man and her boobs look nurturing. She has good cleavage and she's not too skinny."
Arthur_39_split8.jpg Arthur, 39: Chose Model # 1: "She is thinner and leaner than the rest. She has the same body type as my wife -- and I like it."
Mike_42_split8.jpg Mike, 42: Chose Model # 2: "She's my favorite because she's athletic and toned. I'm not a boob man. I like the athletic chick better."

Mike_25_split8.jpg Mike, 25: Chose Model # 3: "She looks realistic, like a real woman. I like women with some curves. I like women to be realistic and healthy. Women don't need to be skinny with big boobs to be attractive."

Here's how some men on the street defended their choices:

What do you think of our findings? Comment below!

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Criminal Lawyer Los Angeles March 22, 2011, 7:54 AM

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anonymous May 26, 2011, 6:22 PM

What did you think was going to happen? Number one is undeniably the most attractive.

This article is clearly written for fat women trying to justify being fat.

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