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12 Wet and Wild Pool Floats

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 Summer's almost here. Time to get your float on.

12 Wet and Wild Pool Floats

Inflatable Iceberg

Opulent items

A fourteen foot inflatable peak for families who like to climb and are HUGE Titanic fans. Only $5,750.00!

Floating Swan

Backyard City Pools

Turn your swimming pool into a chlorinated "Swan Lake."

Erupting Volcano

Coolest Gadgets

Hook this fancy float up to your garden hose and BAM! you've got an floating volcano that spews water. Just like Krakatoa but not as deadly.

Swimming Pool Sea-Saw Rocker

Backyard City Pools

Finally! Kids can get exercise in the pool AND get sea sick at the same time!

Dog Pool Float & Lounger


Poor pooch, caste adrift on his very own pool float. Must be ruff.


Backyard City Pools

Star Wars inspired float let your kid intermittently spray anyone in his sites. Cute for about 2 seconds, max.

Crazy Twister Pool Float

Toy Splash

A pool float that resembles toothpaste. No one knows why it's fun. Especially these three little kids.

Giant Jump Water Trampoline

Kids Pool Floats

A float that's a trampoline and a boat. Comes with it's own anchor for crying out loud. $3,349.00. Lake not included.

Motorized Pool Lounger

Coolest Gadgets

For people who want to take lazy to the next level. Motorized pool float eliminates the need to paddle. Operates by joystick. Those determined not to move a muscle can hire a crane to lower them on to it.

Hydro-Massage Pool Float


For people who can't get enough of the ol' H20.
This pool float floats on water, uses water jets to massage you, has a cup holder for water.

Labyrinth Inflatable Island

Pool Furniture

This float can double as a Whack-a-Kid game.

Wave Baby Motorized Pool Float

This Next

Every mother's nightmare: a baby at the helm of their own motorized wave runner.

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colterlash August 15, 2009, 9:32 AM

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Pool Polly January 28, 2011, 8:19 AM

The gigantic inflatable climbing wall iceberg looks fantastic! This seems like a great option for children who like to climb, especially since the water underneath makes it safer if they fall. How does this work when there are automatic swimming pool covers though? Is it pretty easy to set up and take down?

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